Turkey Trot 5k

Alternative title to this post would be “Baby’s First 5k”!

On Saturday I signed up J. Alabama & I for our first ever Texas race. The Fort Bliss MWR was hosting a Turkey Trot and it was too good to pass up (all active military entries into race were free).


The plan was for J. Alabama to run the race, and I was going to walk it with a friend. Plans changed at the last minute and my walking partner couldn’t make it, so J. Alabama offered to tag along with me instead.

I was happy to have J. Alabama by my side as my partner in crime and personal photographer for the morning.


The morning started off chilly (at least for us Texans) but as soon as the race started we warmed up quickly.

It was a perfect little race, roughly about 200 people. I so wished I was able to race it for time, as it would have been an easy peasy one. The course was a flat and easy 3.10 mile loop around the army base.

start2 start

As soon as the clock struck 8:00, we were off! I’m not sure what came over me, if it was old habit, or the rush of the crowd but as the race started I was shuffling right along with the crowd.

After a bit, I looked over at J. Alabama and was freaking out because I was running (sort of). It was a funny combination of a waddle, shuffle, trot but it was definitely faster than a power walk.


I told myself that I was going to take it easy and stop if anything hurt. It just felt so good to be out in the fresh air moving.

I mean, I know it sounds weird for me to be shuffling around only days after I posted that I wasn’t running any more, but I promise that I was listening to my body.


Baby and I were enjoying being a part of the Turkey Trot, and definitely took a lot of walk breaks.

It’s funny for me to look at the photos and see the baby bump, as I wasn’t sure it was that noticeable (until I saw the after photos). I felt like I may have looked a little ridiculous shuffle/waddling along the course, but I didn’t even care.

mile 1

J. Alabama shuffled right along next me the entire way, just making sure that I felt good the entire time. It was actually really fun being able to trot along side him at  a speed where we could talk, joke around etc. Typically if we ever ran together it was at such a pace that there was no laughing going on!

We finished out the race strong, with an amazing time of 45:54!

My only goal for the day was to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. I had no idea I would feel good enough to shuffle along most of the race.


I’d have to say that baby and I (and J. Alabama) had a great time!  Though, I don’t forsee many other races for this pregnancy as I was feeling the aftermath a little later that day from the 5k. I was literally doing the pregnancy waddle all day afterwards, but note, that the day following no pelvic pain!

Are you participating (or have you already) in a Turkey Trot this year?  This was only my second ever Turkey Trot, my last experience was the Gobble Wobble in Denver a few years back where I walked it with a friend.


14 thoughts on “Turkey Trot 5k

  1. Oh how fun! I wanted to run a turkey trot this year, but we are having a special CrossFit workout instead. Either way- I’m gonna get my workout on before I get my eat on! I love that you and Mr Alabama had a fun time together! Hooray for teaching baby to be active already!

  2. Aww, so happy that you two (three!) ended up getting to do it together! And I bet you did not look ridic at all. Everyone is doing their own thing at a 5K, and especially the pregnant ladies!

    I am doing a Turkey Trot on Thursday and one on Saturday!

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun Linzi and afterwards a good thing your walking partner couldn’t come. This way you and J. Alabama could do this together and have a great time.

    Since we’re not celebrating Thanksgiving, no Turkey Trots here.

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  5. Way to go, Baby Alabama, on your first 5K! Looks like a fun race.

    My hubby and I ran a 5K Thanksgiving morning in Willmar, just 15 minutes away from my husband’s hometown. It was a very windy morning, but I still won 2nd in my age group! Fun race!

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