Adventures in New Mexico

Since our arrival to El Paso we’ve been planning an epic trip to our neighboring state of New Mexico. The husband is very fond of New Mexico (as he grew up there) so a trip to his home state was definitely in order.


We were excited for a fun road trip, our first since the driving marathon from GA to TX in August. We hit the road with snacks, red bull and our learn Spanish in the car CDs.

I haven’t really touched on it, but living in El Paso feels more like living in Mexico rather than Texas. Everyone here speaks Spanish (which is making finding a job a little difficult), and everything has a Mexican flair (not as Texas-y I was expecting) as we live on the boarder of Juarez, Mexico.


It’s been an interesting adjustment, but hey the food is to die for! 🙂 I don’t want not knowing Spanish to be an issue, so we were brushing up on our skills on the 5 hour drive through New Mexico.

Our big activity of the weekend involved a nice little meeting of the Boise State Broncos and the New Mexico Lobos.


I love me some college football…but when I realized that Boise State would be playing New Mexico in New Mexico I was freaking out! I knew we had to be at that game.


The game actually seemed like it would be a blowout at first. The first half ended with BSU leading 25 to 0. I thought for sure the second half would be a snoozer.


Boy were we wrong. Those Lobos took us on an emotional rollercoaster ride during the second half. I was yelling, screaming, holding my breath, and at one point almost in tears. So silly how your emotions can take over during a sporting event.

We did manage to pull out the big WIN at the end, but not without a good fight from New Mexico. Yeah, they came back from literally nothing to almost beating us in last minutes of the game.

Whew, I was glad when that game was over. A win is a win, but that one was tough to watch.


The rest of our New Mexican adventures involved food. I didn’t snap a lot of photos, but trust me when I say we were in red & green chile heaven.

J. Alabama begged for us to make a stop at a favorite restaurant of his in Albuquerque called Sadie’s.


Everything is chile themed over there, as well as everything is SPICY! It was such a nice change from our bland food experience we’ve had in Georgia.

My favorite thing though were the fresh sopapillas! They are fried little puffy pieces of bread drizzled with honey. Ah-mazing!


We managed to do a little bit of everything in our short little trip over to New Mexico. We explored some of New Mexico nature, ate some delicious spicy food, reconnected with family, cheered on our alma mater on the road, and just had some nice quality time catching up with each other during the car ride.


It was the perfect getaway weekend that left us both refreshed and renewed.


Thanks you for all your sweet comments regarding yesterday’s post. You guys are the best. I’m already feeling TONS better! 🙂

It’s funny how writing about my homesickness and slowness to adjust to a new place has snapped something in me – as I’ve now got a full calendar of events for October (including a blind coffee date with an Army wife!). I’m so excited to share all the happenings with you as they play out.