Hittin’ the Road

This photo kind of brings a whole new meaning to the words ‘home office’. Hey your office is wherever your computer and your internet connection are, right?


You can tell I was taking my supervising the movers job very seriously. Actually I was trying to take advantage of the last few moments of non-moving activities.

Our next task is trying to conquer this tetris puzzle.


Yup, somehow all of this is supposed to fit into two cars. It’s going to be fun to see how that works out!

And then we get to clean, clean, clean. Isn’t that usually the worst part of moving?


I’m thinking trying to live out of three different suitcases for the next few weeks might be worse.

But the upside is that we are going to squeeze as much vacation into our drive to Texas as possible.

Our first stop is Panama City, Florida!


So the faster I clean our house, the faster I can stick my little toesies into the water!

We will hit the dusty road tomorrow morning for our road trip toward Texas.

Later y’all!


9 thoughts on “Hittin’ the Road

  1. Looks like you are just a few steps ahead of me. (My movers are coming on Monday.) But I’ve already started giving/selling some of my furniture. I’ve spent the last week sleeping on an air mattress. It’s not quite the same as sleeping in a real bed. I dread the day they turn off my internet.

    How long will it take y’all to get to El Paso? A couple of days? I know it’s really far from Dallas, and that’s in the state! I wish you safe travels!*

  2. Have a safe trip and enjoy Florida!! Beautiful. I am looking forward too hearing about your road trip and Texas. GO DALLAS, love the cowboys. 🙂

  3. I would have to agree that cleaning is the worst part. My husband is really good at Tetris, so he helped me pack when we moved into our condo. Have a safe move!

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