Friday Fun day!

It was like Christmas when opening my mailbox today! I have been waiting…and waiting… and waiting… for about 6 weeks for my subscription to Runners World to FINALLY arrive. Today was the day. And not only did they send me one, they sent two! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <— that is how excited I was when I opened my mailbox!

In other news…

And then there were three…. Nicole, Linz & Hannah

The Will Run For Wine Running group met up as usual. Tonight our group was looking a little scarce. But not to worry, the three of us trudged on for the rest of them! I know I was really excited to get to watching the Boise State vs LA Tech football game after the run. So I really wanted to do a short run in hopes of not missing too much of the game.

Our Running Stats:
Distance: 2.70
Time: 31.00

The run was refreshing and quick. It was just what I needed to re energize me for the meeting at the pub.

I met up with good friends Joe, Maria, Tim & Christa to watch the second half of the Bronco game. It was a very close game. At one point there was only a 2 point gap, and BSU is ranked #7. That doesn’t look good when a non-ranked team is almost beating you.

To ease my worries, I had 1.5 of these.

The RAM, the restaurant we were at actually brews their own beer. And I was indulging in their Hefeweizen. Not bad!

I am happy to report that Boise State did finish the game in VICTORY!

Then it was the boyfriend & I to the movies for a late date night. He chose “Men Who Stare At Goats”. I couldn’t argue since I ALWAYS get to pick the movie, and it’s usually a girly one.

But…I gave the movie a big thumbs down. 😦 It could have been that I fell asleep through it, or that I just didn’t think it was that funny. But I was not a fan. And a funny thing about me, It’s typical that I fall asleep through almost any movie. It happens ALOT.


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