Yes my friends, I did just in fact arrive in El Paso, Texas a mere week and a half ago. I haven’t even had time to unpack my suitcase. Well that ended up saving me some time this morning, let me tell you.

Even though I just got here, I’m already saying a temporary goodbye to my new home here in Texas for a few weeks.

Goodbye El Paso Mountains, I’ve just started to love looking at you!


And HELLO Idaho mountains! We meet again old friend, oh yes we meet again.

There is nothing like a good trip back home to pass the time while you are counting down the days until your new house will close!


Actually, I’m not going home just to pass the time, I’m really going to see my older brother J-Bomb tie the knot! I’m super pumped to get another sis-in-law.

Aren’t they cute?


Y’all know how much I love weddings! 🙂

Yesterday I did a guest post over at Aneta’s blog where I talked about why I love weddings. Feel free to take a look!


Next time I blog will be from the land-o-potatoes! Yipppee! See y’all on the flip side.


8 thoughts on “Travels

  1. Yay!!! You’ll be here soon and I can’t wait to see you for my b-day celebration! So glad you’re going to be here!!!!

  2. I love that photo of Boise you posted! It definitely looks like a city I would visit, so I will just have to start planning a little vacay! Enjoy your time back home!

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