Bump-date: Week 23

Happy New Year everyone!

Sorry for the delay in my 23 week bump-date…this past week wore me out! Between after Christmas hoopla and New Year’s shenanigans I think my body [mentally & physically] is still in recovery mode.

NYE 23 Weeks 1

I will say that I was more than ecstatic to start a new calendar this year, because that just means I am that much closer to meeting the lil guy!


I’m super proud of myself for staying up on my pregnancy fitness over the holidays. Especially with the busy week I had I still fit in 4 workouts. Usually the two weeks surrounding Christmas & New Years are the hardest to find time to workout, and I think those two weeks were my best pregnancy workout weeks yet. No wonder I feel exhausted!


  1. Yoga Class (60 mins)
  2. Snowshoeing for Two (45 mins)
  3. Prenatal Yoga DVD (60 mins)
  4. BodyPump Class (60 mins)

I’m still taking each workout at my own pace and will modify things that need to be modified.

Baby Stuff:

This week was HUGE for baby stuff. I finally ordered the baby’s crib (it should be delivered in a few weeks). YAY!

And…I bribed my mom with starbucks to accompany me to Babies R’ Us for a 3 hour gift registry-a-thon. I had actually never been to a Babies R’ Us before and will honestly say that it was very overwhelming. I just wanted to get a head start on checking off to-do’s before baby comes, as I am now finding the time is going by quicker and quicker!


The holidays are just a little tougher this year but I am blessed to be surrounded by my family and friends. It was awesome to be able to ring in the new year in Boise, Idaho with a bunch of awesome peeps.

23 week belly

I even got into the spirit by finding a cute blingy maternity top to celebrate! It was a little weird to be out at the bar with my friends, with the belly, but I got over it quickly. Preggo’s need some fun in their lives too – and boy was that Shirley Temple delicious! My favorite point in the night was when the waitress asked if I wanted it virgin…um…first of all hello baby bump, but secondly isn’t that what a Shirley Temple is…a syrupy fun non-alcoholic drink? LOL.

Pregnancy Symptoms:

Just plain exhaustion! I’m sure it’s my own fault because I’m constantly on-the-go meeting up with old friends, running errands, and doing things to prepare for baby… but still…this is the first time in this whole pregnancy that a midday nap never sounded so good.


Our lil guy hasn’t stopped kicking and moving since Christmas. It’s really fun to feel his movements and I’m almost guaranteed that we’ll have a little night owl on our hands. He’s more active at night for sure.

23 week NYE collage

Besides being tired and still a little nagging round ligament pain I’m feeling good. I caught a glimpse of my HUGE belly in the mirror at body pump today and couldn’t believe how big it’s getting. I think I’m in denial about how big I’m going to get. I still have so long to go, but so far that belly isn’t causing too many problems. I’m noticing that some of my maternity clothes are fitting tighter though, so I may need to invest a few more bigger tops.

There is no doubt that 2013 is going to be a HUGE year for me. I’m excited to see how it all unfolds.  I also hope y’all had a wonderful holiday and are ready for whatever 2013 has to offer. I think it’s going be a great year indeed!


12 thoughts on “Bump-date: Week 23

  1. Love the top! So cute! I am so excited – seems like so many people are pregnant! I just found out a coworkers wife is having a baby in May!

  2. You’re always so put together! I love your New Year’s ensemble and your nail polish! Is it blue? It’s great that you’ve gotten to spend so much time with your family during the holidays. That was probably just what you needed this year. Hopefully you’ll be with them a little bit longer before high tailing it back to EP.*

  3. Looking fab as always!! That top is great!!!
    Awesome on the workouts too! Ooo and you ordered your crib?? so exciting!!! I can’t wait to actually start buying stuff!

  4. You look super cute! Glad that you’ve had a great time visiting family and friends! I can’t believe that bartender didn’t know what a Shirley Temple was!

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