Snowshoeing for Two


I think I’m still on a high from all the fresh air and beautiful snowy mountain landscapes I indulged when I went on an impromptu getaway into the Idaho mountains yesterday.

I’m so happy that my Aunt, Uncle & Cousin invited me to join them on a little overnight adventure to their cabin. I haven’t seen this much snow in about two years, so you can bet that I was over the moon.

pretty mountains

This is what I awoke to yesterday morning…yeah I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. There is just something so magical about being in the peaceful nature.

Once the sun came out we jumped into our snow gear ready to hit the fresh snow. I haven’t been snowshoeing in almost two years either and the challenge definitely excited me.


I was really curious how my preggo body would handle the hike through the cold, but also happy that I could one day tell our little guy about our first snowshoe adventure together.

snowshoeing collage 2

Due to my short legs, my preggo waddle, and my decrease in cardio over the months I just took it slow but steady. I really just told myself I was taking in the beauty around me and took lots of photo breaks.


We trudged around through a snowy field, looking back every so often to take in the sight of our own tracks. It was an amazing feeling to lay the first tacks in a blanket of snowy white.


My family was happy, I know baby and I were happy and even the pups were enjoying their snowy adventure!


After about 45 minutes of hiking around I had to take off my coat and gloves because I was so hot and sweaty!

Snowshoeing = awesome workout

I would totally recommend a snowshoeing adventure to anyone who is pregnant and feels comfortable moving around in the snow. The great thing was, we weren’t too far away from the cabin, so if at any point I needed to stop we could. We had water with us, and we just took it slow.


The other great thing about snowshoeing is that it’s a pretty leisurely activity. It can be harder or easier depending on your terrain. We kept our jaunt to under an hour, which seemed to be the perfect amount of time.

I love being able to incorporate fitness into my life in all different ways, especially now that I’m a little more limited in what I can do. It’s always best to listen to your body…and my body was saying “WOOOO HOOO!”


Snowshoeing for two was just like snowshoeing for one…a completely beautiful and amazing adventure. I am so happy that my family invited me on this little getaway. It was exactly what this girl needed…family time, fresh air, a little cardio workout and the most gorgeous scenery ever. #happy #lifeisgood


A little Flashback Friday action…

6 thoughts on “Snowshoeing for Two

  1. So pretty! I totally agree with what you said about the peaceful feeling that comes with being out in nature. I find myself saying that a lot lately. I guess living in the ‘burbs didn’t get me much time in nature even though I was out running a lot. But I’m getting plenty of it now that we are in Germany and living in the middle of nowhere! Ha!

    Snowshoeing looks like a blast! I’ve never done anything like that before!*

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE snowshoeing and am really hoping for some snow this year so I can use my shoes (I didn’t even get to last year!!!). So happy you got to go out with your fam and were able to have a fun excursion!!! Their cabin sounds like the perfect place to stay. 🙂

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