Sweet Sweaty Success

Things were a little bit quieter on the CrossFit Boot camp front as we had the first of July off as a break week. It was a much needed break after 5 weeks of consistent 5:30 am workouts.


But as of last week we were back at it, and boy was I ready to really kick it up a notch. So much so that I attended all 5 days of camp!


This is the first week in 6 weeks of boot camp that I was able to make it all 5 days!!

I’m not going to lie…there were days I woke up grumpy, tired and sore to the point that I wasn’t sure how the workout would go. But I always found that once I got there and began the WOD (workout-of-the-day) my muscles loosened up and my day was a better day because of it!

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I have really enjoyed this crossfit style boot camp with only one major complaint. We are doing things like air squats, burpees, push-ups, and sit-ups to the point that I’m so sore every single morning I wake up.

I am finding it very hard to fit in additional runs outside of boot camp because my body is so extremely tired and sore. I’m not going to sweat it too much, as I’m still doing speed work drills during our WOD’s but I thought I would address it as running is my number one, and I feel like it’s been lacking for awhile.

And quite frankly, I just miss it. I’ve been drooling over some longer distance races (even making myself some race training plans) but can’t manage to get myself out there to train after the boot camp.


Do any of you have any experience with running + weightlifting or crossfitting? Any suggestions on how to recover quicker or to balance both activities?


10 thoughts on “Sweet Sweaty Success

  1. Way to go all five days- killing it! I feel the same way. Now that I’m doing Crossfit at least three times a week, I don’t run nearly as often (maybe once a week). I miss it too!

  2. Recovery can be tricky! I say use the same recovery tips for CrossFit as you would for long runs… ice bath, compression gear, etc… I have been doing CrossFit for almost 2 months now and sadly, haven’t been running that much. Ah well- it’s a new season! I’m certain that CrossFit is going to make me a better runner!

  3. Good for you getting out there when you’re already sore! That can be the toughest way to start a workout. You should be proud of yourself!

    Do you use BCAA’s? I just started with them at the beginning of the year and they really help with recovery (amino acids= building blocks in the body for protein = muscle repair!). Also, you might look into magnesium (I take a calcium-magnesium supplement) which is a natural muscle relaxant.

  4. I’m the worst at doing running and only running. (I’m very single minded!) Just yesterday I did a weights circuit, and I felt so drained afterwards that I said outloud, “This is why I don’t do weights when I’m training for a race.” I know that the strength training (esp the kind of stuff you are doing) makes us better runners, but it is so hard to do them simultaneously. Good luck going forward!*

  5. I’m the other extreme, I only run and don’t include any weights or cross training. I can’t believe you got out of bed every morning. You are a rock star!!

  6. First: it’s impressive that you do these workouts at 5.30 am for 5 weeks in a row. You can be so proud of yourself because so many people wouldn’t do that.

    I don’t have tips for you because running is always my number one priority. I make sure I get my runs in and if my body needs a rest I skip a cross training workout. I always take a day of rest the day before my long run and I never do 2 workouts in a day.

    Maybe you can plan a race in a couple of months and make a training plan and when you have to start the training plan cut down the crossfit workouts?

  7. Awesome job on 5 days in a row! I am on day 2 of 5 early morning workouts and I am already dying! I must get to bed earlier! Most mornings I am grumpy but a good sweat fest and then a big cup of coffee usually makes me feel better!

  8. Do they recommend 5 days in a row? It sounds fun, but a bit excessive, especially if it is leaving you so sore and with no time for running! I think the only way to fit in the running would be to cut back… maybe 3 days a week? I know I never want to run after strength class – it takes too much out of me!

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