Bump-date: Week 17

17 week love

According to my Pregnancy Tracker app on my phone, the baby is roughly the size of a onion now. I feel like my new maternity top is hiding the bump a bit. It doesn’t look it, but it feels like it has doubled in size since last week.

Weight gain:

I was able to weight myself at my 16 week appointment last week, and was happy to see I was right on track with a 4lb gain since my 12 week appointment.  My total weight gain is right about 10.5 pounds from the beginning of my pregnancy.


I absolutely KILLED it this week on my exercise goal! I was aiming for 3 workouts and finished off the week with 5!


  1. 45 minute walk around the new neighborhood
  2. 60 minute Hatha Yoga
  3. Turkey Trot 5k (45:54)
  4. 60 minute Zumba
  5. 45 minute Salsa dance lesson

I found that on the days I exercise I am having way less pelvic/ligament pain the following day. So now I’m trying to shoot for a workout sesh at least every other day as I’m majorly feeling the benefits.

Maternity clothes:

I thought I was going to make it a whole week without buying any more maternity wear, but somehow I found myself at Old Navy & Maternity Motherhood yet again. I got a few more pairs of jeans, three tanks, two long sleeved shirts, and the top that I’m wearing in the photo below. I’m going to take it easy for a bit after this, I just needed a few more shirts that had room to grow. My regular shirts are starting to become too short to wear with maternity pants.


17 week baby kisses

Pregnancy/Baby Stuff:

I told you last week that I bought myself a mommy pregnancy present, well here it is in all its glory! I broke down and bought the Snoogle Pregnancy Body Pillow. It looks so weird, but it’s great support for your back, stomach, and even between your legs. I’ve been sleeping much better this past week with the help of this crazy thing.



I’m feeling great! Each week it becomes more real for me which is making me super excited. It’s finally hitting me that I’m going to be a Momma real soon!


Courtney called this one! I finally found my blender, so you know what I’ve been eating this past week. I love the green monster smoothies, as it’s a way to sneak extra veggies and fruits!

green smoothie

Centering Classes:

Last week I mentioned I was joining a group of other mil-spouses who are due around the same time as me. Apparently this group is going to replace my monthly check-ups, as well as give me a two hour block of attention with my doctor and a midwife to answer any questions we have in this group setting.

It’s really cool in the sense that we get a lot more time with a doctor to ask questions, as well as a chance to find out what the other mom’s-to-be are feeling. Though it seems like this experience would be a little weird, as other people are in the room when they are checking the baby’s heartbeat. I actually enjoyed the experience of being around other new mom’s and being a part of their pregnancy journey.

What I’m looking forward to:

The gender appointment is still set for the December 7th. I’d say I’m really really excited about finding out the gender, but honestly all I really care about is if the baby is healthy. What does excite me about this appointment is that J. Alabama will be able to attend with me. It’s been a crazy ride since we arrived to Fort Bliss, and his Army schedule has not allowed him to attend any of the prior appointments. So this one will be extra special, as he will get to see our little pumpkin for the first time and be there for the gender announcement.

17 collage


Things have been super busy around here. I don’t feel like I’ve stopped going-going-going since the day we closed on our house. But being busy is a good thing in my book, as a busy schedule = me feeling happy. 🙂

So overall, I’m tired, but happy and feeling pretty darn good.


Happy Thanksgiving weekend! I’m thankful for all of you.


12 thoughts on “Bump-date: Week 17

  1. I knew it!! LOL – Glad you are finally getting your Green Smoothies. Last week on vacation we were seriously lacking the veggie intake I’m used to and I wanted to bring in some spinach to starbucks like you said a few weeks ago! Instead as soon as we got home I went grocery shopping AND got a new blender since ours bit the dust a few months ago. I’ve had a green smoothie every day this week. Seriously, the amount of spinach i’ve consumed is outrageous. and by outrageous I mean awesome. So excited for you to find out the gender, it makes it even more “real” after that. I used a massive body pillow when I was preggo, but nothing as awesome as that thing! Happy Thanksgiving beautiful Mama!!

  2. I can’t believe you are almost to the halfway point in your pregnancy! Time is flying. You look beautiful and have the most precious bump! Love the maternity top. Also, there’s something around now a days that you can wear around your belly to extend the length of your shirts. Not sure what it is called.. maybe a belly band!? If you want to still wear some of your regular tops you may look into that. Possibly purchase on Etsy or Zulilly (when they have them). 🙂 Love the updates!

  3. You look so pretty in your pictures!! Glad to hear that things are good and I’m sending positive thoughts your way and hoping for a girl!! Love ya.

  4. Wow!! that snoogle looks like it means business!!!! glad to hear it’s helping you sleep! i’ve been having troubles with sleep this past week, so i think i’m going to try a body pillow first. if that doesn’t work, then it might be the snoogle for me too!

    you look fab btw! LOVE the top!

  5. You look beautiful!! I need to drink more Green Monsters – such a great way to get in so many veggies, and I found coconut milk which is amazeballs in Green monsters.

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  6. You look absolutely wonderful, and glad to hear that your baby is doing well.

    I’ve never seen a pillow like that before… I’m not sure I’d even know how to use it!

    I need to find a good green monster recipe online. Yours looks so yummy!

  7. I have heard so many people love that snoogle thing! Seems to work really well! You are looking so good and can’t wait to see if you are having a girl or a boy! You should have us guess! lol

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