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I just want to thank everyone for the comments we’ve received via Facebook, text message and on the blog regarding our exciting news!



I know with the recent announcement of our new addition that it seems like it might get a little baby crazy over here. My hope is to share with you our baby journey, just as I have my marathon journey’s, as well as our wedding journey. It won’t be all baby central here all the time, but due to the fact that I’ve been holding onto this juicy news for almost three months my posts may seem a little baby heavy for the first little bit as I have a lot to say! And honestly I hope to keep this blog as a place where I can still reflect on life as a new military wife and my fitness journey as well.


Wednesday marked our 12 week appointment. I was nervous and excited because I knew once the Dr. said everything was ok, that I would feel comfortable letting our little secret out.

Now that the news is public I really feel like this is real!

8 weeks ultrasound

Here is our first ultrasound from the 8 week appointment. It resembles a little bean in this picture.

I have been taking the obligatory weekly belly shots. Here we are at 12 weeks.

12 week collage

I feel like it’s kind of hard to tell what kind of changes are happening without looking back at the first belly photo. So I dug up my 7 week week photo for comparison.


I personally don’t feel much different, but I can definitely see a difference in the photos. Crazy right?


I mentioned about a month ago that we were in the process of closing on a home. And we [a full month later] are still in the process of closing on our home! The lenders are saying that next week is the week FOR REAL, so I’m saying a little prayer to the house angels that this is the real deal.


I feel like there are a lot of [mostly] exciting life things happening over here, and it is crazy that they all seem to be happening at once. There are a few more announcements yet to come, but they warrant their own blog post. So stayed tuned for even more life updates soon.


Hope y’all have a great weekend!


15 thoughts on “Blog, Baby, House & Life

  1. Ooooh Linz – I’m SO happy for you! I’ve been following your blog for awhile now and I know that with the move and being away from your family that life has had its hard times… I’m so glad that you are in an “upswing” – new house, new baby… So much fun! You deserve it!

  2. It’s such an exciting time enjoy every minute of it. You look fantastic. Glowing is true! The belly pics are awesome. Love the pic of your little bean…

  3. Congratulations again on the baby! How has the pregnancy been going so far? Are you feeling okay (morning sickness, food cravings, etc.)?

    Your little baby bump is so cute right now!

    I’ll be praying that everything with your house will go smoothly too!

  4. I’ve been following on your destination 26.2, on your wedding journey, on your journey to new places as an army wife and I look forward to be part of this new journey too.

    Hope the house closes this week for real, you have lots of other things to think about with the baby and it would be nice if you have a home so you won’t have to worry about that.

  5. I’m crossing my fingers that the house stuff is all taken care of soon! I’m sure you are ready to be able to finally settle in. And I can’t wait to hear about all the baby stuff you’ve been holding back!*

  6. That is a long time to be waiting to close the deal! Fingers crossed that it happens soon! Can’t wait to see what else is new with you guys. Congrats again. I am SO happy for you! And you are ADORABLE with your little bump.

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