Bump-date: 32 Weeks

Happy 32 weeks or 8 months!

Had my Aunt not brought up the fact that I was now officially in my 8th month, I probably would have sailed right on through a few more weeks until it hit me.

32 weeks

Being in my 8th month is kind of an awesome feeling, as we are getting closer to the homestretch. Our little one still has a little more growing to do, and I’m just patiently awaiting for him when he decides that that he is ready.

Exercise this week:

I know we are getting closer to the end because as I mentioned last week I don’t seem to get as excited about workouts these days. I do them now because I feel like it will be helpful during delivery and post baby more than anything, but it’s still a major struggle every time to even think about dragging myself to the gym.

  • 1 hour water aerobics class
  • 1 hour yoga class
  • 30 min yoga session


I haven’t touched on this much lately, but I had a major urge for Greek food! We cooked up some falafel from scratch and a batch of homemade hummus and it was honestly amazzzzing!

Oh and there were a couple days that I had to have a peanut butter, jelly and potato chip sandwich for lunch. It HAD to happen!!


I think it’s fun to look back and see how much we’ve grown.

17 vs 32

It’s funny how at 17 weeks I thought I was “soooo pregnant”. And now that I see my current state it just makes me laugh.

What I’m looking forward to:

I have my 32 week check-up this week which I’m looking forward to. It’s always nice to get an update on what lil man is up to.

I will also be doing a tour of the hospital and labor and delivery area next Tuesday! It will be a nice peace of mind to see where all the magic is going to happen.

How I’m feeling:

I did a lot of complaining last week about cramps, pains, and just plain being uncomfortable. Obviously that stuff is probably here to stay until the end and I’m starting to come to terms with it.

Though it’s not say I don’t look forward to the day in which I can roll over onto my belly or walk without pain or waddling.


A really good friend of mine had her baby last week and had a great birthing experience. It gets me more excited about my birth experience to come now that I’ve talked to her. I have no idea if we’ll even have anywhere near the same experience (hers was quick and drug-free) but I’m looking forward to it more now after hearing about hers.

What I’m missing:

I miss sushi…like a lot. I’ve already warned my parents that sushi takeout shall be happening shortly after I take my baby home from the hospital.


I felt really good this past week. My emotions seemed to be in check, and I honestly didn’t feel quite as tired as I had in weeks past. I think my body gives me a break every other week which I am thankful for.

32 week collage

Our little guy is still as active as ever. I’ve been playing little tricks with him like balancing a cold bowl ice cream on my belly and then I wait for him to kick me because he’s probably freezing. LOL. Okay, so I only did it once but it was quite funny. I also think it’s funny that I can now successfully balance a bowl of ice cream or even a cup of coffee on my belly while sitting down.

Everything seems to be just peachy in pregnancy land, and I’m hoping it stays that way for the next 8 weeks!


10 thoughts on “Bump-date: 32 Weeks

  1. What a difference from 17 weeks to 32! Sometimes I don’t realize how much changes over the weeks! You look great girl! The homestretch is here – only a few more weeks!

  2. Oh my gosh! Wow! The comparison pics! You are so close.

    LOL. Now I want your homemade falafel recipe. And a PB sammie with chips on it. Why didn’t I think of that?! Brilliant!

  3. Looking great! Isn’t it crazy cool how much our bodies change in such a short amount of time. I’m still jealous of your workouts and I really hope they’ll help the further along you get. We don’t have a pool out here, but man I’d love to get in one this late in the game.

  4. The hospital tour is fun! The only thing kinda weird about mine is that nobody was actually in labor while the tour was going on, haha. I hope when I go into labor I’m there, that would be nice.

    I think I’m gonna have my family actually bring me sushi at the hospital 🙂 They have a great sushi place very close.

  5. It’s amazing to see how much your baby belly grew between weeks 17 and 32! You continue to look so fabulous and glowing!

    I have to admit, I was imagining what it would be like to be 8 months pregnant and balancing a bowl or cup on my belly, ha ha!

    I bet that post-pregnancy sushi is going to taste so fabulous! 🙂

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