Bump-date: Week 29

Well tomorrow is Valentine’s day after all, and I have nothing but love for this little guy in my belly!

29 weeks heart

He’s getting bigger and bigger everyday and so am I! This week has been a little better in the discomfort department, but I’m sure I will have lots to report next week after four days of riding in a car.


I was in desperate need of yoga in my life, and was able to squeeze in two yoga sessions before I left El Paso on the great move back to Idaho.

Baby Development:

I hit up my last baby appointment at the Fort Bliss hospital on Wednesday.  Baby Boy’s heartbeat is good, and no surprise he’s still measuring BIG!

Best Moments This Week:

I mentioned last week that I was looking forward to a special visitor.

mom fort bliss

I’ve had an absolute blast all weekend showing my mom around Fort Bliss and the El Paso area. She flew down to help drive with me back to Idaho for the remainder of the deployment.

We explored the El Paso Saturday Artist’s Market, hit up a play at the El Paso Play House, ate lunch at the Hoppy Monk, checked out Fort Bliss and the Old Fort Bliss Replica and even had time to do some art projects for the baby’s nursery.

I also mentioned last week that I was going to my first prenatal massage! Oh my gosh, best thing ever! It wasn’t the kind where they have the belly hole in the table, but it was 1.5 hours of relaxation and pure awesomeness. I recommend prenatal massage to any of my pregnant friends out there. It was so fabulous!

What I’m looking forward to:

As I mentioned I am moving back to Idaho, and as we speak am on the road. I’m looking forward to getting back settled in Idaho. There is still lots to do since I’ve kind of been in transition between there and here. So once I get back to Idaho, I can start in my the Idaho nesting mode!


It’s been a bit of a crazy week packing up and getting things squared away for the move. I have been hard at work getting our nursery as done as it can be, so when I do come back it will be ready for the baby and I.

Tomorrow will be the photo reveal of what I’ve done!

29 weeks collage

I’m still feeling relatively well, just having more back pain and soreness that all comes with pregnancy. I’m excited to get back to Boise though and get on a more consistent workout schedule (water aerobics and yoga) as I know those two exercises have done wonders for me thus far.

I hope you all enjoy the Texas Nursery reveal tomorrow as well as post that will follow on some of the DIY projects I have been working on. It’s been a lot of fun, and definitely kept me busy over the last few weeks.


7 thoughts on “Bump-date: Week 29

  1. I clicked on the link to the restaurant. Wowie – it sounds so good! I already made a mental note to eat there after I PCS.

    I hope you and your mom have a safe drive to Idaho! Baby’s first road trip!

  2. Have a safe trip back home! I had seen a few photos of your mom’s visit on your Facebook page and it looks like you two had a blast in El Paso! You continue to look fabulous!!!

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