Our first nine days…

Today marks one week since I brought little Jay home from the hospital. And I love him even more than I thought was possible…from his tiny (yet strong) little hands all the way down to his adorable feet.


The last 9 nine days of his life has flown by faster than I can even keep track of. So I probably won’t be doing a week by week update on him here on the blog, but I figured I would share a few things from our first week together including a few of my favorites photos.

I’ve already lost count of the number of times I’ve been peed and pooed on. LOL. But with every incident comes a spectacular little smile on his face that seems to absolutely light up my day.


We’ve been giving it our all in the breastfeeding department. We’ve had our good days and bad ones. It seems that once we think we’ve got it figured out, something changes and I feel like giving up. Maybe it’s more the the soreness that is making it hard, as well as me still just learning his hunger cues. (It’s way less painful if I can feed him before he lets me know he’s hungry). But I’ve made it nine days and I feel like each day gets a little easier, so I’m going to keep with it.

The little guy and I made our first solo trip out of the house to his 1 week check-up. As well as went on our first walk around the block yesterday.


I’ve been feeling pretty good since the labor, but haven’t really had the chance to get out the house. It felt amazing to get outside yesterday and walk around. I’m mentally ready to get back to exercising! Until I can do anything more vigorous I see more walks and some post-natal yoga in my future.

Sweet Little Angel


Deep deep in thought…


All smiles…cuz my Daddy rocks!


Seriously with the hair?!

1monkeyboy-8 days old

It’s definitely been a more emotional homecoming than I imagined. I guess I didn’t know quite what to expect, but thank goodness that my parent’s have been here to help. They are a godsend!

I find myself staring down at little Jay and will see a glimpse of something that reminds me of J. Alabama. That part has been hard for both of us –being a part from each other during this life changing time. It’s probably the hardest part emotionally right now, but we are both doing the best we can getting through each day as it’s one day closer until our little family is all together.

I’m embracing the challenges and awesomeness of motherhood. It’s been a crazy yet amazing 9 days so far! I’m just taking each day and enjoying all the little things with Baby Jay. Also I’m still working on writing out his birth story, so hopefully I can share that soon!

16 thoughts on “Our first nine days…

  1. He’s so precious! Did you have a lot of heartburn during your pregnancy. (I heard that heartburn = a full head of hair, which Jay sure has!)

    You are being so strong and so positive about deployment and birthing a baby without your husband. Of course it’s going to be hard, just don’t be hard on yourself when you feel sad or frustrated or overwhelmed or disappointed. Those are all totally valid ways to feel about the situation. I wish that you weren’t so far away so that I could actually do something for you. Just consider this a virtual pat on the back. You’re doing great, Mama!

  2. He’s beautiful!! I love the picture where he is deep in thought. And that hair! I didn’t think my daughter was every going to grow any, in fact she didn’t have her first hair cut until 3 1/2 years!

  3. awww he is absolutely perfect. I love his hair and his little feet and his hands! he is so cute.
    thats awesome that you are able to get outside, even for a little while. i dont know anything about breastfeeding but hopefully you get the hang of it!
    congrats again! hugs xoxox

  4. I cannot even imagine how fast the days are flying by! I hope they somewhat continue to, as you wait for J. Alabama to come home 🙂

    J is so freaking adorable! AHH! That hair! I bet it’s so soft 🙂

  5. He is beautiful Linzi, you can be proud of him. I’m so happy for you that you finally can hold him in your arms. Now all that’s missing is J. Alabama but he will be joining you, hopefully soon, too.

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