DIY Bench Beautification

Remember a few months back when I delved into “crafting” by making over my dining table and chairs? Well friends the crafting high only lasts for so long, I had to get another fix.

And by fix, I really mean getting a bench and turning it from fugly to fabulous!


This little bench started out as an old maroon burlap looking thing. The material was scratchy and the spider webs underneath were a sign that this bench had seen better days.

That was until I stumbled upon it in the clearance area of one of my favorite Antique malls here in Columbus, GA. I knew it would be mine, and I knew it would be fabulous when I was done with it.


The beautification process was super easy.

1. Pop the cushion off [by unscrewing it from underneath]

2. Sand the wooden part of the bench

3. Apply two coats of your desired paint color

4. Pick a fun fabric, cut it to size, and staple around the cushion

5. Re-screw cushion back into bench


I’m so excited about my new project that it’s inspiring even more makeover projects for our bedroom. I can’t even wait to start on our bedroom nightstands that will match the grey paint on the bench.

We happened to go furniture shopping last weekend, and I spied a bench similar in size in an outlet furniture store for roughly $150. I’m happy to say that my bench came in under $50, and that is including the bench, paint, sandpaper, and fabric.


Don’t be afraid to test your crafty [or your non-crafty] skills. It’s such an amazing accomplishment to know that I transformed that bench into something beautiful and useful!

Happy crafting friends!


5 thoughts on “DIY Bench Beautification

  1. Beautiful bench! I may need to ask your advice on some decorating ideas for my condo.

    Now that I’m in the thick of training/running, I’m not making as much jewelry as I was earlier in the year. But, I’m still making a few pieces here and there. I’ve got a couple custom orders to make. 🙂

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