Bump-date: Week 39

We are in the homestretch my friends! There may or may not be another bump-date in the future, which I’m totally okay with. I’m not feeling like I neeeeeed to get this baby out, but more that I just really really want him here!

39 weeks 1

I’m being very patient in this last week to enjoy this pregnancy, and am trying not to rush the lil guy. There isn’t much longer before he’ll be here anyways, so whether it’s tomorrow, next week or even longer than that I’m excited.

Exercise this week:

It was such a busy week last week I found it hard to cram in more yoga sessions. I realize how important doing the stretching and mediating have been so I’m happy that at least I got two hours in.

From here on out I’m just taking things day by day. So if there is still a baby inside me and I have time and energy for yoga practice I’m gonna do it. I’m actually pretty impressed to still be able to do yoga at this point (considering how HUGE my belly is) as well as how hard it’s getting. The standing up and sitting down parts are the most uncomfortable, but I always feel refreshed and energized afterwards.

  1. 1 hour prenatal yoga class
  2. 1 hour prenatal yoga DVD


Omg, this week I all I wanted was CHEEEEEEESE!! I haven’t gotten many cravings, but this one was major.

How I’m feeling:

The pressure of the baby is still weighing down on me, making it hard to walk far or fast, as well as for very long. I am also still struggling with sleep and have so much pain trying to roll over or even just get out of bed.

Besides those few things, I still feel pretty good throughout the day. I’ve been taking it A LOT easier this past week. More chill days around the house, sneaking in naps, and just being home. I have a tendency to go-go-go and realize how important it is for me to save up my energy right now. So I’m taking full advantage.

Baby Update:

I just got back from my 39 week Doctor appointment and we are progressing right along! My cervix is thinning out and the Dr. thinks that my water should break on it’s own within the next week. I’m also 3 cm dilated, which is a great progression from last week.


I’ve had many phone calls and emails from J. Alabama overseas since last week which has been the best part of all this. I don’t feel like he is so far away, and we have been in contact so much that he knows exactly what is going on with me and the little one.

My mom did a tarot card reading on me over the weekend which revealed the number 6 (I assumed six days from the day of the reading), which would put me at having the baby on Friday April 26th. That date also happens to be J. Alabama’s 30th birthday which would be even cooler! And in case you didn’t know, there is a FULL MOON on Thursday night…so anything could happen. I’m feeling like this week is the week!

39 week collage 1

Overall, I’m just really excited and ready for the next part!!

7 thoughts on “Bump-date: Week 39

  1. I love hearing that you are patient and excited. That’s the best way to approach it! I think it’d be so cool if he shares a b-day with your hubby! (My bff had her baby two days after her birthday, and those few days surrounding their birthdays are something really special that they share.)

    I’m sending you good vibes! Hopefully the full moon will do the trick! 😉

  2. Can’t wait to meet Baby Alabama! Enjoy the last week (or a few days!) of being pregnant, if you can. It definitely sounds like you are getting all the rest you need!

  3. YAY YAY YAY!!! So glad you’re able to talk to your husband often these last few days. I pray communication will be excellent for both of you when you’re in labor. So soon!

  4. Still looking terrific. Glad you got to connect with your husband. All the best for the rest of the pregnancy and the arrival of the little guy!

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