Bump-date: Week 27/ 2nd Trimester

Twenty-seven weeks marks the end of the second trimester…I’m kind of in shock that I’m 2/3rds of the way done with this whole pregnancy thing!

27 collage

This bump-date will reflect over the entire second trimester.

In so many ways this trimester has been great, and in others it’s been very very hard.  I hear the third trimester can either go by real fast or real s-l-o-w…I’m thinking for me it’s going to FLY! Here’s hoping!

Symptoms: More than anything else, the second trimester brought on a whole lot of round ligament pain. Over the last weeks it’s been on & off manageable, but at the beginning of the second trimester it was unbearable. I’ve also noticed a lot more heartburn recently, which I hope doesn’t stick around.

Sleep: Compared to the first trimester I’ve been able to sleep a little bit better. I still wake up several times during the night (usually to flip over to my other side or to pee). The midnight cravings only lasted a few weeks, thank goodness!

Gender:  Oh Boy! The day that J. Alabama & I sat in the ultrasound and heard we were having a son was probably one of the greatest moments of this whole pregnancy. It brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart to be able to share such a moment with my husband. Due to his military obligations this was and will be the only dr appointment he is able to attend, making it all the more special for us.


27 belly love

It’s been a little different this trimester compared to the first. I’ve had a lot on my plate with buying the house, moving, dealing with deployment, and figuring things out for my life over the next months. I’m pretty proud of myself for how strong I’ve been and I honestly think this baby has been helping me keep it together, as well as providing a lovely distraction to all the other crazy that is happening in my life.

Cravings: My cravings over the second trimester have mainly been pizza, chocolate and peanut butter anything!

What I’m missing: I’ve missed silly things like eating cold turkey sandwiches, drinking wine, running, laying on my back, and generally just the feeling of being comfortable. I’ve been in major nesting mode and wanting to move furniture and things, and really have had to take it easier and ask for help which has been hard.

The Bumps:

14,15,16  17,18,19 20,21,22 23,24,25 26,27

It’s been fun watching it grow, as well as terrifying at times. LOL!


This is one department that I’ve been doing pretty awesome at. I hardly worked out the first trimester because I was just feeling tired and off. I did get a surge of energy at the beginning of the second trimester and have been trying to ride that wave through. I think it worked, because I’ve managed to stay pretty steady with my workouts over the last 13 weeks.

27 weeks workout report:

  1. Yoga Class (1 hour)
  2. Water Aerobics (1 hour)
  3. 30 mins walking on the treadmill (1.50 miles)

Baby Stuff:

I’ve been hard at work on the baby’s room, and seriously can’t wait to show it off! I only have a few small projects that need some finishing touches. Also, I’m going to wait just a little longer to purchase any of the big stuff (car seat, strollers, etc).

What I’m looking forward to:

I signed up for a crap ton of parenting and baby care classes that I will be taking over the course of the third trimester! I feel like I have so much to learn, and am ready to soak up as much information as I can.


I have to say that I’ve felt pretty darn good over the second trimester. I had a lot more energy and felt more upbeat than during the first trimester. Though, I can tell that I’m starting to slow down especially in these last few weeks.


I’m feeling uncomfortable in my body, whether I’m standing for too long, or sitting for too long. It’s like everything is starting to hurt, which has only been a new thing as of late.

The second trimester in general though was a positive one pregnancy wise. I felt the baby’s first movements & kicks, and continue to get more and more excited for his arrival.

Bring on the third trimester, I’m ready!


18 thoughts on “Bump-date: Week 27/ 2nd Trimester

  1. Saying that you are 2/3rds of the way through your pregnancy makes the birth seem so near! I bet your little boy will be here before you know it! One of my neighbors just had her baby boy in December. She had terrible heartburn while pregnant and told me that there is an old wives tale that says heartburn means that your baby will be born with a lot of hair. Of course, it’s just an old wives tale, but her baby head a full head of hair! Maybe your baby will, too!

    You should be proud of yourself! You are facing down a lot and handling it like a champ!*

  2. Hey, those cravings (pizza, chocolate and peanut butter) sound really good to me! Those are some of my favorite foods. 🙂 You look fantastic, and I hope that the third tri goes so well (and quickly) for you and Baby Alabama!

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