Running on the Green

It all started when our bosses told my fellow co-workers and I to meet them at a random location instead of our office for the Tuesday morning staff meeting.

We showed up at a random church parking lot at 8:30 a.m. on the dot, donned in our running gear as requested, ready for whatever adventure they had in store for us.

I assumed some sort of group run. I mean what else would a bunch of running store employees do…right?


We were then split into teams and told that we would be able to pick two items from the van for our adventure. I still didn’t know what the heck was going on…

Until they pulled out a few bags of golf clubs and told us to follow them to the golf course. What???

golf course

I wasn’t sure how golf was going to tie in as team builder for our running store group but I was kind of excited anyways.

We definitely were not dressed in the proper golf attire, but apparently we were dressed for the proper speed golf attire.

proper attire

Once we were armed with golf clubs, balls and tees we were ready to get a run down of the rules for this speed golf competition.


Each team of two would complete 9 holes of golf. Once the first swing was in motion we were to start our timers and let them go until we finished the final hole.

In the meantime, each team had to switch off who was swinging and the object of the game [as golf goes]  is to get the ball in the hole in as little swings as possible. We were keeping tally for each hole.


The kicker was this…after you swing you and your teammate had to run as fast as you can to your ball. From there you continue swinging and running until you finished all 9 holes.


I’m just really glad my teammate was patient with my non-existent golf skills. And let’s not forget to mention I had just finished up my morning boot camp session and sprinting through a golf course was a bit of a struggle.


Once the teams were off we really began to focus. I honestly had never played real golf before and was pleasantly surprised that I had some decent swings.


Though the real hero was Buddy my teammate who usually drove the ball to the green, and I was able to putt-putt it in the hole.

buddy swing

After running from hole to hole I was sweating up a storm and feeling the effects of both workouts, but was kind of on a happy cloud from the activity.

It was funny to think we ran 1.35 miles during our golf game. It really didn’t feel like we ran that much, as each hole only seemed like a quick sprint. It adds up!


Whew! Glad to be done.

After the game we were to add our swing count to the time it took us to finish and that would be our final score. Whichever team had the smallest total was the winner.

I think our final score was something like 74?


Sadly, our team did not win, but I think we came in 3rd place. Not too shabby for a first time golfer.

The whole crew had a blast running, golfing, and just hanging out.


This was definitely one of the most fun staff meetings I have ever been to!

And I did look up Speed Golf on the internet…apparently it’s a REAL thing. Who knew? But now that I know, I would honestly consider this way as the way to do it. It was quite the exhilarating workout!


Have you ever played Speed Golf? What are some fun team builders you have done for work?


9 thoughts on “Running on the Green

  1. That sounds like so much fun! I wish we had staff meetings like that!! I think golf is a great work out even at the regular pace. We almost always walk the course and all the swinging is great ab, shoulder, and arm workout. Maybe golf will be your new sport?

  2. My dad always tried to get me into golf. (He was always going on about how it’s the least used college scholarship and that golf could get me a free ride.) Too bad I think golf is boring. Now golf + running, that’s a different story. That sounds fun! And major props to you for doing this after bootcamp!*

  3. How very very cool! What a great company you work for, love it.

    We don’t do many teambuilding things at work except for last year when we rode quads, motors, jeeps and did powerboat racing. That was such a fun day.

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