Bronco Nation Represented

So you may have heard about that football team that plays their games on the blue ‘smurf turf’. Well they come from a land abundant with potatos. But let me just tell you, we may like our potatos, but we LOVE our broncos! Yep, these guys are my team and today they are two-time Fiesta Bowl Champions!

I was excited to watch the game last night and was even more excited when I realized I would be watching it with almost the whole WILL RUN FOR WINE gang! Okay so we weren’t running but we definitely talked about doing it! Since the incoming of this cold, snowy, icy weather we opted to take a few weeks off until the sideswalks were no longer a danger zone. It seemed that everyone misses our runs so much, you might even see an appearance from the gang this week if the snow holds back. Woo hoo!

I have made a few New Years Resolutions just as a way to keep myself motivated and focused for the new year. I will be revealing them to you later this week. But one of them is to cut back on my alcohol consumption. I really don’t drink that much, it may seem otherwise considering all my posts on wine! (I love it!) But I would like to concentrate more on putting good things into my body. This proposed an interesting dilemma at a football party.

Well my solution was the Pom-Spritzer!

All you need is Lime Spritzer, Pom Juice and some cut up limes.

It made for a fruity fun drink that has some healthful benefits and if you don’t tell people they will never know it’s alcohol-free. It’s the mock-tail of all mock-tails! Yum!

But, it was still a football party. So we had to throw in the not-so-healthy Fiesta Bowl tradition… Orange Jello Shots w/ Blue sprinkles! 🙂 We only took one when we we scored a touchdown.

(sorry for the horrible picture quality, I really wanted you to see the sprinkles!)


(Me, Brittany & Jessica)

It was a fun night with friends and I was super proud of myself for sticking to a healthier way of being. And proud of my Broncos (17-10)! They keep proving everyone wrong and have finished off the football season as the only undefeated team.

What tricks do you have for choosing healthy at partys, tailgates, etc?


3 thoughts on “Bronco Nation Represented

  1. Alternating an alcoholic beverage with water is always my best bet to stay "good" when I'm out, though I'm not much of a drinker or partier anymore anyway. I'm an old lady! Congrats on the Fiesta Bowl win! Did you know my fave colors are orange and blue? As a result, I loved this post! 😀

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