Bump-date: Week 27/ 2nd Trimester

Twenty-seven weeks marks the end of the second trimester…I’m kind of in shock that I’m 2/3rds of the way done with this whole pregnancy thing!

27 collage

This bump-date will reflect over the entire second trimester.

In so many ways this trimester has been great, and in others it’s been very very hard.  I hear the third trimester can either go by real fast or real s-l-o-w…I’m thinking for me it’s going to FLY! Here’s hoping!

Symptoms: More than anything else, the second trimester brought on a whole lot of round ligament pain. Over the last weeks it’s been on & off manageable, but at the beginning of the second trimester it was unbearable. I’ve also noticed a lot more heartburn recently, which I hope doesn’t stick around.

Sleep: Compared to the first trimester I’ve been able to sleep a little bit better. I still wake up several times during the night (usually to flip over to my other side or to pee). The midnight cravings only lasted a few weeks, thank goodness!

Gender:  Oh Boy! The day that J. Alabama & I sat in the ultrasound and heard we were having a son was probably one of the greatest moments of this whole pregnancy. It brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart to be able to share such a moment with my husband. Due to his military obligations this was and will be the only dr appointment he is able to attend, making it all the more special for us.


27 belly love

It’s been a little different this trimester compared to the first. I’ve had a lot on my plate with buying the house, moving, dealing with deployment, and figuring things out for my life over the next months. I’m pretty proud of myself for how strong I’ve been and I honestly think this baby has been helping me keep it together, as well as providing a lovely distraction to all the other crazy that is happening in my life.

Cravings: My cravings over the second trimester have mainly been pizza, chocolate and peanut butter anything!

What I’m missing: I’ve missed silly things like eating cold turkey sandwiches, drinking wine, running, laying on my back, and generally just the feeling of being comfortable. I’ve been in major nesting mode and wanting to move furniture and things, and really have had to take it easier and ask for help which has been hard.

The Bumps:

14,15,16  17,18,19 20,21,22 23,24,25 26,27

It’s been fun watching it grow, as well as terrifying at times. LOL!


This is one department that I’ve been doing pretty awesome at. I hardly worked out the first trimester because I was just feeling tired and off. I did get a surge of energy at the beginning of the second trimester and have been trying to ride that wave through. I think it worked, because I’ve managed to stay pretty steady with my workouts over the last 13 weeks.

27 weeks workout report:

  1. Yoga Class (1 hour)
  2. Water Aerobics (1 hour)
  3. 30 mins walking on the treadmill (1.50 miles)

Baby Stuff:

I’ve been hard at work on the baby’s room, and seriously can’t wait to show it off! I only have a few small projects that need some finishing touches. Also, I’m going to wait just a little longer to purchase any of the big stuff (car seat, strollers, etc).

What I’m looking forward to:

I signed up for a crap ton of parenting and baby care classes that I will be taking over the course of the third trimester! I feel like I have so much to learn, and am ready to soak up as much information as I can.


I have to say that I’ve felt pretty darn good over the second trimester. I had a lot more energy and felt more upbeat than during the first trimester. Though, I can tell that I’m starting to slow down especially in these last few weeks.


I’m feeling uncomfortable in my body, whether I’m standing for too long, or sitting for too long. It’s like everything is starting to hurt, which has only been a new thing as of late.

The second trimester in general though was a positive one pregnancy wise. I felt the baby’s first movements & kicks, and continue to get more and more excited for his arrival.

Bring on the third trimester, I’m ready!


Bump-date: Week 26

We are so close to being done with the second trimester….I can’t even believe it!

26 weeks

This past week has been a lot of fun around these parts. I’ve been meeting new Army wives, taking classes, working on the baby’s room, baking, and crafting! It’s no wonder my exercise goal was not hit this week, there just wasn’t enough hours in the days!


Looks like things are slowing down a bit over here in this department, which is just fine by me! I love a good sweatfest, but doing the things I normally love to do are getting harder and harder these days. Also I’m not going to worry about my low-key workout week last week as I know I’ve been super duper busy. All I can do is try harder this week!

  1. 15 minute walk
  2. 45 mins walking on the treadmill (2 miles)

Baby Development:

Thanks for all your kind words about the baby measuring big last week. I’m not worried about it all, maybe it will just mean I get to meet the lil guy a little sooner?

I finally heard back from Doc and I PASSED the glucose test! Wooohoo!

Nursery Sneak Peek:

I told you I was busy this week!

sneak peak room photo

I am so appreciative to my in-laws for coming down to help paint and build the baby’s crib this past weekend. It was so fun to be involved in these projects, and I’m so happy with how everything turned out.

The picture above is just a sneak peek of the room, as I’ve added more decor to the walls and am still trying to put some finishing touches on the room before I do the full blown nursery tour.

I also mentioned that I’ve been crafting & DIY-ing my little heart out — thanks to pinterest I’ve been a crafting queen this past week. It’s so much more gratifying to make something yourself and very soon I will be able to share all the little projects I’ve been working on, as they are all part of the nursery reveal.

How I’m feeling:

26 weeks baby belly love

I’ve had a few days where I’m exhausted, then find myself not being able to sleep at all, but other than that I’m feeling really good. I still have a lot of pep in my waddling step, and I’m just looking forward to the excitement of the third trimester!

What I’m looking forward to:

I’m starting to think about maternity photos! I met a fellow army wife who has offered to take my photos to help build up her portfolio. I’m really excited about this opportunity, and now I have to go shopping for an outfit! We will do our shoot in the coming weeks and I’m really looking forward to it.

26 week collage


Wow, just wow! The baby has been a lot more active these past few weeks, which is so much fun. And since he is getting bigger, it’s easier for me to feel him moving around.

Now that the nursery is at least half way finished I can breath a little easier. I also find myself randomly wandering in his room and just staring at the walls with a huge smile on my face. This is really happening people! 🙂

I’m in a really good place right now with my life and the pregnancy. I’m feeling more confident about being a mom, and am look just really looking forward to meeting the lil guy.

Bump-date: Week 25

My photo this was week was taken post yoga, and I must say how freaking comfortable it is wear yoga pants all day long! I feel like now that my belly is getting so big I can justify not wearing actual pants.

Seriously though…it’s okay to wear to yoga pants even when not doing yoga…right?

25 week belly

This week we hit the big 2-5! According to my “What to Expect” app on my phone, the lil guy is is as big as an eggplant and should weigh 2lbs! That seems huge to me, and as I say every week there is still so much time left to grow. How much bigger are we gonna get?


I took it down a notch this week and kept it light and gentle with 3 workouts. I’m still hitting up yoga steady and strong. And as many of you mentioned the lil guy will probably come out doing yoga since I’ve been so consistent at it. I just hope that all this yoga will help with the birth and recovery. And in the meantime it puts me in my relaxed-happy place. ❤

  1. Yoga Class
  2. 45 mins walking on the treadmill (2.25 miles)
  3. Yoga Class

Baby Development:

I saw my doctor last week for the 24 week appointment and wasn’t sure what to make of the fact that I’m actually measuring 2 weeks farther along! She had me measuring at 26 weeks last week. She wasn’t too concerned, but actually happy to see that the baby is growing. She recommended that I get another ultrasound at my next appointment if I’m still measuring so much farther ahead than I’m supposed to double check the baby’s development.

Also last week I did my glucose test. I still need to call my Dr. to find out the results.  I was given the tip from another pregger that the lemon-lime flavor was the best choice out of the three (fruit punch, orange & lemon-lime) sugary drinks. It wasn’t as horrible as I expected, but I hope that I didn’t fail because I don’t want to do the long 3 hour test. Ugh!


Just knowing there is a little person inside of me kicking and fluttering around brings absolute joy to my everyday.

25 week bump

I’ve noticed in the past week that I’ve been a little more emotional than usual, crying at random times, but overall I still feel pretty good. I’m keeping myself busy by pre-nesting everything in my life. I say pre-nesting because I think the urge to nest comes a little closer to baby’s arrival. And right now I’m just trying to accomplish anything and everything that I can so I don’t have to deal with it in the months to come.


I haven’t talked about my cravings the last few posts, mostly because I haven’t really had major cravings for anything except pizza and the usual chocolate cravings!


I’m becoming a major waddler! I find it hilarious that at times I feel so pregnant and can barely get around and other times I’m out there working on my fitness and somehow forget about the huge belly.

25 week collage

I still find myself staring at potential races and wanting to be training for something, then I remember I am training for something so much bigger than any running race. I’m training for a baby marathon! And just bringing it back to reality helps relieve the running and crossfit blues that I sometimes feel when I know I physically can’t do something.

Though all this time off really gets me excited for the future. I know I won’t be able to jump into any serious training post birth, but I’m looking forward to the days I can run freely and maybe even with our lil guy in the jogger!

Bump-date: Week 24

Why hello 24 week belly…you are making me worry about how much bigger you are going to get in the next 16 weeks!

24 week star

24 weeks…boy does the time fly when you are having fun. Am I right?

Week 24 has had it’s fair share of ups and downs on my emotional scale but I’m glad to say that I’m back to being all sunshine..hence the bright and happy yellow stripes! It’s funny how one little thing like missing a phone call from your husband can give you a case of the sads. Glad we got over that one!


I just want to jump up and down and scream with joy of how proud of myself I am for last week’s workouts! You read that right…SIX!

A lot of yoga, which makes my heart and body feel good. And I even threw in a Power Dance class in the mix. It was zumba-esque, with a lot more flowy movements and none of the salsa, or hip shaking. It was still a BLAST though!

  1. Water Aerobics Class
  2. Body Pump Class
  3. Prenatal Yoga DVD (60 mins)
  4. My Mom’s Yoga Class
  5. Prenatal Yoga DVD (60 Mins)
  6. Power Dance Class

Baby Stuff:

I received a fun little surprise from some of my old Team in Training running mates last night.

TNT vjPhoto summer of 2010 — Training for my first marathon with TNT!

We met up for dinner last night to catch up and talk about future races and whatnot and they so sweetly gave me a card with a gift certificate for some prenatal massages while I’m back in Texas! i.can’t.wait! That was so sweet of them.

I have also made a little progress on baby boy’s room. It will be another while before I can share any details, but I will be excited when I have something to actually show you guys.


As beautiful and glorious as this sight is I think it’s been a bit of a contributor to my gloomy feeling this past week.

snowy boise

Boise has been hit pretty hard with cold temps (one day it was 6 degrees!) and lots of snow! Which I would normally be all happy about until the roads got so bad that I was too nervous to even leave the house. You’d think I would be a pro with handling the cold, snow and inversion by now living 28 years here, but after only a year away it hit me hard this week.

I’ll be heading back to Texas soon and hoping to get a little bit of real sunshine back in my life!

What’s I’m looking forward to:

24 week sunshine baby kisses

I’m heading in for my monthly check-up tomorrow and am excited as usual to hear the heartbeat and find out how the lil guy is growing. But I also have my glucose test (the one where they make you drink the sugar drink) and I’m a little nervous I’m going to fail. I’ll let y’all know how that goes, I’m thinking positive!

I’m also SUPER excited because one of my army wife friends from Fort Bliss just happens to be in my neck of the woods here in Idaho and I get to meet up with her for lunch today. The Army world is really really small!


I’m just amazed at how much I’ve been able to do and how good I’ve felt this past month. I keep saying it, but I’ve been going, going, going and am not sure how I’m not more tired because of it.

24 week collage

I’m happy that my body is cooperating so well, I think a lot of it has to do with my steadier stream of workouts. I am finding a lot of workouts harder to do, but I’m still doing what I can by modifying. It’s doing wonders for my mood, I’ll tell you that.

Hitting the six month mark sounds crazzzzzy to me. Lil man will be here before I know it!

Bump-date: Week 23

Happy New Year everyone!

Sorry for the delay in my 23 week bump-date…this past week wore me out! Between after Christmas hoopla and New Year’s shenanigans I think my body [mentally & physically] is still in recovery mode.

NYE 23 Weeks 1

I will say that I was more than ecstatic to start a new calendar this year, because that just means I am that much closer to meeting the lil guy!


I’m super proud of myself for staying up on my pregnancy fitness over the holidays. Especially with the busy week I had I still fit in 4 workouts. Usually the two weeks surrounding Christmas & New Years are the hardest to find time to workout, and I think those two weeks were my best pregnancy workout weeks yet. No wonder I feel exhausted!


  1. Yoga Class (60 mins)
  2. Snowshoeing for Two (45 mins)
  3. Prenatal Yoga DVD (60 mins)
  4. BodyPump Class (60 mins)

I’m still taking each workout at my own pace and will modify things that need to be modified.

Baby Stuff:

This week was HUGE for baby stuff. I finally ordered the baby’s crib (it should be delivered in a few weeks). YAY!

And…I bribed my mom with starbucks to accompany me to Babies R’ Us for a 3 hour gift registry-a-thon. I had actually never been to a Babies R’ Us before and will honestly say that it was very overwhelming. I just wanted to get a head start on checking off to-do’s before baby comes, as I am now finding the time is going by quicker and quicker!


The holidays are just a little tougher this year but I am blessed to be surrounded by my family and friends. It was awesome to be able to ring in the new year in Boise, Idaho with a bunch of awesome peeps.

23 week belly

I even got into the spirit by finding a cute blingy maternity top to celebrate! It was a little weird to be out at the bar with my friends, with the belly, but I got over it quickly. Preggo’s need some fun in their lives too – and boy was that Shirley Temple delicious! My favorite point in the night was when the waitress asked if I wanted it virgin…um…first of all hello baby bump, but secondly isn’t that what a Shirley Temple is…a syrupy fun non-alcoholic drink? LOL.

Pregnancy Symptoms:

Just plain exhaustion! I’m sure it’s my own fault because I’m constantly on-the-go meeting up with old friends, running errands, and doing things to prepare for baby… but still…this is the first time in this whole pregnancy that a midday nap never sounded so good.


Our lil guy hasn’t stopped kicking and moving since Christmas. It’s really fun to feel his movements and I’m almost guaranteed that we’ll have a little night owl on our hands. He’s more active at night for sure.

23 week NYE collage

Besides being tired and still a little nagging round ligament pain I’m feeling good. I caught a glimpse of my HUGE belly in the mirror at body pump today and couldn’t believe how big it’s getting. I think I’m in denial about how big I’m going to get. I still have so long to go, but so far that belly isn’t causing too many problems. I’m noticing that some of my maternity clothes are fitting tighter though, so I may need to invest a few more bigger tops.

There is no doubt that 2013 is going to be a HUGE year for me. I’m excited to see how it all unfolds.  I also hope y’all had a wonderful holiday and are ready for whatever 2013 has to offer. I think it’s going be a great year indeed!

Snowshoeing for Two


I think I’m still on a high from all the fresh air and beautiful snowy mountain landscapes I indulged when I went on an impromptu getaway into the Idaho mountains yesterday.

I’m so happy that my Aunt, Uncle & Cousin invited me to join them on a little overnight adventure to their cabin. I haven’t seen this much snow in about two years, so you can bet that I was over the moon.

pretty mountains

This is what I awoke to yesterday morning…yeah I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. There is just something so magical about being in the peaceful nature.

Once the sun came out we jumped into our snow gear ready to hit the fresh snow. I haven’t been snowshoeing in almost two years either and the challenge definitely excited me.


I was really curious how my preggo body would handle the hike through the cold, but also happy that I could one day tell our little guy about our first snowshoe adventure together.

snowshoeing collage 2

Due to my short legs, my preggo waddle, and my decrease in cardio over the months I just took it slow but steady. I really just told myself I was taking in the beauty around me and took lots of photo breaks.


We trudged around through a snowy field, looking back every so often to take in the sight of our own tracks. It was an amazing feeling to lay the first tacks in a blanket of snowy white.


My family was happy, I know baby and I were happy and even the pups were enjoying their snowy adventure!


After about 45 minutes of hiking around I had to take off my coat and gloves because I was so hot and sweaty!

Snowshoeing = awesome workout

I would totally recommend a snowshoeing adventure to anyone who is pregnant and feels comfortable moving around in the snow. The great thing was, we weren’t too far away from the cabin, so if at any point I needed to stop we could. We had water with us, and we just took it slow.


The other great thing about snowshoeing is that it’s a pretty leisurely activity. It can be harder or easier depending on your terrain. We kept our jaunt to under an hour, which seemed to be the perfect amount of time.

I love being able to incorporate fitness into my life in all different ways, especially now that I’m a little more limited in what I can do. It’s always best to listen to your body…and my body was saying “WOOOO HOOO!”


Snowshoeing for two was just like snowshoeing for one…a completely beautiful and amazing adventure. I am so happy that my family invited me on this little getaway. It was exactly what this girl needed…family time, fresh air, a little cardio workout and the most gorgeous scenery ever. #happy #lifeisgood


A little Flashback Friday action…

Bump-date: Week 22

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas, I know that the lil guy and I did! I was just so very happy to be with my family this holiday as I’ve missed them very much over the last year.


It’s still taking a little bit of time for me to get used to the freezing cold weather here, but having snowfall on Christmas night was truly an amazing sight.


All the extra holiday goodies that have been tempting me have been enough encouragement to get my booty to the gym! Baby Alabama and I had a STELLAR week of workouts. I even had a two-a-day snuck in there.


  1. Yoga Class (Another class taught by my mom!)
  2. Pregnancy Water Aerobics
  3. 45 mins cardio: 30 treadmill walk 3.5 mph/15 elliptical
  4. 2.5 mile YMCA Christmas Fun Run/Walk Race
  5. Prenatal Yoga DVD (45 mins)

Baby Stuff:

The lil guy got some very thoughtful Christmas presents…gift cards to Babies R Us, a pillow pet [which I’m using as a preggo pillow until baby can use it], and how sweet is this tiny Boise State onesie?


Now I’m really looking forward to college football season next year so I can deck our little one out in blue and orange.


I’ve been a little on the emotional side this week. Having Christmas without J. Alabama was a little rough, but being here with my Idaho family made it lots better! And getting tons of loving texts and support from J’s side of the family was awesome too. We really felt loved this week.


Pregnancy Symptoms:

This week I had the round ligament pain creep back for a few days. It seems to hit if I’m doing too much working out, or not enough…still trying to find the perfect balance.

I also had a little case of back pain. Ugh! It hurt to sit, it hurt to stand…I’m hoping that was a one time deal because we still have a long way to go in this pregnancy.


With all the Christmas-y drinks and treats everywhere,  I’ve been hankering for some egg nog. Since real eggnog is a no-no during pregnancy I found the next best thing…which I call fakenog.


The SO Coconut Egg Nog seriously tastes like the real thing, except its missing that little shot of rum which I will just have to wait until next year to try.

Best Moment of the week:

KICKS! Yup, I got my Christmas present from baby late last night in the form of tiny little kicks in my belly. It was the craziest feeling ever. I was sitting there just giggling once I figured out what I was feeling was actually the baby kicking me. I think he was trying to say “Merry Christmas Mom!”


I’m doing and feeling really well. I know I’m feeling tired more often, but I’m also a lot busier here in Boise. It’s nice to have family and friends to visit with and fun gatherings to attend. It’s definitely making the time fly by.


I’m also just getting excited to meet baby Bama (LOL, love that people are referring to him as baby bama). I’m hoping that now we’ve made it through Christmas I can start focusing a little more on taking baby classes, getting things ready baby room wise and working more on the arrival aspect of baby.

I got a little overwhelmed after watching “The Business of Being Born” last night. I realize that there are lot of things about the labor process I had not thought about. I’m planning a hospital birth, but had not really thought much else about it. Time to research!

Anyways, I had a great Christmas and am looking forward to ringing in the new year this next week.