A Heavenly Hike

In lieu of a Rave Run post I’m opting to share with you a hike I went on last month when I was visiting Boise, Idaho.


It was fitting that I share this with you today, as I had gone on this hike up Table Rock with my cousin Katie who just celebrated her 23rd birthday yesterday. {Happy Birthday Katie-Bug!}


Upon my most recent trip home in August, I realized that in the 28 years that I lived in Boise I had never actually hiked up Table Rock. It was definitely on my Boise Bucket list, a list of touristy things that I never accomplished in the 28 years of living in Boise but still have to the desire to experience.

I was told by my cousin Katie that it was only about 3 miles roundtrip, though in parts wasn’t the easiest of climbs. She has done the hike a few times and was excited when I asked her to be my guide.


Here is our view from the starting point looking out to where the turnaround point at the top was. From here the end looked so very far away.

We began the steep trek up the trails toward Table Rock.


The weather at 9:00 am was perfect. We could just start to feel the heat of the sun down on us. Though if you were doing this hike in the dead of summer I would suggest starting earlier in the morning as it heats up quickly.


Some parts of the trail were pretty flat and easy, and then the steeper parts seemed to show up out of nowhere. The great thing about this trail is that it’s filled with mostly hikers (a few runners here and there and bikers) but mostly just people out for a stroll.

So it was no big deal to take our time, snap some photos, and even just take a breather every so often. Which was definitely needed during the steeper parts of the climb.


The scenery on this hike is absolutely amazing. You have views of the foothills, the mountains, and when you turn you around can see the whole city. It’s truly remarkable.

We kept climbing our way to top. Even though we were getting closer, the end still seemed so far away.

almost there

The best feeling is when you get to the big cross that marks the top of Table Rock.

It felt surreal hanging out at the top of Table Rock. As I was flooded with many memories from my high school days.


This was a place where just several feet under the cross lay rocks that spell out a giant letter “B” for Boise. But for us Boise High school kids liked to claim it as as ”B” for Boise High and paint the rocks red to represent. Just to find out later that the Borah High kids (our rivals) would later paint them green. And thus the paint wars would go on and on.

It was fun seeing the city from this view and remembering the sunrise I saw on the morning after my high school graduation with all of my friends. A day I remember was an end of an era, and the start of whole new life.


There were so many great memories a top that mountain, and yet I realized that I had never actually physically made the trek up it until that day with my baby cousin. A new and amazing memory that I now have.

I forgot how much I loved Boise the city, and how beautiful it is there. But I remember that I am thankful for the 28 years that I did spend there with the amazing memories that I have, and for the rest of the amazing memories that I have not yet experienced.


As the great thing is, I can come home to visit this place whenever I want! And that makes me happy.

The hike down the mountain was a lot more fun than the hike up. Katie even got so excited that she began running at full speeds down the mountain to the bottom. I actually had a hard time catching up to her.

She had no fear plowing down that steep hill, and it was so awesome to watch her fly.


It took us about an hour and a half total to complete the whole hike, and I will admit that I felt on top of the world afterwards. For all you Boiseans that have yet to make the trek to to top of Table Rock you should definitely add this to your fitness bucket list.


Have a happy Friday my friends!


7 thoughts on “A Heavenly Hike

  1. Ahhh my beloved Tablerock! My favorite place in Boise. I’m glad you were able to experience this hike!! It’s a great little jaunt!

  2. Gorgeous Linzi!

    Isn’t it funny that we never do the touristic things in the places where we live? I know I don’t, maybe it’s time to do that.

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