Trail Runner

As you know, I’m back in Boise, Idaho for awhile visiting family. But I just couldn’t be in the same town as Cynthia, my Boise blogger/friend without calling her up for a run.


You can bet that I was super excited when she agreed to meet up with me on Saturday and show me some new-to-me trails in Boise that I’d never ran on before!

boise  cynthia

It was great to catch up after 8 months, (I haven’t seen her since we ran the Christmas 10k race back in December)!


The trails were glorious and the weather was perfect. There have been a lot of fires in Idaho lately, and we managed to squeeze our run in before the valley got too smoky and hot.  foothills

The landscape up in the foothills actually are very similar to the landscape of my new home in El Paso, Texas. This run kind of got me excited to seek out some dirt trails in EP to run on when I get back.  foothills2

We were enjoying the trails so much that we ended up hitting over 5 miles, which seemed to fly right on by. I’m actually amazed because that’s the farthest I’ve ran in a long long time!

Running in Idaho just felt so easy! I’m not sure if it was the great company, the nice cool breeze, or just the fact that I was back in the comfort of what was home to me for the first 28 years of my life. I’m hoping to snatch up this feeling and take it with me back to EP, as running has just felt so h-a-r-d and not fun over the last 7 months.

And maybe I just need to switch it up. Running on those trails just felt way more fun than a normal road run. I’ve got my eye on something crazy in EP, we’ll see if I can be trained and ready for this intense Half Marathon Trail Race by October.

Happy Running friends!


8 thoughts on “Trail Runner

  1. I had so much fun! The miles did just fly by. I definetly think running on the trails is a great way to get re-energized for running again. This will give you the jump start you need to train for your race!

  2. That is so awesome that you were able to go back to your hometown and find a new to you trail! I love that! I think running someplace new/changing things up helps SO MUCH. I hope you are able to do that half!

  3. From the photos, it looks like a gorgeous place to run. So awesome that you were able to connect with your friend for a run. I think that run will be the kickstart to your next round of training. 🙂

  4. What a beautiful scenery to run in. I’m with Urban Running Girl, it’s always so much fun to see where other people run.

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