Rave Run

canalrun5 canalrun2

LOCATION: “City of Trees”; Boise, Idaho


RUNNER: Linzi Alabama

THE EXPERIENCE: A mix of trail and flat road, this 3.5 mile route had a little bit of everything. There were views of the mountains off in the distance on one side and a nice babbling canal on the other. A refreshing breeze flooded me during the run, and made all memories of horrible southern humidity forgotten [at least for the short time I was visiting home].

canalrun1 canalrun4 canalrun7

Even though I’ve lived next to this running route for half of my life, I never once took advantage of the easy access and amazing views. I made it my personal mission a few weeks ago when I was home to get in my own version of the Runner’s World ‘Rave Run’.

canalrun6 canalrun3

I may be far away from Boise, but just the thought of this glorious run puts me back into my happy place. I’m counting down the days until I get to go back and do it again. (Roughly only 60 days!).

Happy Running my friends!
Next week is a rest week for Boot Camp so I’m planning on amping up my running. Just writing this post [minus the humidity part] is getting all excited to get a few more runs on the calendar.


7 thoughts on “Rave Run

  1. Pretty place to run! I bet the humidity in Georgia is miserable. When I was there for my husband’s graduation in April of last year, I couldn’t get over how hot hot hot it was. But it sounds like you really work hard to make the best of it! On the flip side, El Paso is hot but dry. That’s something to look forward to!*

  2. I have heard a lot lately about different trails in Idaho and even the Ironman that was there! It looks like a gorgeous place to run. I like this format! You should do it for more runs.

    And yay for a cool breeze! Channel that feeling for the next 60 days! 🙂

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