Why I’m not running while pregnant

After seeing pictures and hearing stories of those woman who run half-marathons or are doing CrossFit workouts into the later part of their pregnancies, I secretly hoped I would be hard core enough to be like them.

Its weird to think that just a few short months ago I was running and doing crazy intense CrossFit workouts myself.


And now those types of workouts are definitely out of the question for me. I had at least thought my running would still be happening even at a minimal level at this point, but sadly it’s not.

kinvara3 I never had a doubt that my running would be halted at such an early stage in my pregnancy journey, somewhere around the 9 week mark.

My fitness journey during this pregnancy has been a weird one for me. The first two months of pregnancy (most of which I wasn’t even aware I was preggers) I was feeling really blue. I attributed this to our El Paso move, as I was feeling really out of place. The feelings of depression were so bad that it was a struggle to even get me to leave the house, even though we had a nice air conditioned gym in our apartment complex. It just felt like too much work.


I started to emotionally feel better around the 7/8 week mark and tried to add running and light crossfit workouts back into my routine. Then began the irritating pain in my pelvic area.

I started noticing this weird pain in my pelvic area after I would run on the treadmill and thought it was related to my running. It felt as though I had stress fractured my pelvic bone. So I completely stopped running in hopes that the pain would go away. This seemed to help for a few days, then the pain started coming on more frequent and still continues now.

I started talking to other people who had already had children and found out this feeling was normal. What I was feeling was stretching of the ligaments in my pelvic area and pressure from my growing uterus. [This totally makes sense, though I wish more people talked about it as I seriously was freaking out by the odd pain down there].

So apparently the pain had nothing to with the fact that I was running, but I did realize that running was making it more painful. Then I knew I had change my workout routine immensely, no more running and a lot more low stress workouts.


What you will see around here is a lot more yoga, zumba, power walking and weight lifting.  All of those workouts seem to make the pelvic pain go away (at least temporarily afterwards), instead of increasing the pain.

I’ll be honest when I say that I’m a bit disappointed that I’m not able to run, but I realize that my job of keeping my body healthy and happy is more important for the lil pumpkin right now. And I’m excited that I feel well enough to keep zumba-ing, as I have a feeling this baby is going to coming out dancing.

My hormones seem to shoot through the roof whenever I make it to zumba class, the latin moves and music has put me in fits of tears (pure happy tears). Pregnancy hormones are so crazy!

So I’m taking it easier than I thought I would workout wise during this pregnancy journey, and I’m okay with that.


Have any other mom’s out there experienced this pelvic pain? Are there any suggestions on how to make it feel better?


11 thoughts on “Why I’m not running while pregnant

  1. I experienced major pelvic pain and pressure while pregnant. Any strenuous activity made it a lot worse. I was even in physical therapy and had to use a walker for 2 months because of sciatic issues during one of my pregnancies. Running was NOT an option, and any strength training having to do with my armpits down was painful. What helped me stay active was SWIMMING! It felt amazing!! I did do very light yoga and walked a lot as well. I was able to pick up running again after having my little ones. Now I have 4 awesome kids, I am back to racing triathlons, and training for Boise’s City of Trees marathon in May! Sending blessing for your pregnancy!

  2. When your pregnant you have to just do what feels right! I still run, but WAY slower and for much shorter durations of time. Mostly because I get out of breath. But I have found some exercises, like planks and heavy lifting, just dont feel right. Like there is too much pressure in the pelvic area. My doctor told me, just do what is comfortable, and stop immediately if an exercise is bothering you.

  3. When it comes to Pregnancy you just have to do what is right for you. This is just the beginning of the comparison trap… it gets worse once the kiddo is here. Pregnancy and Parenting is such a unique thing to each person. Find what works for you and stick with it. Proud of you for working out at all, I stopped all together!

  4. You have to do what feels right for you and being in pain (Whether pregnant or not) is just not fun. I am sure you will be back running post pregnancy! keep doing what is feeling good and don’t let what anyone says bother you at all! From what I have learned from my sister in laws who have kids is that Moms can be so judgmental so just stick to what you believe in and do what is right for you and your kid!!

  5. I’ve totally had to cut back on my workouts since about week 5-6. Ie. I haven’t really been able to do too much of anything. But I owe that to feeling sick all the time and extremely tired. I managed to ride my horse 1 or 2 times, but the rides never lasted too long due to being uncomfortable. Now that i’ve been starting to eat more fruits and veggies, I have noticed my energy slowly start to come back, so I’m actually going to try and go for a little ride tonight. The plan for the rest of my pregnancy though is to just walk, walk and walk!! …unfortunately on a treadmill in my parents’ dark basement since it’s pitch black out when I leave work now…. and well, snow will be hitting eventually.

  6. Oh wow! I am also surprised that that pain is not talked about more if it is quite common. I am happy you found some exercises you can do to make you and the pain feel better! 🙂

  7. I think it’s best to listen to your body. You’ll always have time to run later. I don’t remember pelvic pain specifically but I didn’t exercise or do much when I was pregnant (it took me a long time to conceive and because of my advanced maternal age (doctor term not mine), the doctor felt it best to not take any chances. Sounds like you are doing what’s best for you and the babe 🙂

  8. I had that pelvic pain when I was pregnant. It turned out that my hip flexors were SUPER tight, so tight that I ended up with a breech baby!! I went for acupressure which was supposed to help but even that chiro said I was SUPER tight. It wasn’t until I started CrossFit that I realized I needed to do something about it. Hip flexor stretches have helped a LOT, specifically the couch stretch. It’s done wonders for my posture and my lifting form.

  9. Although I totally empathize with you (not being able to run, no matter the reason, is always hard especially when you love it so much), you are being one smart mama by not putting your baby and your health at risk while running. I think it’s great that you’re still able to be active while pregnant, and studies have shown that if women do light exercise during pregnancy, their babies are healthier.

    My mom did a lot of swimming while she was pregnant with my brothers and me.

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