Long time no post

Wow, to think it’s almost been an entire month since I last posted is absolutely insane. But as they say…life happens!

To be honest with y’all, I was in amazing place when we first moved to El Paso in the middle of August. I was excited by the newness, the possibilities, the unknown…then I went back home to Boise, Idaho for my brother’s wedding.


After two weeks of reconnecting with family and old friends in such a comfortable environment, the return trip back to El Paso (a place where I didn’t know my way around and I didn’t know anyone) gave me a bit of the blues.

I tried not to let the fact that I was far away from family and friends or the fact that I was essentially starting all over again bring me down – but it was.

The thing that is different about this move compared to our move to Georgia is that J. Alabama joined an Army Unit that was already active. We are basically the late ones to the party – so everyone already knows each other and are already established. In Georgia, he was attending a school, which meant all the Mil-Wives I met were in the same exact boat as me. New to the Army, new to Georgia.

So now I just have to be a little more proactive in every encounter I have with people. I know I will make friends and feel comfortable here in El Paso, it will just take some time.

Until then, J Alabama gets to explore this wild new world of El Paso with me! Which actually has been a blast. Here are few photos from our adventures this past month.

Green & Red Chile Festival in San Elizario, Texas


Chapel in San Elizario

san elizario

Huevos Rancheros breakfast with homemade tortillas (I die!) 🙂

huevos rancheros

The El Paso Zoo!


House Update: In other news…we are still anxiously awaiting the closing on our brand new house. There is talk that it could happen within the next two weeks [fingers crossed].

I can absolutely guarantee that I will be in a better place once we close on the house and I can be reunited with all my personal belongings. Camping out in a temp apartment for two months with only the items we packed in our cars is starting to wear me down.


I don’t like to blog when I don’t have anything positive to say, so that explains my silence the past few weeks. I feel better now that you all know what’s up with me and I assure you things are getting better every day over here.

Thanks for listening!! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Long time no post

  1. I was actually wondering about you this weekend! I would feel a bit bummed after a fun time at home too, then going to your new home! I am happy you two are getting out and exploring and I bet you will find your groove soon 🙂

  2. you are such a wonderful, up beat spirit my friend… always looking a the bright side of things so every so often I guess a little down time must feel strange. I love ALL your posts and look forward to them… just so you know, I’m on your big life adventure with you! I can handle any down time posts and I know all your other peeps can too!!! We love you!

  3. I love your positive attitude and your husband is lucky to have you! Don’t worry about blogging only about positive things, it is totally fine to have a “i have the blues” post. Sometimes it actually helps to write about it! Good luck with the house!!

  4. Hey lady.. stay positive!! It looks likes there’s lots of fun things do down there as well as lots of amazing food!! I miss you, hang in there. I heart your face.

  5. Hey Linz! I haven’t see you post much on Facebook, so I figured that something was up. Hang in there, girl! El Paso will begin to feel like home in no time, and you and J. Alabama are certainly making the most of your time there. I hope that you close on your house really soon (having that stress done and getting moved in will definitely help you feel more at home, speaking from my condo-buying experience)!

  6. I’m so glad you posted about this! We are so living the same life right now. (I feel like I say that all the time to you, but it is true!) If only you were in Germany with me instead of in EP! Hang in there, and it’ll get better. (And I’m hoping the same holds true for me.)*

  7. You will be fine Linzi, especially when you can move into your own house. Because of your positive attitude and your ability to adjust to new environments/things, you will be much more happy soon.

    I’m glad you posted though, missed you.

  8. Hi Linz – You know Bawb & I played the moving game for years, Ct RI TX and finally ID. You’ll be in your groove before you know it! Enjoy the ride. Love to you & Micah!

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