Bump-date: Week 15

The little bean [as I still refer to it even though it’s the size of a naval orange this week] and I had quite the week!

15 weeks 3

This past week we were super busy you know buying a house, moving out of our temporary apartment (which should count as a workout as we lived on the third floor), and taking a little trip to Denver to visit family and to meet my new twin nephews!

Exercise: Wow, so much for declaring a 3x/week workout goal last week! I didn’t do one single workout since last week, but I’m not surprised with the busy week we had. This week is a new week to kill it on the workout goals.

Maternity clothes: Holy shopping spree! I freaked out before we left for our Denver trip thinking there might be snow and made a mad dash toward the Old Navy maternity section. I needed warm clothes and stat!

I ended up with two new tanks, two pairs of jeans, one pair of yoga pants, a pair of fleece pajama bottoms and a sweater. They were all from the maternity section and felt so amazing on.


Pregnancy/Baby Stuff: Starting last week I started the ritual of lubing up my belly in an effort to eliminate stretch marks for the future. Honestly the act of rubbing this amazing smelling oil on my belly is just a great opportunity for me to really be in the moment with the baby. A lot of the time I forget I’m even pregnant, so this little morning ritual has been a fun time for me to just connect with the little one.

I also have to give a HUGE shout out to my sister-in-law who we visited in Denver. She hooked me up with so much baby gear that her twins have already grown out of, and has said there will be more. I’m already stocked up with dry formula, a few maternity jackets, a baby sling, and a breast pump!

Sleep: So much better this week.

Emotionally: Feeling fabulous, another successful week without waterworks!


Cravings: Fresh strawberries, lemonade, Sonic’s Cherry limeade and strawberry lemonade! I’m obviously not getting enough fruits or something because I’m craving the sweet and sour fruits (lemons and limes) like crazy.

What I’m missing: Just the idea that I’m limited right now to what I can do and what I can eat has been a little bit hard for me. It’s not anything specific, but just annoying at times. Obviously, it’s totally worth it, it’s just frustrating at times, especially when I look at all the fun races I want to be running.

What I’m looking forward to: The 16 week appointment next Tuesday. It’s always reassuring to the hear the little bean’s heart beat.

And even though it’s not baby related, I’m also looking forward to the moving company coming this Friday to bring our household goods. The sooner we get settled and moved in, the sooner I can start on the baby room [at least on the non-gender specific stuff like a crib].

I’m looking and feeling a lot more preggo in my new maternity wear!

15 week belly collage

Overall: I’m really getting excited about the baby. I think I’ve been in denial over the last few months about how I felt about the pregnancy, but after meeting my new twin nephews and just being in the presence of babies I got a whole new excitement about everything. I also think getting settled into our new home is helping to.


Yay, our internet should be up in our new house by this afternoon, so I’m excited to get back to a more regular posting and commenting schedule. This post was written from my new local Starbucks!


9 thoughts on “Bump-date: Week 15

  1. You look super cute!! I loved Old Navy Maternity stuff… not overly expensive and super comfy. I can’t wait for you to get settled in your new place!! That feeling of not being settled always bothers me. You’ve been such a trooper!!

  2. Just wanted to say “Hi” finally! i’ve been a long time lurker.. came across your blog a while back through Aneta’s. I’m also newly preggers (3 weeks behind you), so I’m really excited to follow you along your journey as I go through mine!! 🙂 You look fantastic btw. 😉

  3. I find that whenever I am with my nephews I get a little bit excited about having a kid. At home when I am not around babies I sometimes feel like I never want any because it is such a huge change to life. Glad everything is going well for you! Hand me downs are the best!

  4. You weren’t kidding when you said it was a busy week for you and the baby! You make such a cute pregnant lady!

    Yeay for your HHG being delivered soon! I’m not sure how much stuff y’all have, but our truck was unloaded super fast. We had the guys call out the numbers on the boxes as they brought them in so I could check them off the manifest. It helped us stay organized. Now you can unpack and use all your stuff again! It will make your house feel so much more like home!*

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