Bump-date: Week 13 / First Trimester

Since I’m doing this pregnancy thang away from my family and friends back home, I’m going to post weekly about my progress. I’ve dubbed it the bump-date, short for the bump update!


This bump-date will reflect over the entire first trimester.

Weight gain: Since our bathroom scale is still in storage I will go with what my weight was at our 12 week appointment. I’ve gained roughly 4 pounds since my initial weigh in. Seems like a lot but I was told that this is pretty normal.


Maternity clothes: All my clothes still fit though I can say they are fitting a little differently these days. As far as “official maternity” clothes go I’ve purchased a belly band that I haven’t tried yet, but am sure I will need it fairly soon to help keep my pants up when my belt doesn’t work anymore.  Due to some horrible underwire issues a few days ago, I decided to get all new bras. I ended up buying 4 new bras (two everyday, one sports bra, and one sleep bra) that will all be good for nursing later on too. So much more comfortable!

Morning sickness: Between weeks 5 & 6 I was definitely feeling some waves of nausea.  Though it never got so bad that I threw up, and the nausea was mostly gone by week 7.

Symptoms: My symptoms over the entire first trimester seem pretty minimal. The biggest symptom I’ve experienced is that of breast soreness. I was never one to get this during “that time of the month” so this feeling has been a bit more uncomfortable than I expected.

Sleep: This has probably been my biggest complaint these past few months. I feel like I’m actually awake most of the night. This has been super frustrating, but I also blame the horribly uncomfortable bed that we are sleeping on (it came in our furnished apartment) and it’s a full instead of the queen pillow top mattress I miss so badly.

When I am actually sleeping, I’m dreaming like crazy! Almost every single morning I wake up with some crazy vivid dream. These dreams are whacked, and they kind of freak me out!

Emotionally: Those pregnancy hormones have definitely kicked into high gear. There have a been a few notable experiences that J. Alabama and I can laugh about now.

  • We ended up at a puppy adoption a few weeks ago, and we almost had to leave because I started to sob uncontrollably at the sight of sharpei puppy. The wrinkles were so unbelievably cute!
  • We were in a Mexican restaurant having breakfast and I spotted an old man who resembled J Alabama’s late grandfather. I pointed him out to J. and then had to excuse myself from the venue because I couldn’t hold back the tears.

All of my hysterical episodes seem to happen in front of J. Alabama, and now he believes me that these hormones are crazy and real.


Cravings: Before I even knew I was pregnant my mom commented on my choice of nachos and chocolate milk. LOL, that should have been our first clue! The chocolate milk thing has been a constant since early in the pregnancy. I can’t get enough. And I’m not biased, I’ve indulged in organic, almond, coconut and even hazelnut chocolate milk – and they are ALL glorious!

Food aversions: I’ve heard of people having aversions to certain types of food during pregnancy, I’m happy to report that for the most part everything sounds good. Even vegetables which I’ve heard most people have a hard time choking down in the first trimester.

I’ve noticed though that breakfast never ever sounds appetizing, but I force myself to eat something because I noticed that an empty stomach has caused a bit of nausea.

Gender: Oh Boy! Before I even knew I was pregnant I remember waking up one morning with the thought that I was going to have a boy. It was probably about a month before I actually found out I was pregnant. I will be super surprised if it’s a girl, because I just keep having this feeling that it’s a boy. We won’t find out until December 7th!

What I’m missing: I thought for sure I would be dying for some wine by now, but honestly the thought of drinking alcohol actually makes a little sick. The biggest thing I miss is not running. 😦 I will be doing a whole post about why I’m not running.

7-8 9&10 11-12

13 weekscloseup

It’s funny because it almost looks like my 11 & 12 weeks photos are bigger bumps. I decided to wear a tighter shirt for this one, and though it may not look like a bigger bump, boy does it feel like it.

1st trimester overview: I’m truly excited to officially be in my second trimester as of yesterday! It feels like we are moving through the weeks quickly, though April 30th is still a long ways away. I’m feeling great these days, and really don’t have much to complain about pregnancy wise.

Life is good! 🙂


16 thoughts on “Bump-date: Week 13 / First Trimester

  1. I absolutely love this! I laughed out loud at the hormonal issues because I remember those all too well. There were many moments when the hubs was like “Why are you crying?” and I was like I HAVE NO IDEA! hahaha.

  2. You are so gorgeous! I love that little baby bump! Can’t wait for more of these updates and to find out what baby Alabama will be 🙂 so happy and excited for you Lindz!

  3. I don’t find out the sex of the baby until December? Oh, that seems so far away! It’ll be fun to see if your prediction is true!

    It’s good that you aren’t having any food aversions as of yet. That sounds like a really un-fun part of pregnancy. The chocolate milk cravings made me laugh!*

  4. You are sooo cute! Love all the pics and I feel happy to be able to read about it all!
    I will say later in the pregancy when you start to have hip/low back pain go see a chiropractor and get a massage! Most chiro’s have tables that drop down you can actually lay on your belly. That will be a relief in itself. And if you come visit Boise let me know ahead of time and I’ll get you in to see one of our massage therapists 🙂

  5. Love the recap! So happy you have been doing so well. I laughed a little bit about crying about the puppy… because that is TOO CUTE!!! 🙂

    I hope you get back to your actual bed soon! 🙂

  6. Linzi,

    I’m so excited for you two! You did a great job with the update, it really gives a great idea of what your going through….thanks for sharing! I love the photos!

    You’re adorable!

  7. u r the cutest pregnant lady! i am soooo excited for you!
    keep drinking that chocolate milk and cant wait to read all you weekly updates!!!

  8. I’m so happy that you’ve been having a relatively easy pregnancy so far, although I do hope that you’ll be sleeping better soon. I can’t wait to read more of these updates!

  9. I am interested to hear about why you aren’t running! I am just so interested in everyones pregnancy! lol I find it so fascinating because everyone has a different view and I love reading about it!

  10. Sounds like you are doing great, and that’s awesome. I loved being pregnant, had a great experience, and it makes such a difference. Love your baby bump photos too.

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