Today marks a very special day, as I would like to wish my Dad a happy 60th birthday!

He’s clearly a classic!


I flew back to Boise, Idaho this past weekend to celebrate the big 6-0 with my pops and 50 of his closest friends.

Since he grew up during the time period in which Motown Music was really popular [think Temptations, Supremes, etc], we decided to throw him a 60’s Motown themed party.


We dressed him as a Motown singer and my mom and friends dressed as his back up singers/doo-wop girls. It was perfect.


And I think he liked it! 🙂

Pulling the theme together was easy, we just asked my grandma what types of dishes were popular at parties in the 60’s. Here is what she suggested.

3 Layer Sandwich (tuna fish, avocado, egg salad) & classic deviled eggs.


Cabbage Heads (cheese, olives and meat tooth picked into a cabbage head), and celery sticks with peanut butter and cheese.


There was even spiked punch, & throwback soda for the ultimate touch.

046 062

And a lot of records hanging to go with the music Motown theme.


It was fun that everyone dressed up and got into the party spirit.


As soon as the Motown Band started to play the classics, the party really got started.

091 089

And the cops may or may not have showed up at one point to bust up the 60th birthday party, but they were cool when they saw us all dressed up and let the party and music go on!

We coordinated with the band to pull my dad up during a rendition of ‘My Girl’ to have him sing with his doo-wop girls.


You can watch the actual You Tube video here.

It was too much fun, and I know my dad got a kick out of it!

After our fun song and dance number, they brought out the cake and the band sang happy birthday.



It was such a fun celebration as we danced until the wee hours of the morning!

It was also fun to be reunited with my whole family. We haven’t all been together since Christmas, and it just felt good to have us all back together!


I’m so happy that my Dad’s party was so fun and such a success.

Happy 60th Dad, I hope you have a rockin’ day today!


I had such a blast this weekend hanging out with you! Love You!! ♥



11 thoughts on “Classic

  1. What a great adventure it was. Thanks z for all your help in making the party such a great success. And…No, the fireworks show over boise at 1030 pm sat night was not us. 🙂

  2. I love it! Y’all look so cute! Sounds like a fantastic way to ring in the big 6-0 for your dad! And it’s great that you got to go home and celebrate with everybody!*

  3. How fun!!! I love themed dress up parties, especially when everyone gets into it. Your dad does not look like he is 60! Happy bday Linzi’s Life on the Run Dad!!

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