Snowshoeing for Two


I think I’m still on a high from all the fresh air and beautiful snowy mountain landscapes I indulged when I went on an impromptu getaway into the Idaho mountains yesterday.

I’m so happy that my Aunt, Uncle & Cousin invited me to join them on a little overnight adventure to their cabin. I haven’t seen this much snow in about two years, so you can bet that I was over the moon.

pretty mountains

This is what I awoke to yesterday morning…yeah I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. There is just something so magical about being in the peaceful nature.

Once the sun came out we jumped into our snow gear ready to hit the fresh snow. I haven’t been snowshoeing in almost two years either and the challenge definitely excited me.


I was really curious how my preggo body would handle the hike through the cold, but also happy that I could one day tell our little guy about our first snowshoe adventure together.

snowshoeing collage 2

Due to my short legs, my preggo waddle, and my decrease in cardio over the months I just took it slow but steady. I really just told myself I was taking in the beauty around me and took lots of photo breaks.


We trudged around through a snowy field, looking back every so often to take in the sight of our own tracks. It was an amazing feeling to lay the first tacks in a blanket of snowy white.


My family was happy, I know baby and I were happy and even the pups were enjoying their snowy adventure!


After about 45 minutes of hiking around I had to take off my coat and gloves because I was so hot and sweaty!

Snowshoeing = awesome workout

I would totally recommend a snowshoeing adventure to anyone who is pregnant and feels comfortable moving around in the snow. The great thing was, we weren’t too far away from the cabin, so if at any point I needed to stop we could. We had water with us, and we just took it slow.


The other great thing about snowshoeing is that it’s a pretty leisurely activity. It can be harder or easier depending on your terrain. We kept our jaunt to under an hour, which seemed to be the perfect amount of time.

I love being able to incorporate fitness into my life in all different ways, especially now that I’m a little more limited in what I can do. It’s always best to listen to your body…and my body was saying “WOOOO HOOO!”


Snowshoeing for two was just like snowshoeing for one…a completely beautiful and amazing adventure. I am so happy that my family invited me on this little getaway. It was exactly what this girl needed…family time, fresh air, a little cardio workout and the most gorgeous scenery ever. #happy #lifeisgood


A little Flashback Friday action…


Family Outing

I’m still in disbelief how nice it is here in El Paso in December! It was in the mid 70’s yesterday and there was just no way we could not enjoy the nice weather.

So a little exploration of our new neighborhood was definitely in order…and guess who begged to come along? SEABREEZE!!


I can’t remember the last time she came out on a ride, I’m thinking it was over a year ago back in Idaho.

SeaBreeze was happy, I was happy, and J. Alabama was very happy!


He ran for four miles through undeveloped neighborhoods, while I leisurely followed behind him on my cruiser. I was promoted to “water girl” and was tasked with the job to carry water in my basket during our outing.

It was so so so nice to get outside and feel the fresh air and be able to get some exercise with the hubs. We were able to chitchat side by side along this deserted road.


Almost immediately after I started peddling I could feel a huge flutter of baby in my belly! I have been feeling a little bit of bubbles over the last week, but this was huge. I’m thinking the lil one was a fan of ride!

It was the perfect little 4 mile ride alongside J. Alabama, and marked our first ride as a family! It got me really really excited for the days in which our little one will have a bicycle of their own and we can really do a family bike ride.

on the go

I’m pretty sure this warm winter weather is typical for El Paso, but it seems that most places are also staying unusually warm for this time of year. I’m just crossing my fingers for a snowfall when I get back to Idaho for Christmas, as the humid Georgia winter last year was brutal for me. I’ll take snow over heat in December any day.

Though I’m definitely soaking up the nice weather here now, because at this rate we will be back in the scorching heat here soon. It gets hot here in Texas!

Happy Monday friends!

Turkey Trot 5k

Alternative title to this post would be “Baby’s First 5k”!

On Saturday I signed up J. Alabama & I for our first ever Texas race. The Fort Bliss MWR was hosting a Turkey Trot and it was too good to pass up (all active military entries into race were free).


The plan was for J. Alabama to run the race, and I was going to walk it with a friend. Plans changed at the last minute and my walking partner couldn’t make it, so J. Alabama offered to tag along with me instead.

I was happy to have J. Alabama by my side as my partner in crime and personal photographer for the morning.


The morning started off chilly (at least for us Texans) but as soon as the race started we warmed up quickly.

It was a perfect little race, roughly about 200 people. I so wished I was able to race it for time, as it would have been an easy peasy one. The course was a flat and easy 3.10 mile loop around the army base.

start2 start

As soon as the clock struck 8:00, we were off! I’m not sure what came over me, if it was old habit, or the rush of the crowd but as the race started I was shuffling right along with the crowd.

After a bit, I looked over at J. Alabama and was freaking out because I was running (sort of). It was a funny combination of a waddle, shuffle, trot but it was definitely faster than a power walk.


I told myself that I was going to take it easy and stop if anything hurt. It just felt so good to be out in the fresh air moving.

I mean, I know it sounds weird for me to be shuffling around only days after I posted that I wasn’t running any more, but I promise that I was listening to my body.


Baby and I were enjoying being a part of the Turkey Trot, and definitely took a lot of walk breaks.

It’s funny for me to look at the photos and see the baby bump, as I wasn’t sure it was that noticeable (until I saw the after photos). I felt like I may have looked a little ridiculous shuffle/waddling along the course, but I didn’t even care.

mile 1

J. Alabama shuffled right along next me the entire way, just making sure that I felt good the entire time. It was actually really fun being able to trot along side him at  a speed where we could talk, joke around etc. Typically if we ever ran together it was at such a pace that there was no laughing going on!

We finished out the race strong, with an amazing time of 45:54!

My only goal for the day was to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. I had no idea I would feel good enough to shuffle along most of the race.


I’d have to say that baby and I (and J. Alabama) had a great time!  Though, I don’t forsee many other races for this pregnancy as I was feeling the aftermath a little later that day from the 5k. I was literally doing the pregnancy waddle all day afterwards, but note, that the day following no pelvic pain!

Are you participating (or have you already) in a Turkey Trot this year?  This was only my second ever Turkey Trot, my last experience was the Gobble Wobble in Denver a few years back where I walked it with a friend.

Why I’m not running while pregnant

After seeing pictures and hearing stories of those woman who run half-marathons or are doing CrossFit workouts into the later part of their pregnancies, I secretly hoped I would be hard core enough to be like them.

Its weird to think that just a few short months ago I was running and doing crazy intense CrossFit workouts myself.


And now those types of workouts are definitely out of the question for me. I had at least thought my running would still be happening even at a minimal level at this point, but sadly it’s not.

kinvara3 I never had a doubt that my running would be halted at such an early stage in my pregnancy journey, somewhere around the 9 week mark.

My fitness journey during this pregnancy has been a weird one for me. The first two months of pregnancy (most of which I wasn’t even aware I was preggers) I was feeling really blue. I attributed this to our El Paso move, as I was feeling really out of place. The feelings of depression were so bad that it was a struggle to even get me to leave the house, even though we had a nice air conditioned gym in our apartment complex. It just felt like too much work.


I started to emotionally feel better around the 7/8 week mark and tried to add running and light crossfit workouts back into my routine. Then began the irritating pain in my pelvic area.

I started noticing this weird pain in my pelvic area after I would run on the treadmill and thought it was related to my running. It felt as though I had stress fractured my pelvic bone. So I completely stopped running in hopes that the pain would go away. This seemed to help for a few days, then the pain started coming on more frequent and still continues now.

I started talking to other people who had already had children and found out this feeling was normal. What I was feeling was stretching of the ligaments in my pelvic area and pressure from my growing uterus. [This totally makes sense, though I wish more people talked about it as I seriously was freaking out by the odd pain down there].

So apparently the pain had nothing to with the fact that I was running, but I did realize that running was making it more painful. Then I knew I had change my workout routine immensely, no more running and a lot more low stress workouts.


What you will see around here is a lot more yoga, zumba, power walking and weight lifting.  All of those workouts seem to make the pelvic pain go away (at least temporarily afterwards), instead of increasing the pain.

I’ll be honest when I say that I’m a bit disappointed that I’m not able to run, but I realize that my job of keeping my body healthy and happy is more important for the lil pumpkin right now. And I’m excited that I feel well enough to keep zumba-ing, as I have a feeling this baby is going to coming out dancing.

My hormones seem to shoot through the roof whenever I make it to zumba class, the latin moves and music has put me in fits of tears (pure happy tears). Pregnancy hormones are so crazy!

So I’m taking it easier than I thought I would workout wise during this pregnancy journey, and I’m okay with that.


Have any other mom’s out there experienced this pelvic pain? Are there any suggestions on how to make it feel better?

Yoga Sculpt

My body has been begging me to hit up a yoga class since we moved to El Paso. Though it seems like an easy enough task to take a yoga class, it has been the hardest thing ever to fit in my schedule due to timing of the yoga classes offered on the Army base.

I finally put my foot down and declared that Saturday would be the day…yes, the day I finally went to yoga. And on top of that, J. Alabama eagerly offered to go with me. (The only other time I’ve seen him do yoga was on our honeymoon in Mexico, so I thought this was pretty cool).


I thought we were going to a regular Vinyasa class, but when we arrived the teacher instructed us we were doing something different instead. I was down for anything, as long as yoga was involved.

She told us to grab some hand weights as we would be incorporating them in with our basic yoga moves. A strength and stretch class? Hellz yeah!


Since I haven’t done much strength training in awhile I opted for the 3lb weights. I was thinking that I might be shooting too low but by the end of class even J. Alabama was wishing he had been holding the 3lbs instead of his 8lbs weights.

After about a 10 minute warm-up of basic yoga moves the teacher had us pick up our weights and thus began about 45 minutes of pure torture awesomeness!

The best way to describe what we were doing is just imagining that we were doing the regular yoga moves (warrior I or warrior II) but when our arms were stretched out they were also holding the weights.

We also incorporated some poses that included lunges with the weights in our hands, and some where we had the weights above our heads while we held certain positions.


Each yoga move incorporated the hand weights in a way that we were feeling the resistance from the weights as well as the stretch from the move itself.

I was sweating buckets only minutes into the routine and could feel my legs shaking. The whole time I just kept thinking how awesome the combination of strength and stretch were. By the end of class my body was Jell-O, but I was feeling high on life. J. Alabama agreed that this class was an insane workout.

So as it turns out, this Yoga Sculpt class might be added as a regular class to the 2013 class schedule at the gym. But until then, I can only dream about what a brilliant class that was.

Usually I seek out new classes to try, this time I just happened upon it. It was so awesome to do yoga in a new way, and so great just to get some yoga love back in my life. I didn’t realize how much I needed it!


Happy Monday!

On the Rocks

Over the weekend we thought we’d partake in one of the great activities that the El Paso outdoors has to offer. Rock climbing!


I have tried my hand at rock climbing a total of once during my earlier years, and it was in the comfort of my college gym. You know what I’m talking about, the fake rock wall that comes fully equipped with all the foot and hand holds built in with a nice padded ground in case you fall? Yeah.

I will admit that I have never ever in my life thought I would be out in the middle of the desert strapped into a harness and actually attempting to climb a real rocky mountain face.

But when the opportunity came up, I knew that I had to at least try. And honesty wouldn’t you want to go with these beautiful Texas-y views?


My first Texas cactus sighting!


I’m of the mindset to try any fitness activity at least once. So to get into the mood I eagerly played paparazzi for the first hour snapping photos and studying J. Alabama and friends as they took their turns climbing the mountain.

033 jontherocks

After much convincing I slipped on the special rock climbing shoes and got harnessed in.

I was freaking out just a little bit, even though I knew there was someone else on the other end of the rope to hold me up if I were to fall.


My biggest struggle was finding the right place to put my hands and feet as I attempted to climb upwards. That fake rock wall was sounding pretty darn good right about then.

It didn’t take long, but I got stuck in one spot about 3 feet off the ground and couldn’t move any higher. I just wasn’t able to reach high enough for the next hand hold, and I had to call it quits.

I felt kind of like a loser for not making it higher than that, but after two attempts and still getting stuck on the same spot I decided just to be happy with the fact that I had tried.


I realized just how hard rock climbing actually is. My friends climbing up the rocks made it look super easy, although they have also done this a time or two.


The experience ended up being quite exhilarating and I could see giving it another try another day.


Tell me, have you ever tried rock climbing? If no, is this something that you would try?

I never thought I would say yes as I’m a bit afraid of heights, but I guess there is a first time for everything.

Bittersweet Boot Camp

There was a part of me that was super excited this morning knowing I was finishing up another month of grueling [yet awesome] 5:30 a.m workouts.


But a part of me is also sad that it’s over and I won’t be able to join next months class because of our move [more on that in a different post].

These last two months have made me sweat, cry and push myself to new levels with my body. Ultimately I was doing this boot camp to see changes in my body, but what I am finding is more changes in how I see myself.


I know I’ve said this before, but I really am stronger than I think. I may have run 2 marathons, but the idea of doing burpees, and box jumps and lifting really intimidated me.

I honestly think after two months of these CrossFit style workouts, I could confidently walk into a real CrossFit gym and join a class with no worry.


And maybe I didn’t mention how much freaking fun it has been! These people are a blast and everyone is so encouraging.


I have worked my little tail off for two months and am ultimately happy with how I feel. I feel stronger, and as mentioned before like my endurance is better and my running has gotten faster.


I’ve never been much of a numbers person on the blog, but I thought I would share the end result with you all after two months. I’m actually a little shocked that last months number and my overall aren’t a little more dramatic.

Some things have been going on in my personal life as well that may have contributed a bit, but either way I’m looking at the positives.

May 29th June 25th July 26 Difference
r. arm 12.5 12 12 – .5
l. arm 12.25 12 12 -.25
chest 32.5 32.75 33.25 +.75
waist 38 33.50 33.50 -4.50
hips 41 40 40 -1
r. leg 26 24 24 -2
l. leg 25.5 24 23.5 -2
Weight 157.2 153.80 154.2 -3
BF 36.2 36.2 35.1 -1.1

It’s not the exact end results that I wanted to see, but I’m making progress. I’m using this as a starting point and motivator to keep on my fitness journey to be the healthiest version of me.


My final thoughts are these…I’m so happy that I did CrossFit Boot camp and hope to incorporate more of these intense workouts in with a more regular running routine.

Thanks for all your continued support through my fitness journey and I hope y’all have a great weekend! 🙂