What do you think, Girl or Boy?

As you all know, today is the BIG day where we will find out the gender of our little one.gender-reveal

I thought it would be fun for you all to weigh in on what you think we are having. If you want to play along scroll down to the bottom of this post and click the highlighted link. You will be re-directed to a website where you can cast your vote.

I checked into some old wives tales as well as some online gender tests and here is what the predictions say:

Chinese Gender Chart: Girl

This website will use your birth date along with your conception date to reveal your baby’s sex according to the Chinese gender chart.

Mayan Tale: Girl

The Mayan tale adds the mothers age at conception and the year of conception.  If the result is a even number then mom is having a girl, if it’s odd then mom is having a boy.

Cravings: Girl

People believe that if you are craving salty foods while pregnant, you can count on having a boy.  If you crave sweets, fruit, and orange juice, you are having a little girl.

Dream of sex of baby: Girl

If you have dreams that you are having a boy, you will have a girl.  If you dream about having a girl, it will be a boy.  Dreams show the opposite of what you are having. 

Morning sickness: Boy

If you had a smooth pregnancy with no morning sickness, it’s a boy. If you were sick or felt really nauseous during your pregnancy, count on a girl.

Mom’s intuition: Boy

I woke up one day, a few weeks before I even knew I was pregnant with the thought that I was going to have a boy.

Baby’s heartbeat: Girl

They say if your little one’s heart rate is under 140 beats per minute, you’re having a little boy. If it’s over, get ready for your little girl!

Husband weight gain: Boy

The tale says that if your husband has packed on a few extra pounds during your pregnancy that you are in for a little girl.

Carrying High or Low? Girl

According to my own mom, I’m carrying high. Which it’s said that if you are carrying the baby high that you can expect a girl, if carrying low then expect a boy.

Round or Pointy: Boy

This one makes me LOL. According to the man who sold us our new car, I’m carrying a boy based on the roundness of my belly. He says a pointy baby belly equals girl, and a more round belly equals boy. 



What do you think, is baby Alabama a Girl or Boy?

Click the link above to be redirected to a poll where you can vote PINK or BLUE!

16 thoughts on “What do you think, Girl or Boy?

  1. So fun! I love all the different ways of predicting. (Mental note, if/when pregnant, do this!) Based on what you wrote, 6 times were girl and 4 times were boy. BUT your mother’s intuition said boy, so I voted boy! Hope y’all have a great doctor’s appointment, and I can’t wait to hear the verdict!*

  2. I think most signs point girl. I had no morning sickness at all and had a girl so one of the few boy results you had could be wrong…so I’ll go with girl. Good luck today.

  3. I carried your boy cousin high and in… and your girl cuzin low and wayyyy out. But… I already bought cute little pink sandals for summer.. so I’m going for girl : )

  4. I’m kind of catching up on my blog reader backwards so I already know what you’re having. 😉 But this post is great!! I’ll have to remember these.

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