Mom Does CrossFit

It all started when my mom asked me to show her some exercises that would make her ‘guns’ stronger.

“Oooohh!” I squealed with delight, “I’m going to make you do CrossFit with me!”.

It was then that the MOM-WOD (Mom workout-of-the-day) was born!


She was nervous let me tell ya. I guess she thought I was going to go all military boot camp style on her, but it being her first time doing anything CrossFit style I went easy.

I came up with a list of a few of my favorite exercises, as well as ones that could be easily done in the comfort of the backyard.

We started the workout with a nice warm up, and yes a short jog was included. My mom doesn’t run, but it was fun to encourage her to do so during the warm up. She did pretty good!


Then it was onto the real MOM WOD!

Round 1: As fast as possible

  • 25 air squats
  • 25 push ups
  • 25 butterfly sit-ups
  • 25 tricep dips

After round one we took a 1 minute break and moved onto round two. I changed up a few of the workouts to make them a little more intense, that way she’d have options to choose from in the future.


Round 2: As fast as possible

  • 25 squat thrusts with 3lb weights
  • 25 renegade rows with 3lb weights
  • 25 butterfly sit-ups
  • 25 tricep dips


We managed to finish the workout in about 15 minutes (not counting warm-up or cool down), and we were definitely sweaty and feeling it by the end.

Then I turned over to my mom and asked her what she thought. She said that she loved it and it was super fun! Her favorite exercise was the renegade rows (so hard!).  I wasn’t expecting that response, but was so glad that it was a success.

However, I will make a side note that my mom wouldn’t allow the workout to be finished until a 5 minute savasana was added at the end. (That’s the yoga teacher in her coming out!).

Do you think you could convince your parent’s to try CrossFit?


Happy workout Thursday!


9 thoughts on “Mom Does CrossFit

  1. I totally ‘loved’ doing this workout. I’ll admit, I was ‘not’ looking forward to getting sweaty. Bleek…but, alas, it was really fun and you made it so I could do it. Thanks Z!!

  2. So cool! Way to go Linzi’s Mom, you rock!

    My Mom is 70 years old and has troubles with her legs, walking is often hard for her. So no, I won’t get her to do or ask her to do CrossFit.

  3. Your mom is hardcore! I love it! I don’t think I could get my mom do to crossfit, but then again, I can’t even get myself to do it! We do, however, participate in races together. My mom always walks and sometimes I run, but other times I’ll walk with her. It’s a great thing to share!*

  4. My favorite yoga instructor brings ‘CrossFit-like” moves into her “yoga/Cross-training” classes. I LOVE THEM! We start the class with lots of vinyasas, flows and twists…do the cross-training moves, then bring it back to yoga with more of the restorative poses. Best.class.ever.

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