Casa de Alabama Tour (Texas Edition)

After almost three months of patiently waiting, we are finally able to show off our new digs. Welcome to the photo tour of Casa de Alabama, Texas style!

Here is the view as you are entering from the front door into the living room ahead and the kitchen on the left.


Living room, the doorway in the far back left of the photo leads to the master suite.


Here is the view into the kitchen from the living room.


Breakfast nook, our favorite! So much natural light.


Kitchen view from the nook. 002003 kitchencollage

Laundry room.


Baby room & guest bedroom/office, (there are two smaller bedrooms but I only snapped one photo as they look pretty much the same).


Guest bathroom. It was extremely hard to get a good photo of this room.

guest bath collage



master collage

Peek into the master bathroom.


I love the double sinks & the huge tub!

masterbath collage

Small bathroom closet.


And last but not least our walk-in closet.


Today marks the day that movers finally come! I’m just sitting here anxiously awaiting the arrival of my household goods. It’s gonna feel like Christmas around here opening and un-packing all those boxes. I’m so excited I could dance and sing right now!

Hope y’all have a great weekend!!


I did also take a video tour of the inside of the home. If you are interested in viewing leave a comment letting me know or email me at [ destination26.2 at gmail dot com ] and I will send you the link.


12 thoughts on “Casa de Alabama Tour (Texas Edition)

  1. Congratulations on FINALLY closing on the new home. It is gorgeous! I bet you are having so much fun now that it’s all set up and feeling like home. Make sure you show us the nursery once it’s all set up.

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