Bump-date: Week 14

Happy Halloween from me and the lil pumpkin (who is more like the size of a lemon right now).

14 weeks

From what I’ve read and heard from others, the second trimester is when you usually get a little pep back in your step. I have to say, I didn’t think my pep was gone during the first trimester as I felt pretty good (not much morning sickness), and I was tired a bit but nothing a little nap couldn’t fix.

But it was like something happened last week as I merged into my second trimester. I literally felt like jumping up and dancing…I have so much energy!

Exercise: I decided to focus all that energy back towards the gym in the form of Yoga Sculpt, Zumba, and by doing an intense weight lifting workout.


Even though I felt good during the first trimester, I never really had the urge to workout. Part of my reasoning was I was trying not push it too hard, but now I just really crave the feeling of a good work out.

So my goal is to get in at least get three (45 min) workouts per week. Goal achieved… I did 3 workouts (165 minutes) of working out last week and it felt amazing!

Maternity clothes: I haven’t purchased anything new this week from the maternity section, but I’m starting to freak out because the only pair of jeans that aren’t in storage only fit when I stand up. I know that my mission over the next few days is to get some new pants and stat!

Morning sickness: None

Symptoms: Headaches! I’m trying to up my water intake, as I’m assuming some of the headaches may be from being a little dehydrated.

Sleep: My sleep is still the same, not good. I wake up a lot during the night, not really even to use the bathroom. But I just feel like I’m awake. The crazy dreams have calmed down a wee bit, but I still find myself waking up thinking what??!!!

Emotionally: I’m happy to report no crazy emotional outbursts this week! I know it’s all part of the hormones, but it’s still embarrassing to find yourself bawling while watching an episode of Glee. I mean really, they are singing and dancing, what’s so sad about that?

Cravings: Give this girl a SMOOTHIE right now!!!! I have indulged in at least three smoothies this week and I still want more. I think I am missing my blender (which is also in storage) and so wish I could just throw a handful of spinach at the Starbuck girls to add to my smoothie.

What I’m missing: I have been thinking about Sushi lately. I read somewhere that it might be okay to have a California roll since there in nothing raw in it. Thoughts anyone?

14 week pumpkin collage1

Overall: This past week I’ve been feeling pretty darn good! We have been super busy with house stuff and life stuff, I haven’t had much time to really realize that I’m feeling preggo. I guess that is a good thing!


Hope y’all have a Happy Halloween! We are keeping it super duper low key tonight. Last year we were chillin’ in a hotel in Georgia waiting to move in our new house on base. Funny how a year later we are pretty much in the same position.


13 thoughts on “Bump-date: Week 14

  1. You’re so cute! Way to rock those workouts girl! I hope the house situation goes quick and smooth for you. I can’t imagine what it is like to not have all your stuff for that long. Have you looked into a belly band? They have some at Target in the maternity section – you can basically pull it over your jeans and leave them unbuttoned. I loved mine!! My favorite places for maternity clothes were target and old navy because they were usually cute and affordable (I was NOT about to pay $100 for maternity jeans I will only wear 9 months!)

    And I literally laughed out loud at the idea of bringing your own spinach to the smoothie place. Can you imagine the look on on their faces? HAHA.

    • Thank you!! I tried the belly band last week and got super frustrated with it, so I skipped straight to the maternity pants this week! LOL — but then I realized that it’s still too hot for jean pants here in Texas, so I’m giving the belly band another go with my capri’s as I don’t feel like buying maternity capris as we get closer to winter. And thanks for the ON suggestion, I hit them up earlier this week and was in heaven with the selection of maternity wear!!

  2. Sounds like you are doing great! It is possible for sure. I loved being pregnant and had none of the difficulties often experienced. Towards the end it was a little hard to get comfy to sleep but a body pillow helps with that! Enjoy! You look fantastic…

  3. You are so smart to capitalize on that energy while you’ve got it. Strike while the iron is hot, as they say! Sounds like smooth sailing so far. Yeay!

    I hope y’all are moved and unpacked quickly so you can have that smoothie you are craving!*

  4. Looking good girly! Glad you haven’t had any morning sickness! I think that would be the worst. My sister in law had horrible sickness.

  5. I had raw sushi a couple times during my pregnancy, but I’m a daredevil like that. My OB said it was fine — that’s what pregnant ladies eat in Japan after all!! — but to go to a real sushi place to ensure you get the fresh stuff. If you’re really vigilant about not eating raw foods though, you don’t have to stick to a California roll. The menu should tell you which items are cooked and which are raw. You may just want to ask that your order is prepared on a fresh cutting board with a clean knife so that any raw ickies are transfered. 🙂

  6. If I were pregnant, I think it would be difficult for me to just eat California rolls. I love sushi!

    I’m so glad your pregnancy is going well, and I hope that you will begin to sleep more soundly. 🙂

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