My Maternity Photos

It’s been interesting celebrating the growth of my belly, especially since this blog started as a place for me to document my workouts and weight loss. I will admit that I’ve rather enjoyed watching my bump get bigger each week as it means that my baby is healthy and growing.


When I was back at Fort Bliss in January a fellow Army wife offered to snap some maternity photos for me for free as a way to build up her portfolio. Any Fort Bliss/El Paso area folks can check out the Photographic Sass  facebook.

Here are a few of my favorites that she snapped of me at 28 weeks.

Fort Bliss Belly Love



belly and soldier boots

fort bliss heart

sassyhat and belly photo


Since my return back to Boise, Idaho my brother also offered to snap a few photos of me as well, just for fun. He does his natural style photography as a hobby and absolutely loves it. If you are in the Boise area and want some photos taken he told me that you can message me for his info and he will give you a good deal.

I know the bump isn’t that much bigger at 32 weeks, but it was cool to have some photos taken in Boise too.







Sassy Mama! LOL!


Having maternity photos taken was a lot of fun!  Obviously I didn’t post all the photos, but at least you can see a few of my favorites from each photo shoot.


YMCA Christmas 2.5 miler

Merrrrrry Christmas Eve everyone!

I am so happy that I got to hit up Boise’s YMCA Christmas race yet again this year. I’m going on three years in a row!


Though I will admit that the race was a bit different this year being preggo and all –it was my first my time walking the whole 2.5 miler course. In 2010 I ran the 2.5 miler and last year I completed the 10k option.

It was super duper awesome though because I was accompanied by Becky my Sister-in-law-to-be and her dog Diesel.


Yeah, Diesel was pretty much the star of the whole day. That great dane sure knows how to make an entrance!

As usual my absolute favorite part of this race is simply just people watching. There are so many hilarious and awesome Christmas outfits, I was pretty much LOL-ing during the whole race watching everyone prancing by.


We started the race with a mass of people, I think I overheard them say something like 3000 people had registered.


It was supposed to be really cold, but as soon as we got going we were shedding layers. It seemed that the weather gods had the perfect mix of weather for our race.


Our 2.5 mile walk was over before we even knew it. It’s crazy how quick time flies with you have an awesome friend chit chatting next to you.

I’m so happy to have gotten to do this race for three years in a row. Becky and I were seriously scheming for a group themed Christmas outfit next year. And hey who knows, even little baby Alabama might be able to join in the fun!


I feel so blessed to be surrounded by family and friends this year. But I would also like to send my love and prayers to all those who are not able to be with their families this holiday. And I wish everyone a wonderful and Merry Christmas!!

Gettin’ into the Spirit

I think I’ve transitioned into this chilling 30 degree Idaho weather from the warm 70 degree flip-flop and tank top Texas weather quite nicely.


Nothing will put you in the Christmas mood like bundling up in a million layers and sipping on nice hot cocoa while snow flakes fall.

I was super excited when I was able to talk my Dad and brother into accompanying me to the Boise Christmas Market this past Saturday. The Saturday market is always filled with lots of unique gifts and fun homemade treats.


And you can bet this preggers was all about those freshly made donuts! Yum! There were also many other fun food samples given out by vendors like spiced nuts, fresh cheeses, and honey!

It was fun to walk around the different booths trying new things, having some laughs with the fam, as well as soaking in the fresh & crisp Boise air.

After a fun-filled day outside it was time to take the party inside…where ugly sweaters, Christmas-y decor and a whole lot of laughter filled the air.


It was time for our annual Ugly Christmas Sweater party! As usual, it was filled with silly outfits, lots of catching up with friends and other crazy shenanigans!

The only difference this year from other years is that a good amount of the guests are expecting!


Crazy to think we are all due within two months of each other…next year I have a feeling that the Ugly Christmas Party will have a completely different feel with a bunch of rug rats running around.

My favorite sweater of the evening….I love the Christmas Story!


And here is a photo of what I managed to piece together at the last minute thanks to a little thrifting!


I know it’s not a sweater, but the shirt made laugh so hard since everyone always makes fun of me for being short since I’m only 5 ft 1.

Anyways…a weekend of laughs and catching up with family and friends in my hometown was much needed and felt so comforting, especially after the emotional events of last week.


These Ugly Christmas Sweater parties seem to be coming more and more popular each year! Have you ever participated in one? 

Trail Runner

As you know, I’m back in Boise, Idaho for awhile visiting family. But I just couldn’t be in the same town as Cynthia, my Boise blogger/friend without calling her up for a run.


You can bet that I was super excited when she agreed to meet up with me on Saturday and show me some new-to-me trails in Boise that I’d never ran on before!

boise  cynthia

It was great to catch up after 8 months, (I haven’t seen her since we ran the Christmas 10k race back in December)!


The trails were glorious and the weather was perfect. There have been a lot of fires in Idaho lately, and we managed to squeeze our run in before the valley got too smoky and hot.  foothills

The landscape up in the foothills actually are very similar to the landscape of my new home in El Paso, Texas. This run kind of got me excited to seek out some dirt trails in EP to run on when I get back.  foothills2

We were enjoying the trails so much that we ended up hitting over 5 miles, which seemed to fly right on by. I’m actually amazed because that’s the farthest I’ve ran in a long long time!

Running in Idaho just felt so easy! I’m not sure if it was the great company, the nice cool breeze, or just the fact that I was back in the comfort of what was home to me for the first 28 years of my life. I’m hoping to snatch up this feeling and take it with me back to EP, as running has just felt so h-a-r-d and not fun over the last 7 months.

And maybe I just need to switch it up. Running on those trails just felt way more fun than a normal road run. I’ve got my eye on something crazy in EP, we’ll see if I can be trained and ready for this intense Half Marathon Trail Race by October.

Happy Running friends!


Yes my friends, I did just in fact arrive in El Paso, Texas a mere week and a half ago. I haven’t even had time to unpack my suitcase. Well that ended up saving me some time this morning, let me tell you.

Even though I just got here, I’m already saying a temporary goodbye to my new home here in Texas for a few weeks.

Goodbye El Paso Mountains, I’ve just started to love looking at you!


And HELLO Idaho mountains! We meet again old friend, oh yes we meet again.

There is nothing like a good trip back home to pass the time while you are counting down the days until your new house will close!


Actually, I’m not going home just to pass the time, I’m really going to see my older brother J-Bomb tie the knot! I’m super pumped to get another sis-in-law.

Aren’t they cute?


Y’all know how much I love weddings! 🙂

Yesterday I did a guest post over at Aneta’s blog where I talked about why I love weddings. Feel free to take a look!


Next time I blog will be from the land-o-potatoes! Yipppee! See y’all on the flip side.


Today marks a very special day, as I would like to wish my Dad a happy 60th birthday!

He’s clearly a classic!


I flew back to Boise, Idaho this past weekend to celebrate the big 6-0 with my pops and 50 of his closest friends.

Since he grew up during the time period in which Motown Music was really popular [think Temptations, Supremes, etc], we decided to throw him a 60’s Motown themed party.


We dressed him as a Motown singer and my mom and friends dressed as his back up singers/doo-wop girls. It was perfect.


And I think he liked it! 🙂

Pulling the theme together was easy, we just asked my grandma what types of dishes were popular at parties in the 60’s. Here is what she suggested.

3 Layer Sandwich (tuna fish, avocado, egg salad) & classic deviled eggs.


Cabbage Heads (cheese, olives and meat tooth picked into a cabbage head), and celery sticks with peanut butter and cheese.


There was even spiked punch, & throwback soda for the ultimate touch.

046 062

And a lot of records hanging to go with the music Motown theme.


It was fun that everyone dressed up and got into the party spirit.


As soon as the Motown Band started to play the classics, the party really got started.

091 089

And the cops may or may not have showed up at one point to bust up the 60th birthday party, but they were cool when they saw us all dressed up and let the party and music go on!

We coordinated with the band to pull my dad up during a rendition of ‘My Girl’ to have him sing with his doo-wop girls.


You can watch the actual You Tube video here.

It was too much fun, and I know my dad got a kick out of it!

After our fun song and dance number, they brought out the cake and the band sang happy birthday.



It was such a fun celebration as we danced until the wee hours of the morning!

It was also fun to be reunited with my whole family. We haven’t all been together since Christmas, and it just felt good to have us all back together!


I’m so happy that my Dad’s party was so fun and such a success.

Happy 60th Dad, I hope you have a rockin’ day today!


I had such a blast this weekend hanging out with you! Love You!! ♥