Jam packed June

June was probably the busiest month I’ve had in a long time.


I’m super motivated by marking my workouts on my calendar [dork alert I know], but it’s so exciting to see so many days filled in for June. 🙂

Total Running Mileage: 18 glorious miles.


Newest Favorite 5:30 a.m activity: CrossFit Boot Camp


15 hours of boot camp endured this month [hellz yeah!’]


I took 2 Yoga classes taught by my Mom this month!


Favorite date with the hubs: Hike on Pine Mountain!030

It was a gorgeous 6.7 mile hike, and so fun just getting out into nature!

Trip-of-the-month: A quickie trip back to Boise to celebrate my Dad’s birthday and Father’s day!


And I was super excited when I was able to sneak in a lunch date with these lovely ladies, and got to meet up with a few other of my Boise peeps!


Indulgence of the month: Mani’s & Pedi’s with my mom!


A nice little treat before hopping on the plane back to land of horrible humidity!

Army Update of the Month: J. Alabama is healing from a knee injury and will not be attending Ranger school at this time as planned. Which means we are moving to Texas sooner than we thought!


June is over and July is upon us! I’m so ready to make July my beotch. Whatever that means! Seriously though, I have a few weeks left to knock it out the park boot camp wise, as well as tie up loose ends before we head out to the lone star state.

Bring it on July!


10 thoughts on “Jam packed June

  1. I hope J Alabama heals soon!

    15 hours of boot camp! That is awesome!

    I love that style of manicure with one nail a different color. I need to try that!!!

  2. Hope J. Alabama’s knee heals very soon!

    I didn’t know that your mom was a yoga instructor. That’s so cool!

    I hope that July is a good month for you. 🙂

  3. Who’s that weird looking girl in the lunch photo with the scwinty eyes? Looks like June was good for you. Busy for us too! Our Oregon coast trip was AMAZING! Probably one of the best trips ever. I can’t wait until Labor Day… it’s coming soon.

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