My Maternity Photos

It’s been interesting celebrating the growth of my belly, especially since this blog started as a place for me to document my workouts and weight loss. I will admit that I’ve rather enjoyed watching my bump get bigger each week as it means that my baby is healthy and growing.


When I was back at Fort Bliss in January a fellow Army wife offered to snap some maternity photos for me for free as a way to build up her portfolio. Any Fort Bliss/El Paso area folks can check out the Photographic Sass  facebook.

Here are a few of my favorites that she snapped of me at 28 weeks.

Fort Bliss Belly Love



belly and soldier boots

fort bliss heart

sassyhat and belly photo


Since my return back to Boise, Idaho my brother also offered to snap a few photos of me as well, just for fun. He does his natural style photography as a hobby and absolutely loves it. If you are in the Boise area and want some photos taken he told me that you can message me for his info and he will give you a good deal.

I know the bump isn’t that much bigger at 32 weeks, but it was cool to have some photos taken in Boise too.







Sassy Mama! LOL!


Having maternity photos taken was a lot of fun!  Obviously I didn’t post all the photos, but at least you can see a few of my favorites from each photo shoot.


Wyler Aerial TramWay

My favorite thing about living in a new city is the excuse to play tourist whenever a free weekend comes up. I’ve been eyeing the Wyler Aerial TramWay since we got here in El Paso and was super excited when J. Alabama agreed to check it out with me.


The Wyler Aerial TramWay is an aerial cable car that is situated over the Franklin mountains. For $7.00 each we were able to hop aboard the cable car and take a trip to the top of the mountains and check out the glorious views of El Paso.


The idea sounded awesome, but the closer we got to entering the small cable car the more nervous I got.

Lucky for me the ride up was a short 4 minutes and the spectacular views managed to distract me from the fact that we were dangling above the rocky mountain terrain below us.



It was cool to look out to the city beyond as we were being lifted higher and higher by the cable car.

Once we reached top we were able to look out onto both sides of the mountains. So cool to be on the tip top of the city looking out onto either side.

linz 019

We checked out the little gift shop and then continued around the side of the building until we saw a little gate leading down the side of the mountain. There we saw a small rocky and somewhat steep hiking trail!


I so wished we had dressed for a hike and packed a water & snacks, as we would have been all over that trail. This hike is definitely on our tourist list for the future.

After awhile we decided to head back down. The cable car ride was smooth and and less nerve wracking the second time. Upon our arrival at the bottom we spotted an older version of the cable car in front of the ticket window. It was so much smaller than the ones that are running these days.


All and all it was a fun and quick little outing! I would highly recommend this excursion to anyone visiting the area. But totally suggest to bring your hiking shoes so you can fully take advantage of the trip up the mountain.

I’m starting to really enjoy Texas. I really had my doubts at first, but as anywhere else, it is what you make of it. And I’m choosing to make the most of El Paso!


On the Rocks

Over the weekend we thought we’d partake in one of the great activities that the El Paso outdoors has to offer. Rock climbing!


I have tried my hand at rock climbing a total of once during my earlier years, and it was in the comfort of my college gym. You know what I’m talking about, the fake rock wall that comes fully equipped with all the foot and hand holds built in with a nice padded ground in case you fall? Yeah.

I will admit that I have never ever in my life thought I would be out in the middle of the desert strapped into a harness and actually attempting to climb a real rocky mountain face.

But when the opportunity came up, I knew that I had to at least try. And honesty wouldn’t you want to go with these beautiful Texas-y views?


My first Texas cactus sighting!


I’m of the mindset to try any fitness activity at least once. So to get into the mood I eagerly played paparazzi for the first hour snapping photos and studying J. Alabama and friends as they took their turns climbing the mountain.

033 jontherocks

After much convincing I slipped on the special rock climbing shoes and got harnessed in.

I was freaking out just a little bit, even though I knew there was someone else on the other end of the rope to hold me up if I were to fall.


My biggest struggle was finding the right place to put my hands and feet as I attempted to climb upwards. That fake rock wall was sounding pretty darn good right about then.

It didn’t take long, but I got stuck in one spot about 3 feet off the ground and couldn’t move any higher. I just wasn’t able to reach high enough for the next hand hold, and I had to call it quits.

I felt kind of like a loser for not making it higher than that, but after two attempts and still getting stuck on the same spot I decided just to be happy with the fact that I had tried.


I realized just how hard rock climbing actually is. My friends climbing up the rocks made it look super easy, although they have also done this a time or two.


The experience ended up being quite exhilarating and I could see giving it another try another day.


Tell me, have you ever tried rock climbing? If no, is this something that you would try?

I never thought I would say yes as I’m a bit afraid of heights, but I guess there is a first time for everything.