Snowshoeing for Two


I think I’m still on a high from all the fresh air and beautiful snowy mountain landscapes I indulged when I went on an impromptu getaway into the Idaho mountains yesterday.

I’m so happy that my Aunt, Uncle & Cousin invited me to join them on a little overnight adventure to their cabin. I haven’t seen this much snow in about two years, so you can bet that I was over the moon.

pretty mountains

This is what I awoke to yesterday morning…yeah I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. There is just something so magical about being in the peaceful nature.

Once the sun came out we jumped into our snow gear ready to hit the fresh snow. I haven’t been snowshoeing in almost two years either and the challenge definitely excited me.


I was really curious how my preggo body would handle the hike through the cold, but also happy that I could one day tell our little guy about our first snowshoe adventure together.

snowshoeing collage 2

Due to my short legs, my preggo waddle, and my decrease in cardio over the months I just took it slow but steady. I really just told myself I was taking in the beauty around me and took lots of photo breaks.


We trudged around through a snowy field, looking back every so often to take in the sight of our own tracks. It was an amazing feeling to lay the first tacks in a blanket of snowy white.


My family was happy, I know baby and I were happy and even the pups were enjoying their snowy adventure!


After about 45 minutes of hiking around I had to take off my coat and gloves because I was so hot and sweaty!

Snowshoeing = awesome workout

I would totally recommend a snowshoeing adventure to anyone who is pregnant and feels comfortable moving around in the snow. The great thing was, we weren’t too far away from the cabin, so if at any point I needed to stop we could. We had water with us, and we just took it slow.


The other great thing about snowshoeing is that it’s a pretty leisurely activity. It can be harder or easier depending on your terrain. We kept our jaunt to under an hour, which seemed to be the perfect amount of time.

I love being able to incorporate fitness into my life in all different ways, especially now that I’m a little more limited in what I can do. It’s always best to listen to your body…and my body was saying “WOOOO HOOO!”


Snowshoeing for two was just like snowshoeing for one…a completely beautiful and amazing adventure. I am so happy that my family invited me on this little getaway. It was exactly what this girl needed…family time, fresh air, a little cardio workout and the most gorgeous scenery ever. #happy #lifeisgood


A little Flashback Friday action…


Gettin’ into the Spirit

I think I’ve transitioned into this chilling 30 degree Idaho weather from the warm 70 degree flip-flop and tank top Texas weather quite nicely.


Nothing will put you in the Christmas mood like bundling up in a million layers and sipping on nice hot cocoa while snow flakes fall.

I was super excited when I was able to talk my Dad and brother into accompanying me to the Boise Christmas Market this past Saturday. The Saturday market is always filled with lots of unique gifts and fun homemade treats.


And you can bet this preggers was all about those freshly made donuts! Yum! There were also many other fun food samples given out by vendors like spiced nuts, fresh cheeses, and honey!

It was fun to walk around the different booths trying new things, having some laughs with the fam, as well as soaking in the fresh & crisp Boise air.

After a fun-filled day outside it was time to take the party inside…where ugly sweaters, Christmas-y decor and a whole lot of laughter filled the air.


It was time for our annual Ugly Christmas Sweater party! As usual, it was filled with silly outfits, lots of catching up with friends and other crazy shenanigans!

The only difference this year from other years is that a good amount of the guests are expecting!


Crazy to think we are all due within two months of each other…next year I have a feeling that the Ugly Christmas Party will have a completely different feel with a bunch of rug rats running around.

My favorite sweater of the evening….I love the Christmas Story!


And here is a photo of what I managed to piece together at the last minute thanks to a little thrifting!


I know it’s not a sweater, but the shirt made laugh so hard since everyone always makes fun of me for being short since I’m only 5 ft 1.

Anyways…a weekend of laughs and catching up with family and friends in my hometown was much needed and felt so comforting, especially after the emotional events of last week.


These Ugly Christmas Sweater parties seem to be coming more and more popular each year! Have you ever participated in one? 

Casa de Alabama Tour (Texas Edition)

After almost three months of patiently waiting, we are finally able to show off our new digs. Welcome to the photo tour of Casa de Alabama, Texas style!

Here is the view as you are entering from the front door into the living room ahead and the kitchen on the left.


Living room, the doorway in the far back left of the photo leads to the master suite.


Here is the view into the kitchen from the living room.


Breakfast nook, our favorite! So much natural light.


Kitchen view from the nook. 002003 kitchencollage

Laundry room.


Baby room & guest bedroom/office, (there are two smaller bedrooms but I only snapped one photo as they look pretty much the same).


Guest bathroom. It was extremely hard to get a good photo of this room.

guest bath collage



master collage

Peek into the master bathroom.


I love the double sinks & the huge tub!

masterbath collage

Small bathroom closet.


And last but not least our walk-in closet.


Today marks the day that movers finally come! I’m just sitting here anxiously awaiting the arrival of my household goods. It’s gonna feel like Christmas around here opening and un-packing all those boxes. I’m so excited I could dance and sing right now!

Hope y’all have a great weekend!!


I did also take a video tour of the inside of the home. If you are interested in viewing leave a comment letting me know or email me at [ destination26.2 at gmail dot com ] and I will send you the link.




76 long days after putting in an offer on this brand new home, we can officially call ourselves homeowners! And we couldn’t be more relieved to be done with the home buying process.

Anything and everything that could go wrong during the buying  process went wrong over the last 2.5 months –and I mean everything! From miscommunications with our realtors, to somewhere along the lines the lenders thinking we were no longer buying the house, to a mix-up with the title company at the last minute, and even a small fire during the home inspection. Luckily we got everything squared away.

So needless to say all that stuff is in the past. We signed papers early Tuesday morning, picked up keys at 5:00 pm Tuesday night, and by 5:25 pm I was being carried over the threshold of my new home by my dear husband. Yup, I made him do it!


The signing papers part was a bit anticlimactic, but when we walked in to the builders office to pick up our keys we were greeted by 15 of the CareFree Homes employees clapping their hands and ringing bells in congratulation of our new home purchase.

They also gave us an amazing gift basket. Keys to our new home, and the biggest basket ever of chocolate was the perfect end to a very drawn out home buying process.


I must say though, that the house is awesome and we are beyond excited to move out of our temporary apartment and into our real home.

Since most of our household goods are still in storage until next Friday, we are now camping out in our new house. The only furniture we have is two camp chairs and an air mattress. It’s all part of the adventure right?


We celebrated the sale of our new home by smoking a cigar that we bought on the day we put the original offer on the house in.

Actually I watched J. Alabama smoke the cigar while I snacked on some chocolate covered almonds from the chocolate basket in celebration.


I promise to snap some more photos of the inside of the home once we get internet back up and running in the new house.

Random: I’m sure some people are probably wondering why our backyard is just dirt. Well that’s how they do it in Texas (or at least El Paso) I guess. We are only allowed to water our lawns 2-3 days a week, so most people opt for no grass or go the route of rocks instead. Our front yard came completely landscaped with rocks, a tree and a few shrubs, and the back yard is a clean slate for us to do whatever we want. We have some ideas already but it will be awhile before we get to it.

It’s finally starting to feel like we are getting settled here in El Paso. I’ve been trying to be super upbeat about the whole move, and the home buying thing, but honestly it was starting to wear me down a bit over the last few weeks. I’m just glad to have a real address and to get to putting my new home together (well at least by the end of next week!).


Thank you everyone for all your well wishes on getting into the new house. We are ecstatic to finally be home!

Blog, Baby, House & Life

I just want to thank everyone for the comments we’ve received via Facebook, text message and on the blog regarding our exciting news!



I know with the recent announcement of our new addition that it seems like it might get a little baby crazy over here. My hope is to share with you our baby journey, just as I have my marathon journey’s, as well as our wedding journey. It won’t be all baby central here all the time, but due to the fact that I’ve been holding onto this juicy news for almost three months my posts may seem a little baby heavy for the first little bit as I have a lot to say! And honestly I hope to keep this blog as a place where I can still reflect on life as a new military wife and my fitness journey as well.


Wednesday marked our 12 week appointment. I was nervous and excited because I knew once the Dr. said everything was ok, that I would feel comfortable letting our little secret out.

Now that the news is public I really feel like this is real!

8 weeks ultrasound

Here is our first ultrasound from the 8 week appointment. It resembles a little bean in this picture.

I have been taking the obligatory weekly belly shots. Here we are at 12 weeks.

12 week collage

I feel like it’s kind of hard to tell what kind of changes are happening without looking back at the first belly photo. So I dug up my 7 week week photo for comparison.


I personally don’t feel much different, but I can definitely see a difference in the photos. Crazy right?


I mentioned about a month ago that we were in the process of closing on a home. And we [a full month later] are still in the process of closing on our home! The lenders are saying that next week is the week FOR REAL, so I’m saying a little prayer to the house angels that this is the real deal.


I feel like there are a lot of [mostly] exciting life things happening over here, and it is crazy that they all seem to be happening at once. There are a few more announcements yet to come, but they warrant their own blog post. So stayed tuned for even more life updates soon.


Hope y’all have a great weekend!

Adventures in New Mexico

Since our arrival to El Paso we’ve been planning an epic trip to our neighboring state of New Mexico. The husband is very fond of New Mexico (as he grew up there) so a trip to his home state was definitely in order.


We were excited for a fun road trip, our first since the driving marathon from GA to TX in August. We hit the road with snacks, red bull and our learn Spanish in the car CDs.

I haven’t really touched on it, but living in El Paso feels more like living in Mexico rather than Texas. Everyone here speaks Spanish (which is making finding a job a little difficult), and everything has a Mexican flair (not as Texas-y I was expecting) as we live on the boarder of Juarez, Mexico.


It’s been an interesting adjustment, but hey the food is to die for! 🙂 I don’t want not knowing Spanish to be an issue, so we were brushing up on our skills on the 5 hour drive through New Mexico.

Our big activity of the weekend involved a nice little meeting of the Boise State Broncos and the New Mexico Lobos.


I love me some college football…but when I realized that Boise State would be playing New Mexico in New Mexico I was freaking out! I knew we had to be at that game.


The game actually seemed like it would be a blowout at first. The first half ended with BSU leading 25 to 0. I thought for sure the second half would be a snoozer.


Boy were we wrong. Those Lobos took us on an emotional rollercoaster ride during the second half. I was yelling, screaming, holding my breath, and at one point almost in tears. So silly how your emotions can take over during a sporting event.

We did manage to pull out the big WIN at the end, but not without a good fight from New Mexico. Yeah, they came back from literally nothing to almost beating us in last minutes of the game.

Whew, I was glad when that game was over. A win is a win, but that one was tough to watch.


The rest of our New Mexican adventures involved food. I didn’t snap a lot of photos, but trust me when I say we were in red & green chile heaven.

J. Alabama begged for us to make a stop at a favorite restaurant of his in Albuquerque called Sadie’s.


Everything is chile themed over there, as well as everything is SPICY! It was such a nice change from our bland food experience we’ve had in Georgia.

My favorite thing though were the fresh sopapillas! They are fried little puffy pieces of bread drizzled with honey. Ah-mazing!


We managed to do a little bit of everything in our short little trip over to New Mexico. We explored some of New Mexico nature, ate some delicious spicy food, reconnected with family, cheered on our alma mater on the road, and just had some nice quality time catching up with each other during the car ride.


It was the perfect getaway weekend that left us both refreshed and renewed.


Thanks you for all your sweet comments regarding yesterday’s post. You guys are the best. I’m already feeling TONS better! 🙂

It’s funny how writing about my homesickness and slowness to adjust to a new place has snapped something in me – as I’ve now got a full calendar of events for October (including a blind coffee date with an Army wife!). I’m so excited to share all the happenings with you as they play out.

Long time no post

Wow, to think it’s almost been an entire month since I last posted is absolutely insane. But as they say…life happens!

To be honest with y’all, I was in amazing place when we first moved to El Paso in the middle of August. I was excited by the newness, the possibilities, the unknown…then I went back home to Boise, Idaho for my brother’s wedding.


After two weeks of reconnecting with family and old friends in such a comfortable environment, the return trip back to El Paso (a place where I didn’t know my way around and I didn’t know anyone) gave me a bit of the blues.

I tried not to let the fact that I was far away from family and friends or the fact that I was essentially starting all over again bring me down – but it was.

The thing that is different about this move compared to our move to Georgia is that J. Alabama joined an Army Unit that was already active. We are basically the late ones to the party – so everyone already knows each other and are already established. In Georgia, he was attending a school, which meant all the Mil-Wives I met were in the same exact boat as me. New to the Army, new to Georgia.

So now I just have to be a little more proactive in every encounter I have with people. I know I will make friends and feel comfortable here in El Paso, it will just take some time.

Until then, J Alabama gets to explore this wild new world of El Paso with me! Which actually has been a blast. Here are few photos from our adventures this past month.

Green & Red Chile Festival in San Elizario, Texas


Chapel in San Elizario

san elizario

Huevos Rancheros breakfast with homemade tortillas (I die!) 🙂

huevos rancheros

The El Paso Zoo!


House Update: In other news…we are still anxiously awaiting the closing on our brand new house. There is talk that it could happen within the next two weeks [fingers crossed].

I can absolutely guarantee that I will be in a better place once we close on the house and I can be reunited with all my personal belongings. Camping out in a temp apartment for two months with only the items we packed in our cars is starting to wear me down.


I don’t like to blog when I don’t have anything positive to say, so that explains my silence the past few weeks. I feel better now that you all know what’s up with me and I assure you things are getting better every day over here.

Thanks for listening!! 🙂