Bump-date: Week 38

I’ll be honest with y’all…by the way I was feeling on Sunday morning I thought for sure that this week’s bump-date would be a baby-date instead.

38 weeks side 1

Apparently our little guy is not quite ready to come out and meet the world yet. But he will have to make his appearance soon, which has me really excited!

Exercise this week:

Holy smokes, 4 sessions of yoga last week! I’m beyond amazed at the amount of yoga that is in my life these days. I will honestly tell you that the idea of getting down on my hands and knees or even sitting and standing up sounds utterly horrible right now. But afterwards…oh my goodness afterwards, I feel like a whole new person.

I have gotten to the point now that if I go a few days in a row without yoga or stretching I’m in a TON of pain. I can’t say enough about how prenatal yoga is helping me physically and mentally!

  1. 1 hour prenatal yoga
  2. 1 hour prenatal yoga
  3. 1 hour prenatal yoga
  4. 1 hour prenatal yoga

Weight gain:

LOL…This series of photos just makes me laugh.

13, 19, 27, 38

Holy belly, that thing is just out there now! As of today I’ve actually dropped back to 38.5 pounds gained. So if you asking yourself isn’t that less than last week? Why yes, yes it is! Weird right? I seem to have lost half a pound since last week.

How I’m feeling:

As I mentioned in the opening line of the blog post, by the way I was feeling earlier this week I thought for sure this baby would be here by now. The only reason I thought that was because on Sunday I woke up in a great deal of pain down in my lady parts. It felt like a huge amount of pressure, like the baby’s head was just pressing down (I could barely walk, and it was painful to sit and stand). I had felt some braxton hicks contractions during the night as well, but that amount of pressure pain down there was something new and I thought for sure we were in the beginning stages of labor.

Silly me! Here I am three full days later and yes all these little signs and feelings are prepping me for labor but I guess I’m not quite there yet, as I’ve still had no real contractions. The pain was more than my normal ligament pain so it made me think something new was happening. But after two days of doing yoga, taking warm baths, and using a hot pack the pressure pains have diminished a lot.

Baby Update:

I had my 38 week doctor appointment today and baby is measuring right on track! The Doctor said I am now 80-90% effaced and 1.5 cm dilated. So all that pressure I felt was probably the baby moving on down. He is well on his way!


Baby boy and I are one day closer to meeting each other. I really don’t care when he decides to come…although I think I might be getting a little impatient. Ya think?!

38 week collage 1

I’ve got our bags packed ready for the hospital, and I even have J. Alabama on baby watch on the other side of the world. I send him an email daily now of my status so that way if I do start to go into labor he can get things set up for our first skype date! I’m crossing my fingers that our timing works out. It’s a bit harder to coordinate something like this when you are dealing with a 12 hour time difference and well you can’t just call the person and say it’s “Go Time!”. LOL.

Maybe…just maybe I will have a Mini Jay Alabama to show you by next week! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Bump-date: Week 38

  1. I love the series of pictures showing how much you’ve grown! So cool! I’m constantly in awe of the things are bodies are capable of. I know communication with a deployed soldier is tricky enough, add labor in on top of that and it’s really tricky! I’m sending you good vibes that you have a strong Skype connection, no trouble getting in touch, and that J. Alabama gets to watch the whole thing. Nothing but good thoughts coming your way.

  2. 🙂 I’m so excited for how close you are! Those last few weeks I was on pins and needles, trying to second guess every feeling I had, wondering if labor was on its way. Hope you can enjoy these last few days. I won’t tell you to sleep now, since it’s not like you can stockpile sleep (and I HATED hearing that when I was pregnant), but seriously…I wish I would’ve savored those last sleeps. That’s all I’ll say for now 🙂

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