Bump-date: Week 36

Bump, bump, bump, bump, bump…ahhhh!! It’s taking over!

36 weeks

Yeah so I opted to put on the heels for this photo shoot, since it’s about the only time I can wear them now.

And just for the record…it’s getting harder and harder for me to get all glammed up for these weekly bump date photos. I usually just try to make sure there is another activity later in the day forcing me out my yoga pants so I have a reason to put on real clothes and make-up. LOL.

Exercise this week:

Funny how last week I could barely move (let alone workout) due to all the ligament pain, and this week I was kicking ass and taking names when it came to my workouts. Since I was feeling so much better this week I obviously took advantage of the opportunity to squeeze in some extra workouts.

  1. 2 hours prenatal yoga (2 classes back to back)
  2. 1 hour walk on green belt
  3. 30 minutes yoga
  4. 1 hour prenatal yoga

Baby Stuff:

It’s been Pack n’ Play central up in here!


We have been super busy putting together 2 play yards & a swing this past week. It’s kind of exciting to see it all ready to go.

I mentioned that since I’m temporarily living with my parent’s that I didn’t want to buy a crib for the short time I’m here, so we ended up with two play yards. One for downstairs during the daytime, and one for upstairs (in my room) for the nighttime.

We ordered these two [Ingenuity Deluxe Washable Play yard & Graco Hamilton Pack ‘N Play] and couldn’t be happier with the quality so far.



OMG–I saw the Straw-ber-rita at the store yesterday and started to do a little happy dance. I am absolutely in love with the original Lime-a-rita, so I can only imagine that the strawberry is just as refreshing. Yeah, so needless to say I’m craving Mexican food and margaritas now.

How I’m feeling:

I’m feeling TONS better than last week! Though, this week has brought on a new pregnancy symptom of itchy belly. I thought I was going crazy because my skin was itching so bad even though I was using lotions and my belly cream. Well I looked it up and it’s a true symptom for the 37th week. It totally makes sense since my skin is being stretched to the max right now.


I’m surprisingly a lot more relaxed about what’s to come than I would have imagined I would be. Especially considering my to do list still seems to be a mile long. I just try to accomplish one or two baby related things a day and hope that I get it all done by the time he comes.

36 weeks collage

I’m noticing myself being a lot more tired too, but have been able to just take it easy during the day even trying to sneak some naps here and there. Gotta get them in now, right?

10 thoughts on “Bump-date: Week 36

  1. The first thing I thought was, “She’s wearing heels!” and then I kept reading and had to laugh! I’m impressed that you wear them at all, even if it’s just for a picture. You look great and it sounds like you are in a good place mentally/emotionally.

    You really killed it this week with your workouts! I guess I really have no excuse for my lack of working out then. I’m hoping to discover the gym later today!

  2. Jealous you can still wear cute shoes! I’m down to 2 pairs of flats and 1 pair of flip flops because my feet are so swollen. It’s probably all that exercising you’re doing – great job! I’m hoping to be a little more active next week when I’m not working (if our baby still hasn’t come).

  3. You’re getting so close! I’m impressed you’re getting all dolled up for these—I can’t be certain, but I think around this time is when I said “screw it” and stopped putting effort into the weekly photos. And you’re wearing heels? Awesome!

  4. Almost full term mama!! And the heels!! haha love that you put them on for the photo shoot! I can’t remember last time I wore mine… i’ve just been living in my flat leather boots for work and my fake uggs when I’m not going to work. 😉 And umm.. what is that straw-ber-rita and lime-a-rita!?!??! there always seems to be cooler things in the stores down in the US!

  5. Despite what you might think, you still look fabulous! I’m so amazed at how much energy you have to get in those workouts! You are definitely going to have one active and healthy boy!

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