Oh Boy!

Well I guess there is no denying a Mother’s intuition huh? I knew it was a boy even before I knew I was pregnant. So crazy!


There are not many words to describe how we felt when we saw our little guy up on the Ultrasound screen last Friday night. It brought tears to my eyes to know that this little thing is ours, and it makes me super excited for the day I get to meet him!

It was also special that I was able to share this moment with J. Alabama as it was his first time hearing the heartbeat, as well as seeing the lil one. I was all misty eyed, while he was very intently watching the Ultrasound tech take measurements and such.


It was funny to watch the lil guy on the screen, as he was not liking all the poking and prodding. You can see a little white circle next to his face, that is his little fist raised in anger. He wiggled and moved around the whole time the tech was taking photos. It was cracking me up to watch.

When it was time for the tech to announce the big gender reveal, he clearly said there’s no denying it…it’s a boy!


This is a pelvic view of the photo, probably taken from underneath. The two big white ovals are his legs, and the arrow points to his manhood. Ahem, yup, that’s a boy!

I literally laughed out loud when he announced that we were having a boy. Because I already knew it was boy, so I wasn’t really surprised at all. I think I would have been more surprised if he said it was a girl.

We could not be happier about this little life that is now a part of of our life. Now I just want April to get here so I can hold this little sweetness in my arms. We still have a ways to go, as today marks the official 20 week halfway point.


9 thoughts on “Oh Boy!

  1. Ultrasound pictures always just look like blobs to me, but I know it’s different when it’s your blob. And, as far as I can tell, your blob is really cute! Halfway through pregnancy already. Seems like that little bambino will be here in no time!*

  2. Awww! Love this post! And I love the pic with the arrow, ha ha ha. And that you actually explained what things are in these images – I sometimes cannot tell!

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