The Big “D”

After a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend catching up with family, I’m reminded how truly thankful I am. Our weekend was filled with laughter, teasing, games, lots of eating, playful twin nephews and tons of catching up as this was the first time in three Thanksgivings that all J’s siblings and parents were able to get together under one roof. It was truly a blessing to able to share this Thanksgiving with all of them.

Unfortunately our trip had to end with heartfelt goodbyes as J. Alabama will not be able to see them again for about a year due to his upcoming Army obligations.


I assumed the role of army wife over a year and a half ago with the knowledge that my husband could potentially be sent over seas to fight for our country. He told me up front (even before we were married) all the little things that could come with army life.

Being the optimistic person that I am, as well as hearing all the talk of pulling out our troops I just assumed (hoped & prayed) we were exempt from any and all deployment talk. And honestly, as naive as it sounds I kind of liked it better thinking that our little family wouldn’t have to go through something like that.

But alas, it is something our little family is going to have to go through, and it will be happening fairly soon.


I’m very proud of my husband for everything he has done already for our country, [this will be his second deployment, the first one with me] as well as everything he is setting out to do on this upcoming mission.

I am a mix of feelings and emotions as we embark on this new chapter in our short story thus far. There are so many thoughts and feelings that flood my mind when I think about my husband leaving to do the job that he signed up for. The job to protect me, our new little baby on the way, and our country.

It’s just a hard pill to swallow with all the other changes that I have been going through in the last few weeks, months and heck, I’ll say it…the last year.

It’s been one crazy ride over the last year and half, (getting married, moving across the country twice, and now being pregnant as I prepare for my husband to deploy) and I’m not even fully settled here at army post #2 and soon he’ll be gone.


I know it’s all part of the job and the military wife stuff I signed up for, but to actually say the word deployment out loud is really really tough.

I’ve been trying to pull strength from some amazing ladies who have gone through this before me, or are currently going through the same thing now. I know it’s not going to be the easiest journey, especially due to our lil pumpkin on the way, but I know just like everything else we will persevere.


For my fellow mil-spouses, do you have any tips/advice for gearing up for a deployment?

Take Your Wife to Work Day

Life on an Army post is definitely different than I had imagined.


There are a few things that have wigged me out, such as hearing random gun shots going off at all hours of the night [it’s an army base…so I know they are just doing training].

But it wasn’t until yesterday, when J. Alabama told me that they were doing a Family Day out in the field that I got to see what all the random gun shots were all about.

Family members were encouraged to come out into the field and see what these men are doing everyday. 006

I was actually really excited to be able to understand on a deeper level what my husband’s job is all about.

They started us off with a live firing demonstration. Complete with earplugs, we all sat intently watching the different tanks shoot off rounds at targets.

It was a crazy rush to watch these powerful machines go off.

Next up we were escorted to a small building where we were going to have lunch. I’m not sure why I didn’t expect this, but they handed us our MRE [Meal Ready to Eat] and told us to dig in!


The MRE’s are a little bag packed with a full meal in it – usually ranging about 1500 calories for the whole bag.


I honestly was intrigued by the Sloppy Joe and was curious as to what it would taste like.

In the bag also included a Trail mix, Gatorade powder, a piece of bread, a small block of cheese, a brownie and a small heater to heat the Sloppy Joe.


I scooped the sloppy joe mix onto the dense piece of bread, and added a bit of the cheese on top.  Yeah it looks pretty nasty I agree but it was edible.


I could only down about half of it before my tummy started to hurt.

After lunch it was time for the vehicle tour!


We were encouraged to tour the vehicles and really see what they are all about.

This one is called a Stryker.

026 030 023


The next one we checked out was the Humvee. 


034 033


He was showing us how heavy the doors were to open and close. Let’s just say you wouldn’t want to get your finger caught in one of those doors!


Our last vehicle to tour was the Tank.

035 048

Here’s a little peak into what the inside looks like.


It’s pretty cramped in there! And it’s hard to believe that three people sit in there at one time.

It was crazy to see how technical these vehicles are. And it was fun to actually see them up close and explore the inside.

Here is where my husband sleeps when they are doing field exercises. 018


My experience yesterday was actually pretty amazing. I feel like I can relate to my husband’s job a lot better now that I’ve had a more in depth look.


It’s just nice to know what the heck he is talking about when he rattles off about Tanks, Strykers etc…

I’m not saying that this whole army thing still doesn’t scare the crap out of me, because it truly does. But at least I understand it a little bit better now.


Thanks for letting me share a little bit to what I’ve been up to. I promise to get back to my normal working out and running posts soon.