Yoga Sculpt

My body has been begging me to hit up a yoga class since we moved to El Paso. Though it seems like an easy enough task to take a yoga class, it has been the hardest thing ever to fit in my schedule due to timing of the yoga classes offered on the Army base.

I finally put my foot down and declared that Saturday would be the day…yes, the day I finally went to yoga. And on top of that, J. Alabama eagerly offered to go with me. (The only other time I’ve seen him do yoga was on our honeymoon in Mexico, so I thought this was pretty cool).


I thought we were going to a regular Vinyasa class, but when we arrived the teacher instructed us we were doing something different instead. I was down for anything, as long as yoga was involved.

She told us to grab some hand weights as we would be incorporating them in with our basic yoga moves. A strength and stretch class? Hellz yeah!


Since I haven’t done much strength training in awhile I opted for the 3lb weights. I was thinking that I might be shooting too low but by the end of class even J. Alabama was wishing he had been holding the 3lbs instead of his 8lbs weights.

After about a 10 minute warm-up of basic yoga moves the teacher had us pick up our weights and thus began about 45 minutes of pure torture awesomeness!

The best way to describe what we were doing is just imagining that we were doing the regular yoga moves (warrior I or warrior II) but when our arms were stretched out they were also holding the weights.

We also incorporated some poses that included lunges with the weights in our hands, and some where we had the weights above our heads while we held certain positions.


Each yoga move incorporated the hand weights in a way that we were feeling the resistance from the weights as well as the stretch from the move itself.

I was sweating buckets only minutes into the routine and could feel my legs shaking. The whole time I just kept thinking how awesome the combination of strength and stretch were. By the end of class my body was Jell-O, but I was feeling high on life. J. Alabama agreed that this class was an insane workout.

So as it turns out, this Yoga Sculpt class might be added as a regular class to the 2013 class schedule at the gym. But until then, I can only dream about what a brilliant class that was.

Usually I seek out new classes to try, this time I just happened upon it. It was so awesome to do yoga in a new way, and so great just to get some yoga love back in my life. I didn’t realize how much I needed it!


Happy Monday!


7 thoughts on “Yoga Sculpt

  1. Oh wow- this sounds like an awesome class! I haven’t found a yoga class around here that I like enough to keep up with it, but with all the CrossFit I do I need some serious stretch! I love the idea of using weights for extra resistance, I wonder if there are at home videos like this.

  2. Sounds like a great class. I do yoga combined with Pilates because the “normal” yoga is a bit too boring for me but added with the weights it sounds like a fun workout. And cool that J. Alabama went with you.

    • Fran —

      Ohh I loove PI-Yo (Pilates + yoga)!! I took a few pi-yo classes back in boise, and they were the best. I’m with you, I get a little bored with regular yoga someetimes, and like to feel like I got a workout. When you add in weights or the pilates aspect you leave there feeling the burn!

  3. Yoga sculpt sounds hardcore! I’ve done one or two half hearted attempts at yoga (by DVD, not in person) and wasn’t feeling it. With the weights though? I’d definitely give that a go. Did you say this class was offered on post? Because if so, that’s amazing! Nothing that cool is offered here.*

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