What I’m Lovin’

There are so many little things that have been making me smile lately, so I thought I would share them with you.

And the first of those is that today is National Running Day!

National Running Day

I plan on celebrating tonight after work by running of course. But here are 10 other ways you can celebrate National Running Day.

On that same note, receiving a two year subscription to Runner’s World from my fabulous in-laws is also making me one happy lady!


Even though my birthday has passed, I still had a few surprises show up in the mail since then. So awesome if you ask me!

Does my bestie know me or what?


Italian Lemon sherbert cups, a random selection of candy from the 80’s, a sweet recipe book filled with drinks and appetizers, an owl lip balm, and a pretty princess PEZ [I collect PEZ, silly I know]. And super LOL on the cupcake card. Fun box of happy randomness, my favorite!

Oh what else is making me smile…well how could it not be Ben & Jerry’s GREEK Frozen Yogurt?


We are not big ice cream people, but like to indulge every now and then. So it was a pretty big surprise when J. Alabama walked in with these yesterday. So creamy!

And last but not least… CrossFit Boot Camp!

I’ve completed 7/7 workouts thus far!


I’m the one in the blue & white tank pushing through a push press with 15 lbs in each hand.

The workouts are getting harder, but I’m feeling less sore each day too. I’m feeling stronger and more firm with every workout. And I actually get excited when the 4:00 am alarm goes off.

I’m usually one sweaty mess by the end of the workout, but my whole day feels amazing afterwards.


And the purchase of these zensah calf sleeves have been an amazing buy. Most people where them after a long run to help with recovery.


I’ve been rocking them for an hour after boot camp to also help with recovery. Even though our runs are shorter, we are still doing a lot of different exercises which are working the calfs and causing some soreness.

I feel like the sleeves are helping a lot! I wish I had tried these when I was marathon training, I can only imagine how amazing they would have been.


What are you loving these days? Are you celebrating National Running day?


9 thoughts on “What I’m Lovin’

  1. Well one thing I love is this post because it makes me smile too. What I’m loving most at the moment is that I visit the country your family is from next Saturday: Bella Italia.
    And I didn’t know it is national running day otherwise I would have ignored the rain this morning and ran instead of doing a DVD workout.

    • Have so much fun in Italy!! 🙂 And you celebrated National Run day by taking a rest day from running, that works too! But good for you for working out either way Fran!

  2. I love my Zensah’s. There’s something that just feels so right about wearing them after a hard workout, no matter how long. Thanks for the reminder about National Running Day!*

  3. I think I’ll save my celebrating for National Walk Your Dog Day or National Sit on the Couch & Drink Red Wine Day. I’m sure that you’ll make the most of this day for both of us!

  4. Great post! I love that the heat is not here yet, we still have 70s and the perfect running weather! I also love that I got asked if I want a free pair of running shoes and test run them. 🙂

  5. I missed out on National Running Day, apparently. You are a rockstar for completely all those CF workouts! Way to go!

    I’m loving kinesiotape right now. That stuff is awesome and definitely keeps my knees and muscles in alignment when I’m running.

  6. Happy Happy Things all around! Love the mish-mash Bday mix – those are the best. MMM I hope we get those greek fro-yos here!

    Awesome work at BootCamp. Keep it up, girl!

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