Bump-date: Week 30

10 weeks or less…what?!!!

30 weeks

I know, I know…every week it seems I’m in shock of how time flies, but seriously friends I am under the 3 month mark. I mean last I heard baby boy was measuring 2 weeks ahead, so he could be here in 2 months for all I know!

Exercise this week:

Ahh! The weather gods were smiling down on me when I got back to Boise this past weekend. We had temps reaching almost 60 degrees which was perfect for a hike that my bro and I ventured out on.

It was so nice to get lost in the foothills for almost two hours taking in the fresh Boise air and warm sunshine after being in the car for four long days driving from Texas to Idaho!

boise foothills collage

  • 1 hr 45 min hike through the Boise foothills [GLORIOUS!]
  • 1 hour yoga session

Weight Gain:

Well it’s obvious that some changes are going on. I almost don’t even recognize myself.

15 vs 30 weeks

I hit the 30 lb mark last time I checked, which seems a bit high knowing I have a few months left. I think it’s going straight to my belly and face…eeek! But it’s fun to see the difference between the 15 week bump and the 30 week bump and good to know that the lil one is growing (he weighs almost 3 pounds himself).

Best Moment This Week:

beautiful flowers from J

Non-pregnancy related but still awesome! Awww….. J. Alabama had these delivered on Saturday in honor of Valentine’s day. He knew I would be on the road during the week, so they were waiting for me when I got home from my hike.  ❤

What I’m looking forward to:

Next week I’m starting a 4 week yoga/meditation course that my mom is teaching! It’s going to be heavy on the prenatal yoga and relaxation which sounds just perfect right now.

How I’m feeling:

I was so worried about all the hours driving in the car last week, but our 4 day road trip treated me pretty well. We took lots of breaks, and split the 24 hour drive into 4 days which also helped.

And the best tips of all for any pregnant ladies that are going to be in a car for a long period of time are these…

  1. wear compression socks
  2. bring a small pillow for your back
  3. wear a belly band along with your maternity ware as it provides extra support for the belly

These three things saved my life! I was not swollen, I didn’t suffer from ligament pain like I thought I would, and that pillow saved my back!

And I thought I would be exhausted from all the traveling, but honestly it didn’t wear me out too much. It helped that I had an awesome travel companion [my mom]!


I’ve been transitioning back to Idaho pretty well! As I mentioned the nice warm weather was huge surprise considering when I left in Jan it was snowy, grey and freeezing.

Now it’s time to really get into nesting mode over here. I’ve got a lot of stuff to organize and buy in preparation for our little guy.

30 weeks collage

My energy levels are great and besides some sporadic back pain after sitting for too long I feel pretty good.

It feels good to be back here in the land of potatoes and to begin getting settled again. As I mentioned before I will have the baby in Boise and stay here for the remainder of the deployment. We are already a good bit of the way through, so I know that this trip home is going to feel like it flew right on by.


11 thoughts on “Bump-date: Week 30

  1. Looking great girly! Thanks for the travel tips- I passed those onto my running buddy who is 15 weeks pregnant. She will be traveling to NH and Viriginia by car in the next few months so hopefully she can use those tips and have good travels like you!

  2. You’re looking fantastic and happy to be home! 🙂 glad to hear you made it there.
    You’re almost onto the single digit weekly countdown! :O boy time flies

  3. Ahh! 10 weeks! I feel like time is flying, and it’s not even me! LOL! 🙂

    You look so cute! And happy you made it home okay and it’s been nice there 🙂

  4. Time is sure flying, and Baby Alabama will be here before you know it. Glad that the trip back to Idaho went so well and that you’ve been feeling so great and energized. You look fabulous! 🙂

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