Jammin’ July

I wasn’t even sure where to start with my July review as it was such a crazy, fun and awesome month! Did it really have to end?


Well maybe I’m a little hesitant to end July because of all the unknown with our August move. Oh well, bring on the next adventure.

Total Running Mileage: 20 magnificent miles.


15 hours of boot camp & CrossFit style workouts!


Read about my experience after two months of boot camp here.

Other random workouts this month included:

  • 1 Urban Line Dancing Class (think running man mixed with the electric slide)
  • 1 Step Aerobics Class

Race of the Month: Beer Mile 2012


4 beers + 4 quarter mile sprints (as fast as you can) = the craziest race ever!

Biggest Accomplishment of the Month: Losing said Beer Mile


It’s my first ever running related prize. I won last place and it got me this heavy glass laden brick and a trophy!

Most fun work-related activity of the month: Speed Golf!

linzbuddyandme group

Excursion of the Month: Hittin’ up an Atlanta Braves game!


Favorite date with the hubs: Celebrating our ONE YEAR wedding anniversary!


1yearanniversary!! wine

CHEERS!! We opened our special ‘one year wine’ and enjoyed a nice fancy dinner. It was perfect!

And let’s not forget my favorite firework picture of the month: Taken with my brand new camera!


July simply rocked!

I’m getting sad to close a chapter on my boot camp experience and with all the friends I’ve made in Columbus, Georgia but I’m appreciative for the opportunities I’ve had.

This past month was by far the most exciting month I’ve had here, and for that I guess I’m happy to leave on such a positive note.

Moving starts Monday, and by the following week I’ll be blogging from the Lone star state. I can’t even believe it!

But don’t worry…I have a few more things planned before I leave.


For all my runners out there…my last day at the running store involves me running with the Ultramarathon Man himself.

Dean Karnazes (best known for running 50 marathon in 50 states in 50 days) will be at our store this friday. What a way to celebrate my last day huh?


Happy August my friends! Things might be a little all over the place the next few weeks with moving and house hunting etc.., but I’ll keep checking in with you when I can.


7 thoughts on “Jammin’ July

  1. No joke, your July was jam packed! You really know how to make the best of the time you have. I am crossing my fingers that your move goes smoothly. Moving is stressful enough as it is. And I’m uber excited that you’ll be a Texan! It’s a great state, if I do say so!*

  2. Indeed a great way to end your stay in Georgia! Have fun tomorrow!

    You certainly rocked July, you did so many fun things and you’re definitely my crossfit queen from now on!

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