Bump-date: Week 28

Third trimester and the 7th month, woo hoo!

28 weeks 1

It feels like almost as quickly as we hit this new trimester I’ve instantly started feeling every ache, pain, and cramp that comes along with it. I’m not complaining [okay maybe a little bit], but things are seriously getting to the point of discomfort in the belly area. Discomfort as in it hurts to sit, stand, lay on my side for too long etc. Oy, if it’s bad now I’m in for a ride!


2013-Feb 3

I’m guessing my belly growth and the lack of consistent workouts over the last few weeks have contributed to some of my discomfort. I’m hoping to get my workout mojo back soon.

  1. 1 hour walk/hike (Scenic View Park El Paso)

Baby Development:

I’m heading to my 28 week appointment this morning, so I should have more information by next week on how baby boy is measuring up. I’m guessing still big. LOL!

Best Moment This Week:

Well besides all the gymnastics that are constantly going on in my belly, I was able to get my maternity photos done yesterday!

Sneak peek!

Fort Bliss Belly Love

I met an Army wife here on Fort Bliss who is just getting her photography business started up and did my photos for free to be able to use them in her portfolio. She is still editing them, but here is one of my favs so far. So fun!

Baby Buys:

Of course it’s camo!


It’s been really hard not to buy loads and loads of cute little baby ware, but I’m resisting big time. My sister in law has sent me boxes of newborn clothes that her twin boys have already grown out of, so for the most part I’m not buying boy clothes. Though this little camo outfit was only $5 and it was 6 months size, so I figured it would give us something to look forward too.

What I’m looking forward to:

I’m signed up for my first prenatal massage this week! I have no idea how this works, but I’m excited. I’ll be sure to report back.

And….I’m going to have a special visitor this weekend…seriously cannot wait! Also I will have a lot more life news as well as the final nursery photos to share next week. So stay tuned!


As I mentioned in the opening of this post I’m starting to really feel the symptoms of pregnancy. Even just getting out of bed has been tough, but I’m rolling with the punches –as me and the lil guy still have many a weeks ahead of us.

28 week collage 1

I seriously still have not slowed down in the last week, and am sure that is probably part of why I feel so tired. But it seems with a baby on the way you can’t over prepare, so that’s just what I’m doing…anything and everything I can before he gets here.

Overall though, I’m doing great. I really am happy we are in our third trimester and look forward to another great week!


13 thoughts on “Bump-date: Week 28

  1. I was the same way in the 3rd tri—I almost immediately just felt different. Not sure if I knew you were in El Paso…sweet! I grew up in Albuquerque, but went to college in Las Cruces. I miss the desert (and the food!!!) so much.

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