Family Outing

I’m still in disbelief how nice it is here in El Paso in December! It was in the mid 70’s yesterday and there was just no way we could not enjoy the nice weather.

So a little exploration of our new neighborhood was definitely in order…and guess who begged to come along? SEABREEZE!!


I can’t remember the last time she came out on a ride, I’m thinking it was over a year ago back in Idaho.

SeaBreeze was happy, I was happy, and J. Alabama was very happy!


He ran for four miles through undeveloped neighborhoods, while I leisurely followed behind him on my cruiser. I was promoted to “water girl” and was tasked with the job to carry water in my basket during our outing.

It was so so so nice to get outside and feel the fresh air and be able to get some exercise with the hubs. We were able to chitchat side by side along this deserted road.


Almost immediately after I started peddling I could feel a huge flutter of baby in my belly! I have been feeling a little bit of bubbles over the last week, but this was huge. I’m thinking the lil one was a fan of ride!

It was the perfect little 4 mile ride alongside J. Alabama, and marked our first ride as a family! It got me really really excited for the days in which our little one will have a bicycle of their own and we can really do a family bike ride.

on the go

I’m pretty sure this warm winter weather is typical for El Paso, but it seems that most places are also staying unusually warm for this time of year. I’m just crossing my fingers for a snowfall when I get back to Idaho for Christmas, as the humid Georgia winter last year was brutal for me. I’ll take snow over heat in December any day.

Though I’m definitely soaking up the nice weather here now, because at this rate we will be back in the scorching heat here soon. It gets hot here in Texas!

Happy Monday friends!


8 thoughts on “Family Outing

  1. I love that you biked while he ran 🙂 Great teamwork. The weather here in Colorado has been chilly in the mornings but pretty warm come the afternoons. I’ve been told that it is NOT typical weather. I really want a white Christmas but don’t think that’ll happen 😦

  2. I love it when someone bikes with me when I run… especially when they hold my water!

    How exciting to feel your little one moving around. Ahh! You find out the sex this Friday, right?

    I am hoping for snow for Christmas too 🙂

  3. Thanks for this post! It’s nice to see you, Seabreeze and J. Alabama out having fun together. You look super cute as always with your bump on a bike! Can’t wait to see… I’m counting down the days.

  4. What a fun way to be active together! I have been searching for a bike… but more of a road bike. I’m wanting to inch my way into triathlons… darn you half ironman for tempting me to test my endurance to the max! Love that you felt baby flutters!!!

  5. What a beautiful day! I’ve been hearing from my family back in DFW that the weather is really warm. I wondered if EP was the same. Looks like it! Glad y’all made the most of it by getting out there and being active!*

  6. What a neat outing! Your baby is going to be an athlete!

    It has been a warm winter so far here in Minnesota, but I expect snow by the end of the week. Temps will also dip down a bit, too.

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