On the Rocks

Over the weekend we thought we’d partake in one of the great activities that the El Paso outdoors has to offer. Rock climbing!


I have tried my hand at rock climbing a total of once during my earlier years, and it was in the comfort of my college gym. You know what I’m talking about, the fake rock wall that comes fully equipped with all the foot and hand holds built in with a nice padded ground in case you fall? Yeah.

I will admit that I have never ever in my life thought I would be out in the middle of the desert strapped into a harness and actually attempting to climb a real rocky mountain face.

But when the opportunity came up, I knew that I had to at least try. And honesty wouldn’t you want to go with these beautiful Texas-y views?


My first Texas cactus sighting!


I’m of the mindset to try any fitness activity at least once. So to get into the mood I eagerly played paparazzi for the first hour snapping photos and studying J. Alabama and friends as they took their turns climbing the mountain.

033 jontherocks

After much convincing I slipped on the special rock climbing shoes and got harnessed in.

I was freaking out just a little bit, even though I knew there was someone else on the other end of the rope to hold me up if I were to fall.


My biggest struggle was finding the right place to put my hands and feet as I attempted to climb upwards. That fake rock wall was sounding pretty darn good right about then.

It didn’t take long, but I got stuck in one spot about 3 feet off the ground and couldn’t move any higher. I just wasn’t able to reach high enough for the next hand hold, and I had to call it quits.

I felt kind of like a loser for not making it higher than that, but after two attempts and still getting stuck on the same spot I decided just to be happy with the fact that I had tried.


I realized just how hard rock climbing actually is. My friends climbing up the rocks made it look super easy, although they have also done this a time or two.


The experience ended up being quite exhilarating and I could see giving it another try another day.


Tell me, have you ever tried rock climbing? If no, is this something that you would try?

I never thought I would say yes as I’m a bit afraid of heights, but I guess there is a first time for everything.


14 thoughts on “On the Rocks

  1. I LOVE that you are up for trying anything. LOVE LOVE LOVE that about you!

    I have tried it in a gym but I bet it is so much harder outside. And I thought it was hard in the gym! No shame in getting 3′ up! That is a lot! That is probably how far I would have gotten.

    And wow. The rocks are so gorgeous!!!

    • Thanks Kim!! 🙂 From what I remember climbing in a gym was hard too, but the added element of the heat outside and the possibility of falling onto real rocks made it harder for me personally!

    • Courtney I’m only 5 ft 1 and I had the same concern — even tried to use that as an excuse, but the boys wouldn’t let that fly. LOL. I just need to work on my stretching and reaching I guess!

  2. I’ve never tried rock-climbing but have thought about it. I think I would go for it if I was out there with real experienced people. I think it’s awesome you tried it.

  3. I’ve never tried rock climbing myself (the whole heights thing) and I’m not sure if I would, I would probably have to take one of those rock climbing classes (with, yes, the fake wall) first just to be a little more comfortable with the movements. It’s great that you tried it; I like that you’re always up for anything.

  4. I am totally afraid of heights. I couldn’t be a flyer in cheerleading because I always freaked out. That’s how I messed up my ankle by the way. But anyways, I’ve done indoor climbing a few times and been fine though. Good for you for trying something new!

  5. Ah! That looks scary! I’ve also done the faux rock climbing wall, which seems way safer. I’m so impressed that you gave it a go! I would have been happy to just take pictures. (Beautiful location, by the way!)*

  6. So cool that you tried it, it looks like a beautiful place to to climb rocks.

    Never done it because in Holland we don’t have rocks, the only rock climbing you can do here are indoors like the one you described at school.

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