Awesomesauce August

I definitely can’t say that I’ve had more of whirlwind month than August. I started the month living at Fort Benning, Georgia and ended the month living in El Paso, Texas.


And somewhere in the middle of this crazy move across the country, I took a two week excursion to Boise, Idaho for my Brother’s wedding!(Recap and photos coming soon!)

Total Running Mileage: 21.50 glorious miles ran!


6 CrossFit WOD’s


Other random workouts this month included:

  • 2 Yoga classes (led by my mother the yoga instructor)
  • 1 PowerPump Class
  • 1 BodyPump Class


Favorite Runs of the Month: It’s crazy to think that my top three runs this month all ended up happening in three different states!


Meeting & running with Ultramarathon Man Dean Karnazes in Columbus, Georgia


Finding this gem of a running route, El Paso Scenic Drive Park in El Paso, Texas.foothills

And let’s not forget my awesome run with Cynthia in the foothills in Boise, Idaho.

Biggest Accomplishment of the Month: Putting in the contract to buy our first house. By the end of the month we’ll be first time home owners!

Excursion of the Month: The (mini-vacation)move from Georgia to Texas!

NOLAcollage SanAntonio PanamaCity2012

A little change needed this month: I chopped my hair!!


August was a crazy yet awesome month!

It was hard to pack up my life into boxes yet again, and say goodbye to my friends and home in Georgia and make the move across the country. But it’s also an exciting feeling to start over again and have a whole new experience in the South West.

From the little I’ve seen so far in El Paso, I’ve really enjoyed it! I’m excited for the adventures to come! We should be stationed here for roughly 3 years, so we definitely have time to get settled before the army moves us again.


Happy September and I hope y’all had a great Labor day!  We actually took a little impromptu road trip to Jackpot, Nevada with my family for a gambling adventure. I lost more than won, but it was still a fun trip with the fam! And today I’m catching a flight back to Texas to resume army wife life as normal.


10 thoughts on “Awesomesauce August

  1. I’m so glad I got to spend some time with you while you were here! Only so often do you find people that you can relate to in many aspects and I found that with you 🙂
    Love the new hair cut and can’t wait to see you sometime in the future!

  2. Awesome month for sure! I can’t imagine having to move like that but at least you will be there for a while now! It is fun exploring a new city! Hope you find lots of great stuff!

  3. loove the hair! im waiting till after the wedding to chop mine off!

    What a great month you had. AWESOME is correct! keep up the great work.

  4. I love your new haircut! You look terrific!

    I’m excited that your August was so awesome! Even with all the changes, you made everything fun. Have a saucy September! 🙂

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