Gettin’ into the Spirit

I think I’ve transitioned into this chilling 30 degree Idaho weather from the warm 70 degree flip-flop and tank top Texas weather quite nicely.


Nothing will put you in the Christmas mood like bundling up in a million layers and sipping on nice hot cocoa while snow flakes fall.

I was super excited when I was able to talk my Dad and brother into accompanying me to the Boise Christmas Market this past Saturday. The Saturday market is always filled with lots of unique gifts and fun homemade treats.


And you can bet this preggers was all about those freshly made donuts! Yum! There were also many other fun food samples given out by vendors like spiced nuts, fresh cheeses, and honey!

It was fun to walk around the different booths trying new things, having some laughs with the fam, as well as soaking in the fresh & crisp Boise air.

After a fun-filled day outside it was time to take the party inside…where ugly sweaters, Christmas-y decor and a whole lot of laughter filled the air.


It was time for our annual Ugly Christmas Sweater party! As usual, it was filled with silly outfits, lots of catching up with friends and other crazy shenanigans!

The only difference this year from other years is that a good amount of the guests are expecting!


Crazy to think we are all due within two months of each other…next year I have a feeling that the Ugly Christmas Party will have a completely different feel with a bunch of rug rats running around.

My favorite sweater of the evening….I love the Christmas Story!


And here is a photo of what I managed to piece together at the last minute thanks to a little thrifting!


I know it’s not a sweater, but the shirt made laugh so hard since everyone always makes fun of me for being short since I’m only 5 ft 1.

Anyways…a weekend of laughs and catching up with family and friends in my hometown was much needed and felt so comforting, especially after the emotional events of last week.


These Ugly Christmas Sweater parties seem to be coming more and more popular each year! Have you ever participated in one? 


9 thoughts on “Gettin’ into the Spirit

  1. What fun! I have heard those ugly sweater parties are becoming so popular that it is HARD to find ugly sweaters! I love your outfit and your striped top in the first pic.

    How cool that so many of your friends are pregnant!

  2. Looks like you had a great time! Love the sweaters. It’s awesome that you have company in the pregnancy department as well! Should make for some great playdates.

  3. Those donut-looking things are making my mouth water! It’s been so long since I had donuts. Yum! And you look adorbs all bundled up in your winter clothes with your bump!

    I’ve never gone to an ugly sweater party, but I have an affinity for ugly things. I don’t know why, but if something is ugly, I love it all the more.*

  4. There are no ugly sweater parties in Holland, unfortunately because it looks like a lot of fun.
    Happy for you that you are able to go home for a couple of days.

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