Pay it forward & Congrats


As I sit here waiting with my family for my brother to cross the stage and receive his diploma from Boise State I just have to say how proud of him I am. This is so exciting!

There will be lots of celebrating going on!

On another posative note, when I was getting my morning starbux fix I reached the drive in window to find out the car in front of me had paid for my coffee.

I returned the favor by buying the car behind me their coffee. I can’t express how taken a back I was when I heard a person who doesn’t even know me payed for me drink and drove away before I could even thank them.

Take a moment to pay it forward. No act is too small and you never know how it can make someones day.

*I’m phone bloggin’ today, but felt the need to give the bro his proper shout out on the bloggo.

Have a great weekend!


I did it all for the Snookie

As you know I have been hitting the gym hard the past couple of weeks.

It’s been a fun way to switch up my workouts and build up some muscle that was lost during marathon training.


I can’t even believe that we are already half way through the month. I have been going strong in most areas of my November Challenge and can’t wait to see I how much progress I have made by the end of the month.

I was inspired to work out just a little bit harder the last few weeks when I found out my friend Ashley was having a Jersey Shore themed birthday party. I finally learned the meaning of GTL (gym, tan & laundry). So I was just working on my GYM time.. you know, to get into the part a little bit more. 🙂

100_4141Me and the birthday Snookie all glammed out!

100_4147I even got J. Alabama to dress the part of one of the boys.

100_4154Nothing like sweet party games.


I had never even watched an episode of this show before the party, but quickly learned that it was pretty popular. It’s pretty ridiculous if you ask me. But definitely one of the shows that you could watch mindlessly. Her party was a riot though!



So as the lyrics of the Limp Bizkit song go “I did it all for the (s)nookie” – Because who wouldn’t want to dress like Jersey shore girls and celebrate on  a Saturday night?

Happy Birthday Ashley! We all had a blast!

Are you a fan of Jersey Shore? What’s your favorite mindless tv show to watch? I think mine is Desperate Housewives.


I am currently sitting at the airport waiting for my plane to take me to Iowa for the week. I have never been there, but am sure excited to scope it out. I even brought along a little reading material for the plane ride.


Hmmm… probably should have read this before the marathon? I actually bought this book when I first started running, but was afraid to jinx myself. Hopefully there will be some good tips in there for me to share.

Happy Monday! Next time you see this Idaho girl she’ll be in Iowa!

SF Bound


I’m getting ready to board my plane to San Francisco! This is only the beginning of the crazy weekend ahead.

See you soon!

I’m  waving in the picture, but it looks I’m high fiving!

But before I see you again in bloggy land I want to wish a few special people an extra good luck this weekend. As I have several friends who are embarcking into Destination 26.2 territory!

Please think happy thoughts & wishes for ALL my Team in Training Teammates who will be running with me on Sunday. Many of them are running their first marathons too!

I would als0 like to say good luck to these people too as they are all running races this weekend. If you get a chance to stop by their blogs wish them good luck!

Happy Running & Good luck Bloggy Friends!

Aneta (aka My Marathon Twin!), Olivia, Marlene, Courtney, Kellie, Sandy, Erika, Aimee, Bret, &  Eryn!!!!

One more thing… I would like to give a little birthday shout out to one of my biggest fans….


I’ll be thinking of you and the whole family this weekend. Hope your birthday is amazing and I’m sending my love!!

Now I’m off…..

See you in San Francisco!!!


Step it back


I keep hearing about the so-called “stepback” week and was curious to what it was all about.

So I looked to Hal Higdon for some answers.

If you look at most marathon training plans you will notice that the “long” runs start to get progressively longer, but every third week the mileage is reduced to allow you to gather strength for your next big run.

This third week is referred to as the “stepback” week. A time in which your body is given a bit of a rest. Which is very important for any training program.

I just realized that I am currently in my “stepback” week and am relishing in ALL the glory of it. {Okay, trying to}.

And yes this week has given me time to give the shins & hip flexors a bit of a rest & even made time for a whole date night with J. Alabama. 🙂

But then I sit here and think about all the times I pushed my body to places I never knew were possible. For example, my 14 miler, 16 miler and 18 miler runs.

Now that I am hanging out in my “stepback” week,  it kinda feels weird to look at the ole training sched and see a 10 miler staring at me and not something scary like a 18 miler.

I understand the importance of letting my body & muscles rest, as I have been putting it through quite a beating the last few months.  But it just feels weird to not be breaking some personal distance record, or blocking out half of saturday morning for a several hour run.

Okay, so I’m trying to be stoked about the stepback week as it gives me permission to take the training down a notch and let my body & muscles recover, but at the same time I feel as if I should be doing more. The big 26.2 is literally 1 month away!!

But I’m going to do exactly as Hal says and chill out. Follow my training plan and “stepback” for a bit. As this is the time to re-gather my strength for the big day.

So I will wait it out for the next two weeks until I can shriek and squeal about the big 2-0 as that will be the last of the scary pre-marathon long runs.

Yup, one 20 miler is all she wrote and then they let me loose to run 26.2 with the rest of ’em.

I will stepback until then, but I seriously can not wait! 🙂

How do you deal with your stepback week? 


And don’t forget to enter in my CSN Giveaway  if you haven’t already. I will be picking a winner tomorrow morning.



The title claims EPIC-NESS but it definitely did not start that way. 😦

I awoke to the words of J. Alabama shouting “Babe – It’s 6:15 am, I think you are supposed to be running right now.”


We’ve all done it – you know, set your clock for P.M instead of A.M. 

Yeah, that was me this morning left with 15 minutes to change, scarf down some fuel and to meet my team for the longest run to date. It’s not as if I wasn’t already nervous enough about running 18 miles, being rushed on top of it really had me in a frenzy!

Luckily for me our team was slated to leave at 6:30 am and when I arrived they hadn’t left yet. Saved by the chit-chatters! YES!

It really was the perfect day for this kind of run. The crisp air felt amazing.

Our first 7 miles had us looping from our original starting point. The closer we got, the louder we could hear cheering. And then we spotted a mass of people.

Family members and friends of all the Team in Training runners lined the Greenbelt and cheered us on as we made our way through. It was just the boost we needed to keep our spirits high.

We kept trucking along even up the horrible Shenandoah hill. The hill is my arch-enemy and every time I see it I want to stomp all over it. So I did – though I had to take several walking breaks to make it through. The hill may have won this time, but come San Fran I will be the winner!

Close to the top of the hill we heard Maria’s name being yelled. We looked over and her Aunt was flagging us down.

Still warm out of the oven banana muffins? Yes please!

‘Twas the perfect gu alternative if you ask me.

We ran and ran and ran (and walked a little too). We took pictures of the city and just enjoyed the run for all that it was. We weren’t going to let this 18 miler scare us, oh no!

It was actually really fun to not worry about time or anything but finishing.

It wasn’t until mile 16 that I started to hit my wall. I was ready to be done, but Maria just trodded in front of me yelling “you can do this – we are almost there”.

I couldn’t leave her all alone up there, so I gave myself a silent pep talk and toughed it out the last two miles.

It was EPIC.

It was amazing.

It was unforgettable. 

We were again greeted by other Team in Training members, family and friends congratulating us on our run. And there was also a glorious feast awaiting us.

But yet again, no epic run is complete without the TNT ritual.

Another glorious “ice bath”.  And today it felt so good!

Maria and I rocked 18 miles. It was hard but we toughed through it.

{5 + 5+ 5 + 3 = 18!}

Total Distance: 18 miles |  Total Time:  3 hours 50 minutes

And now I’m getting ready to eat my second lunch and hit up yet another fun festival called Art in The Park. 

I swear Boise has had some sort of festival going on every weekend this entire summer. The best way to keep your legs from feeling stiff and hurting is to walk it off!  Oh yeah and Maria said I could get an elephant ear because I just ran 18 miles. Sold!

Hope your weekend is EPIC too.  (I think I only used the word epic 6 times in the writing of this post. Now that there is epic of itself! 7 whoopee!)

Disclaimer: Apparently running many miles, drinking large amounts of sugary gaterade and jumping into an ice cold river can make you a bit crazy!!

The Climb


Last night’s running adventures led me to the hill climb.

It’s been a few weeks since I have visited this steep beast and quite frankly I was not looking forward to it this go around.

Since my trip up last saturday, I have been dragging a lot on my runs this week. And this run was no different.

I’m not blaming the fall, but am blaming the shoes. I have 8 months and over 400 miles on these babies.

They have definitely seen better days!

I have seen so many fellow bloggers getting new kicks and it’s making my feet jealous!

So the big plan this weekend is to remedy that, and re-create the joy I felt back on December 29th when I first bought these pink runners!

3 cheers for new running shoes!

Back to the run though….

Our run was a simple half-mile warm-up then a straight 20 minute run up hill and back down followed by a 10 minute cool down.

Having avoided the big hills for the last few weeks I knew this was going to be a struggle.

But every time I struggled, I just kept thinking SAN FRANCISCO…SAN FRANCISCO!

Cuz really, those hills are going to be there whether I like it or not. So my sunshiny attitude came back and I took that hill head-on.

And it totally helped that I had my Team In Training peeps there to encourage me along the way.

I’m sure I have ranted & raved enough about Team in Training, but if you even have the smallest desire to join ‘The Team’ then you should consider doing it. It’s the most amazing feeling of support! And for a newer runner like myself it is SO nice to have a group of running friends who can relate!

And it was awesome having my Bestie there to trudge up the hill with too! Coincidentally both of our legs felt like lead so we were motivating each other to the top of the hill.

But once we hit the top it was pretty much smooth sailing down! Gotta love that! 🙂

This run was definitely nothing to write home about when all was said and done, but a run is a run. And when your marathon is lurking around the corner you can’t afford to miss the hill training. So I am just glad I went anyways!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

On The RUNway Fashion Show Event

Our local newspaper has linked my fashion show event to my blog so I will be hosting the event details here for the next few days

On The RUNway is ….

Health fair MEETS Fashion Show.. but with a twist!

This is going to be a fun event for a great cause! The event proceeds benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Not only will there be a really fun fashion show, we will also have some great vendors to visit with too!

Here is a preview:

  • Brown Box Organics – They deliver fresh produce right to your front door!
  • Throw Down of Idaho – Learn about their Fight Fit Classes (They will be demo-ing at our event)
  • Life Chiropractic Center – Come meet with Dr. Bingham he will have some great info at his table
  • Tree City Juice & Smoothie – They will be handing out free samples of their delicious smoothies
  • FitClub Bootcamp – Learn about their amazing fitness bootcamps
  • AGEloc Vitality – Come meet with Charlene and learn ALL about this new product
  • Her Spirit – Learn about the different Spiritual Events going on at their facility
  • Girls On The Run – Learn how to get involved with this great organization
  • Ask A Nutritionist – Hilary Horton-Brown (BSU Sports Nutritionist)

During the event we will feature a “healthy snack bar”  for our guests.

  • Chips & Salsa  provided by Casa Del Sol
  • Iced Tea provided by Shangri La Tea House & Cafe
  • Raspberry Vegan Cupcakes provided by Genene Gregor Catering
  • There will be many other delicious & healthy treats for our guests

The Raffle & Silent Auction:

We will host a raffle & silent auction that will give you many opportunities to win some great prizes!


Interactive Activities:

During the course of the evening we will have 3 short interactive demonstrations for our guests to jump right in and be a part of.

Amy Lind & Rachel Teannalach will do an acrobatic yoga demonstration followed by some simple & relaxing yoga poses for our guests to practice

Experience ZUMBA with Natalie Wickstrom – Guests are encouraged to jump right in and zumba, and if you don’t know what Zumba is this is your chance to try it!

Throw Down of Idaho will be demonstrating their Women’s Fight Fit Classes – Sounds like a great workout!


And last but not least the fashion show! Nike Factory Outlet Meridian has provided the clothing that will be worn on the run way, but we have spiced it up to make this fashion show a truly unique experience.

Come see what we have done with the latest Nike styles as we prepare to run in The Nike Women’s Marathon in October!

Two of our models are Leukemia Survivors which is a huge honor to have them be a part of this event.


Entry into the event is $15.00 (which includes a goodie bag for the first 100 guests) healthy snacks, iced tea, and wine available for a donation.

As mentioned, all event proceeds will go directly to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and will help my friend Maria & I reach our fundraising goals for The Nike Marathon.  


Questions: ??? Please contact Linzi  at

See you on The Run Way!